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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

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July 2019

1 Year (2018)
Jul 01:

America:  Mexican drug smuggler brought narcotics into the US from Mexico, but what he returned to Mexico with was potentially even more deadly - a car full of guns.  Mexico election: López Obrador vows profound change after win on Sunday 1 July. 

Jul 02: Thailand:Twelve boys and their football coach trapped in a Thai cave are alive, but will need to learn to dive or wait months for flooding to recede before they can get out, the army says. Two British rescuer divers who had flown over to join the search operation found the boys on Monday night.
Jul 02: UK: Fish (trout and salmon) rescued as River Teme dries up in heatwave Agency staff have been passing electrical currents through the water to stun the fish, before moving them downstream to deeper waters.
Jul 03:

A healthcare professional is being held over the deaths of eight babies at a Cheshire hospital.

Jul 03: Medics reach boys trapped in Thai cave. 
Jul 03: Mexico's President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and US President Trump have spoken to discuss a potential deal where Obrador proposed a comprehensive agreement on development projects which will create jobs in Mexico, and with it, reduce migration and improve security.
Jul 03: Australia:  A Catholic archbishop in Australia has been given a maximum sentence of 12 months in detention for concealing child sexual abuse in the 1970s.
Jul 04: World Trade Organization warns growth is in jeopardy as the number of tariff barriers doubles.
Jul 04: US/China: A fully-fledged trade war between China and the US would have "a severe impact on the global economy", the World Trade Organisation head has told the BBC.
Jul 05: Deaths - Jean-Louis Tauran, French cardinal (born 1943)
Jul 05: The home secretary has accused Russia of using Britain as a "dumping ground for poison" after a second incident involving the nerve agent Novichok.
Jul 05: Rescuers are racing against the rains to free 12 boys and their football coach, who are trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand.
Jul 05: Lithuania becomes the 36th member of the OECD.
Jul 05: The 2018 North American heat wave takes place, killing 33 people in the Canadian province of Quebec.
Jul 06: Former Aum Shinrikyo leader Shoko Asahara and six other main members of Aum Shinrikyo, who led the 1995 Tokyo subway sarin attack, are executed by hanging.
Jul 06: China and Russia hit back at US tariffs in the ongoing trade 'war'.
Jul 06: U.S. tariffs on U$ 34 billion of Chinese goods come into effect, as President Trump suggests the final total could reach $550bn. China accuses the U.S. of starting the "largest trade war in economic history" and announces immediate retaliatory tariffs.
Jul 06: A family in France has become the first in the world to move into a 3D-printed house. The four-bedroom property is a prototype for bigger projects aiming to make housebuilding quicker and cheaper. Could it cause a shift in the building industry?
Jul 06: UK - Cabinet ministers will today meet at Chequers with the aim of approving the prime minister's blueprint for the UK's future relationship with the EU after Brexit.
Jul 06: Donald Trump has threatened to impose tariffs worth hundreds of billions of dollars on Chinese imports to the US as a trade war between the world's two largest economies began on Friday.
Jul 06: A former Thai navy diver has died while taking part in efforts to rescue 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand.
Jul 06: Donald Trump will meet the Queen at Windsor and hold talks with the prime minister at Chequers on his two-day visit to the UK next week.
Jul 07: Heatwave unveils ancient settlements.
Jul 07: Global - An HIV vaccine that has the potential to protect people around the world from the virus has shown promising results.
Jul 08: Thailand: D-Day - At least two of a group of boys trapped inside a cave in northern Thailand for two weeks have been successfully brought out. Rescuers decided to go ahead with the hazardous operation on Sunday because of fears of rising waters. Divers are guiding the 12 boys and their coach through darkness and submerged passageways towards the mouth of the Tham Luang cave system.
Jul 08: Hot weather boost for cider and wine.
Jul 08: Banking giant Barclays is cutting 300 jobs at its home loans division in Cardiff, it has announced.
Jul 09: UK: Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary amid a growing political crisis over the UK's Brexit strategy. He is the second senior cabinet minister to quit within hours following Brexit Secretary David Davis's exit.
Jul 09: Ethiopia's Abiy and Eritrea's Afewerki declare end of war
Jul 09: Deaths - Peter Carington, 6th Baron Carrington, former Secretary General of NATO (b. 1919)
Jul 09: Eritrea and Ethiopia officially declare an end to their twenty-year conflict.
Jul 09: Four more boys rescued from Thai cave. Four remaining.
Jul 10: Twelve boys and their football coach are successfully rescued from the flooded Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Thailand, following a 17-day ordeal that gained worldwide attention.
