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How Will I Be Found?

You will be found when a search by a media member matches one or more of your keywords. You are free to select the keywords and keyword phrases of your own choice.

We are always available to give keyword advice on the best and most suitable words to alert journalists to your particular knowledge and expertise.

How Many Calls Will I Get?

Some experts who register with Expertsources receive extra media calls within a few days. For others it may take longer.

No one can predict the news, so we cannot make any guarantees. But by being on Expertsources, you will be constantly alerting journalists of your experience and knowledge.

Journalists use Expertsources for quotes, features and broadcast interviews on business; health; IT, transport; economics; travel; crime; lifestyle; politics; fashion; finance; the environment - every subject, in fact, you can think of.

They're all looking for new, interesting people who know what they're talking about - and the easiest, quickest way to contact them.

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