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Frequently Asked Questions

For Experts:

How many contact numbers do I need to give?

It is more advantageous to you, to include at least two different telephone numbers (one, preferably, being a mobile phone) for the media to use.

We recommend that you inform your Press Office or PR company that you have registered with ExpertSources. You can use their contact numbers rather than your own if you wish.

Can I decline media offers?

Yes, of course. When contacted by the media there is no obligation on you to comply with whatever is offered or suggested. You are free to say ‘no thanks’ for whatever reason.

Is it possible to include several Experts from the same organisation?

Yes you can and we recommend this to obtain the best results. Within any organisation it is likely there are Experts with varying or entirely different areas of expertise (e.g. a law firm) or spokespeople for specific UK regions (e.g. a charity or professional association) or maybe different countries.

To provide you with the best opportunities for extra media exposure, we advise a separate registration for each one – even though the contact details, such as a central press office or PR company, may well be the same for all.

Discounts are available for ‘multiple’ registrations from one organisation.

How do you ensure that registered experts have an equal opportunity to be contacted?

Your details are displayed at random for every media search that matches one or more of the keywords selected (unless a journalist requests a specific location - which then takes priority).

You can enhance your listing with the addition of a Photograph and/or a 24 word Search Results Page Biography.

Can I indicate I am available only for radio or television interviews?

Yes. When registering, Experts indicate their media preferences. You can chose from Information Only, Written Articles, Radio or Television (or any combination of these). Your preferences are always included in the information provided to journalists on screen.

What happens to my registration if I change company or re-locate?

Your registration will not be affected and your personal details (position, contact telephone numbers, email address etc) can be easily changed and updated on site when you log on.

Can I charge a fee for my services? If so, when might this apply?

Yes, you may. This is entirely at your discretion. However, there are two main issues for you to consider.

1. How much time/effort is required on your behalf

2. Weighing up the long term gain (via size & demographics of readership/listeners/viewers) if a fee isn't on offer or only a token gesture.

As a rough guide to charging a fee, we would recommend the following:

  1. If you are required to travel to a radio station or TV studio which may occupy 1-2 hours of your time. Recommendation: Enquire about ‘a fee’ or ‘guest payment’. But don't be surprised if there isn't one!
  2. With a media request that will clearly involve several hours away from office/home, often a fee will be offered to you automatically. Recommendation: If not, then ask for one - over and above  reimbursement of expences (rail fares, taxis, refreshments etc).
  3. Try to ensure you receive written confirmation (or email) of the payment amount in advance, plus the first name/last name/position of the person agreeing to this and where/to whom you should send your invoice.
  4. It is usual to charge a fee if requested to write an article, in your own name, for a newspaper or magazine. However if the article will clearly promote your company, cause or viewpoint (such as a campaign group or charity) then this should possibly be considered as worthwhile free publicity/advertising.
  5. It is usual to receive payment if you are invited to speak at a conference or seminar – particularly if delegates are paying an attendance fee.
  6. To supply information; a quote or comment by telephone/email: Recommendation: No Fee
  7. To be interviewed (either live or recorded) in/around your office or home for radio or television: Recommendation: No Fee

Important: In all cases, consider the benefits of each opportunity to raise your media profile; obtain additional exposure/publicity for yourself and your organisation; and/or the chance to deliver your key messages to a wider audience.

There will be many occasions when any or all of these are of far greater significance and long term value to you than receiving a one off payment.

Do I pay Expertsources whenever I am contacted or interviewed?

No. We have no claim on any fees (or part payment) received by yourself or sent to the organisation you represent.

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