Jul 10: Divers in northern Thailand have rescued all 12 boys and their football coach from flooded caves, 17 days after they got trapped underground.
Jul 10: UK: The US President says it is "up to the people, not up to me" whether Theresa May stays in office.
Jul 11: July 11–12 – The 2018 Brussels NATO summit is held in Belgium.
Jul 11: Croatia fans celebrate World Cup semi-final win
Jul 12: JEDDAH - President Cyril Ramaphosa has secured a minimum investment commitment of $10 billion from the Saudi Arabian government.
Jul 12: Nato allies have cast doubt on US President Donald Trump's claim they had pledged to "substantially" raise their defence budgets, saying they simply remained committed to a 2014 deal.
Jul 12: US President Donald Trump has vowed to help end "vicious and violent" conflicts on the African continent.
Jul 13: Kylie Jenner was just 10 years old when she made her debut on Keeping up with the Kardashians. It emerged this week despite Kim's initial eclipsing fame, Forbes magazine says Kylie, now 20, is now worth almost three times as much as her sister at an estimated $900m (£680m).
Jul 13: Eight endangered black rhinos have died while being transported to a new wildlife reserve in Kenya.
Jul 13: Donald Trump prepares to meet the Queen.
Jul 13: Donald Trump has insisted the US-UK relationship is "the highest level of special", hours after he told the Sun Theresa May's Brexit plan would kill a trade deal between the countries.
Jul 14: Greenland: Massive iceberg threatens Greenland village. A huge iceberg has drifted close to a village in western Greenland, prompting a partial evacuation in case it splits and the resulting wave swamps homes.
Jul 14: Deaths - Theo-Ben Gurirab, 2nd Prime Minister of Namibia (b. 1938)
Jul 15: The World Cup is over for another four years and the tournament's grand finale didn't disappoint. France won the biggest prize in football for the second time by overcoming Croatia 4-2 in a thrilling final in Moscow.
Jul 16: There is a new twist in the multi-billion-dollar financial scandal - Malaysia's new government - which took office only in May - has suspended three major construction projects with Chinese firms, two of the contracts, for pipelines, were used to launder money for Malaysia's previous administration.
Jul 16: A model of the UK's planned new fighter jet, the Tempest, has been unveiled at the Farnborough Air Show. The UK's Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, said the jet could be used with either pilots or as a drone.
Jul 16: Trump hails 'good start' to Putin summit.
Jul 17: The EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement is signed, the world's largest bilateral free trade deal, creating an open trade zone covering nearly one-third of global GDP.
Jul 17: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has launched an unusual barrage of criticism at officials over delays in completing economic projects.
Jul 17: Facial recognition tech is becoming more sophisticated, with some firms claiming it can even read our emotions and detect suspicious behaviour. But what implications does this have for privacy and civil liberties?
Jul 17: US President Donald Trump has hit back after facing fierce criticism over his summit with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.
Jul 18: UK: Sir Cliff Richard - The singer is awarded £210,000 in damages after the BBC breached his privacy with its reporting of a police raid at his home.
Jul 18: With Eritrea the only one-party state in Africa, many of its citizens are hoping that President Isaias Afwerki will introduce sweeping political reforms following the end of the "state of war" with neighbouring Ethiopia.
Jul 18: Deaths - Burton Richter, American Nobel physicist (b. 1931)
Jul 18: Business booming for giant cargo planes - $7tn of goods travel by air every year. Most goes in the hold of normal airliners. But for those big, awkward loads, something rather larger is required.
Jul 18: A Russian woman accused of trying to influence US politics as a spy for Russia is due to appear before a federal judge in Washington DC. Maria Butina allegedly courted Republican-backed groups, such as the National Rifle Association, under the direction of a senior Russian official.
Jul 18: SA - Hundreds of motorists in KwaZulu-Natal were caught in traffic congestion on Wednesday after activists from the #FuelPricesMustFall campaign blockades roads in Durban, Chatsworth, Ballito, oThongathi and Pietermaritzburg.
Jul 18: Libyan coast guard abandoned migrants to die in Mediterranean says rescue charity
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Jul 18: SA - It is Mandela Day, commemorating Nelson Mandela's birthday. Minister of Energy Jeff Radebe says in a bid to to encourage people to go out and serve, there will be no official event to celebrate former president Nelson Mandela's birthday. Madiba taught us to sweat the small stuff We can't all be big leaders, but we can all be kind and compassionate. Perhaps this is the lesson we should embrace on Mandela Day, writes Melanie Verwoerd.
