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Registering on Behalf of Others

Press Office

Expertsources is for the registration of individual experts and/or the press representative(s) or spokesmen/women of societies, groups, charities, associations etc.

We recommend organisations with several regional offices to consider registering Experts/Spokespeople from each UK region separately, to ensure maximum coverage from local newspapers, local radio and regional television.

PR Companies, Agents

Expertsources provides a unique and remarkably inexpensive opportunity for Agents; Publicists and PR Executives to promote individual clients and their organisations.

Expertsources provides:
1. Permanent client promotion 365 days a year
2. Increased awareness for clients and companies at all times - not just the periods around product launches or special campaigns.
3. Regular exposure for the PR Company or Agent named as an Expert's point of contact.
4. You can register Expert(s) on their behalf.

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