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Search Advice For Journalists

In order to make your search for experts as successful as possible, please read the following advisory notes:

  1. When using the keyword search, include as many 'keywords' or 'keyword phrases' as you wish by inserting a comma (,) between each. eg: Farming, GM Crops, Needle in a Haystack, Fox, Foxes, Fox Hunting
  2. Keyword searches will find only exact matches. All registered experts have been advised to include a general description keyword (such as 'health', 'transport', 'history'); to use singular and plural words separately as well as individual words from keyword phrases as appropriate:

    eg: Agriculture, Farming, GM, Crops, GM Crops, Needle, Needles, Haystack, Haystacks, Needle in a Haystack, Fox, Hunting, Fox Hunting.

    Experts have also been advised to be as specific as possible with regard to their areas of specialist knowledge e.g. 18th Century English Poetry (as well as 'Literature').
  3. To get the best and most accurate results, we recommend that you use keyword(s) that are as specific as possible to your requirement and also broaden your search to encompass the 'wider' picture.

    eg: Search Keyword 1: Name of Illness
    Search Keyword 2: Nurse
    Search Keyword 3: Doctor
    Search Keyword 4: Hospital
    Search Keyword 5: NHS
    Search Keyword 6: Health

    Note: If the keyword(s) you require are paramount (i.e. location is not important) select ALL REGIONS for your search. Otherwise, either make one region a priority or choose to search a specific region only.
  4. Each search must include one or more keywords or phrases. But the inclusion of either/both location and media preference are optional.
  5. If a selected priority region fails to find a match to your required keywords, Expertsources will automatically search for matches in all other regions beginning with those closest to your original requirement - unless you have opted to search one region only.
  6. If you do not specify a particular region, the 'All Region' default will list all the matching experts. Whenever the search detects similar matching experts, they will be displayed at random (a different order for each search requested).
  7. Expertsources is only for the registration of individuals or individuals representing organisations.
  8. Registered experts, when contacted by any media representative, have the right to decide for whatever reason, whether or not they wish to proceed with or agree to the media request.
  9. Expertsources has no claim on any fees or payments that may be negotiated between parties on this site or which may have been agreed on a prior occassion.
  10. We encourage feedback, critical or complimentary, regarding this site. If it is favourable, please tell others - as well as us!
    If not, please tell us first, via Contact Us so that we can investigate your suggestions for improvement.

We hope you find your association with Expertsources a rewarding experience and that you will recommend us to media friends or colleagues and to any organisation,charity or individual specialist wanting to increase their media coverage.

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