Jul 19: The prospect of the Gulf Stream slowing down and even stopping altogether has worried many experts in recent years. Some believed that this would cause a rapid cooling around the world with resulting global chaos. But this new study finds the Gulf Stream go-slow will have a significant impact on planetary temperatures, but not in a chilled out way. Researchers say a slower current will carry less heat down to the deep oceans meaning more will enter the atmosphere.
Jul 19: UK - Sterling under pressure after inflation stalls. It is still probable that the Bank of England will push rates higher next month, in the absence of any data or political shocks between now and then (Michael Hewson, CMC Markets)
Jul 19: Cardiac arrest patients who are treated with adrenaline are significantly more likely to have severe brain damage if they survive, a new study has found.
Jul 19: Oregon wildfire causes death and evacuations - More than 700 homes have been evacuated since the start of the fire. The Governor Kate Brown declared a statewide wildfire emergency.
Jul 20: There have been proposals to return to faster-than-sound commercial flight ever since Concorde retired 15 years ago. But now those plans look closer to being realised.
Jul 21: South Africa KZN - A taxi transporting 17 people from a funeral of a taxi boss in KwaZulu-Natal was ambushed on the R74 while heading to Johannesburg. Twelve people including members of the Ivory Park Taxi Association in Johannesburg and their friends were killed. (Eleven died on the scene and a 12th died later in hospital). Police say a suspect arrested for a different crime has been linked to the Colenso taxi shooting incident in KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday last week.
Jul 23: More than five million Zimbabweans are going to the polls on 30 July to vote in historic elections.
Jul 23: Rising temperatures in the Arctic are encouraging Barnacle geese to speed up their migration journeys north every spring, says a new study. But their efforts to go faster are leaving them too drained to lay their eggs early when they arrive. This is bad news for the species as their chicks are hatched too late to take advantage of the best food, so fewer are surviving. The scientists involved say the birds will have to adapt and migrate earlier.
Jul 23: A new drug to treat malaria has been given the green light by authorities in the United States.
Jul 23: Abhishek Singh, is the creator of an app that allows Amazon Alexa to respond to sign language.
Jul 23: The G20 group of finance ministers have said trade tensions could undermine the global economy.
Jul 23: The UK would not oppose the use of the death penalty if two alleged Islamic state members were extradited to the US, the home secretary says. Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh were captured by Syrian Kurdish forces.
Jul 23: US President Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have traded hostile warnings, amid rising tensions between the two countries. In May, the US left a deal which curbed Iran's nuclear activities in return for the lifting of international sanctions. Washington is now re-imposing the sanctions, despite objections from the UK, France, China, Russia and Germany, who all signed the 2015 agreement.
Jul 23: China - Authorities in China have ordered an investigation into a vaccination scandal as panic grows over product safety. Last week vaccine maker Changsheng Biotechnology Co was found to have falsified production data for its rabies vaccine. The firm has been ordered to halt production and recall rabies vaccines.
Jul 23: The City Press has reported that South Africa narrowly averted a rebellion by soldiers loyal to former president Jacob Zuma on the eve of his forced resignation earlier in the year.
Jul 24: Netherlands: A Viagra in pregnancy (Dutch) trial has been urgently stopped after 11 newborn babies died.
Jul 25: Scientists report the presence of a subglacial lake on Mars, 1.5 km below the southern polar ice cap and extending sideways about 20 km, the first known body of water on the planet.
Jul 25: JOHANNESBURG - President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver the opening address in Sandton on Wednesday, where he is set to focus on the importance of collaboration between countries and the need for inclusive growth. The summit will also hear remarks by China's Xi Jinping, Russia's Vladimir Putin, India's Narendra Modi, and Brazil's Michel Temer.
Jul 25: BRICS Forum Summit is gathering in Johannesburg, South Africa for direction for strategic economic future of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), collaboration between countries and the need for inclusive growth.
Jul 25: South Africa - BRICS Forum Summit is gathering in Johannesburg for direction for strategic economic future of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).
Jul 25: Wildfires have been sweeping through coastal towns east of the Greek capital, Athens. Dozens of people - including families with children - have died as they tried to escape the flames. But fires are also raging in Sweden, as far north as the Arctic Circle, and have caused huge damage in countries including Portugal, the UK and the US in recent months.
Jul 25: Deaths - Sergio Marchionne, Italian-Canadian automotive executive (b. 1952)
Jul 26: Australia - Less than a decade ago, doctors in Australia believed they were close to eliminating syphilis from remote indigenous communities - the centre of national efforts to fight the disease. Since then, however, the sexually transmitted infection has grown into an outbreak spanning three states and a territory. Doctors say six babies have died from congenital syphilis since 2011.
Jul 26: Cobalt mining - a handful of mining companies are now staking claims at sites in Idaho, Montana and Alaska in search of the silvery blue mineral. They are striking examples of the growing interest in cobalt - a key component in the lithium-ion batteries that power electronic devices and electric cars.
Jul 26: The death of Simegnew Bekele, the project manager of the multi-billion-dollar Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, has been met by an outpouring of grief in Ethiopia. (Ethiopian engineer and public administrator (b. 1964))
Jul 26: The news that Brigitte Nielsen has given birth at the age of 54 has focused attention on the rising numbers of older mothers.
Jul 26: The fugitive wife of a "fat cat banker" who's spent £16m in Harrods is battling to keep her London mansion after the UK's first use of a new power to combat international corruption.
Jul 26: Mars - Scientists say they have discovered evidence of a 12 mile long body of water on Mars. Estimated to be at least a metre deep, the “lake” was found beneath the red planet’s southern polar ice cap by the agency’s radar probe, known as Marsis.
Jul 26: China has told developing nations there would be no winner in a global trade war. Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) to reject protectionism. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa also warned of the impact that tariff threats by US President Donald Trump would have on developing countries.
Jul 26: The leaders of the Brics emerging economies have signed a declaration stressing the importance of an "open world economy", in which all countries benefit from globalisation. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa also backed an "open and inclusive" multilateral trading system under World Trade Organization rules.
Jul 26: UK - Specialist doctors in the UK will be able to legally prescribe cannabis-derived medicinal products by autumn, the home secretary has announced.
Jul 26: Pakistan - Former cricketer Imran Khan has claimed victory in Pakistan's election, amid accusations of vote rigging by rivals.
Jul 26: The share price of Facebook drops by almost 20 percent after the company warns investors that user growth has slowed following the data leak scandal. Over $109bn is wiped from its market value, the largest single day loss in corporate history.
Jul 26: London - It is officially the hottest day of the year so far in the UK with temperatures soaring to 35C in west London.
Jul 27: Skywatchers will be treated to the longest "blood moon" eclipse of the 21st Century on Friday.
Jul 27: The US economy grew at its fastest pace in nearly four years in the second quarter, expanding at an annualised rate of 4.1%, official figures show.
Jul 27: The longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century occurs and Mars makes its closest approach to Earth since 2003.
Jul 28: Skywatchers around the world have witnessed the longest "blood moon" eclipse of the 21st Century.
Jul 29: A powerful earthquake has struck a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, killing at least 14 people.
Jul 29: Geraint Thomas became Britain's third winner of the Tour de France when he crossed the finish line in Paris.
Jul 29: An Israeli Arab politician has resigned in opposition to a controversial new law which declares Israel to be the nation state of the Jewish people.
Jul 29: The publisher of the New York Times has urged President Donald Trump not to continue labelling reporters "enemies of the people", saying it could "lead to violence" against the media.
Jul 29: California fires: Thousands forced to flee as Carr fire spreads
Jul 29: The volume of disinformation on the internet is growing so big that it is starting to crowd out real news, the Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee chairman has said.
Jul 29: Kim Goodwin was asked to help some colleagues tell if they were being helpful or condescending('mansplaining'). So she created a simple chart – which went unexpectedly viral.
Jul 29: Zimbabwe's ex-president Robert Mugabe has given a surprise press conference on the eve of the nation's elections. Mr Mugabe said he would not support his successor in the Zanu-PF party, Emmerson Mnangagwa, after being forced from office by the "party I founded".
Jul 30: India has published a list which effectively strips about four million people in the north-eastern state of Assam of their citizenship.
Jul 30: Voter turnout is high in Zimbabwe's first general election since long-serving ruler Robert Mugabe was ousted, officials say.
Jul 31: We’re at the point where AI can take on mundane household tasks – if slowly. And the implications of this technology go far beyond folding laundry.
Jul 31: North Korea working on new missiles, US officials say, despite thaw

2 Years (2017)
Jul 04: Russia and China urge North Korea to halt its missile and nuclear program after it successfully tested its first intercontinental missile.
Jul 05: US confirms North Korea long range missile test.
Jul 07: The global treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is backed by 122 member states.  The negotiations were boycotted by all of the countries that bear nuclear arms.
Jul 10: Iraq: Mosul is declared liberated from the Islamic State.

5 Years (2014)
Jul 04: Ex News of the World Editor Andy Coulson jailed for 18 months in phone hacking trial.
Jul 04: Entertainer Rolf Harris jailed for over 5 yrs for 12 indecent assaults on 4 girls.
Jul 07: UK: Home Secretary Theresa May announces inquiry into historical child abuse.
Jul 07: Death of Argentine-born Real Madrid footballer Alfredo Di Stefano aged 88.
Jul 08: Israel begins Operation Protective Edge with missile attacks on Gaza Strip.
Jul 14: Church of England votes to allow women to be ordained as bishops.
Jul 14: UK Cabinet Reshuffle: William Hague steps down as Foreign Secretary.
Jul 15: UK: Education Secretary Michael Gove sacked & demoted to Chief Whip.
Jul 17: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down over Ukraine airspace. All 298 on board killed.
Jul 17: Israeli military start ground offensive in Gaza (Operation Protective Edge).
Jul 19: Death US film & TV actor James Garner, 86 ('Maverick','The Rockford Files').
Jul 20: Northern Ireland golfer Rory McIlroy wins the Open Championship.
Jul 21: British National Party (BNP) announce leader Nick Griffin has stood down.
Jul 21: England captain Steven Gerrard retires from international football.
Jul 23: Official opening of Commonwealth Games, Glasgow.
Jul 23: Death of British actress Dora Bryan aged 91 ('Last of the Summer Wine').
Jul 30: UK: Fire destroys large section of Eastbourne Pier Building.

10 Years (2009)
Jul 05: UK: Discovery of 'Staffordshire Hoard'. Largest ever collection of Anglo-Saxon treasure.
Jul 31: Death of former Newcastle, Ipswich & England football manager Sir Bobby Robson.

15 Years (2004)
Jul 01: Death of US film actor Marlon Brando, aged 80 ('The Godfather', 'Apocalypse Now').

20 Years (1999)
Jul 01: UK: Queen Elizabeth II officially opens the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh.
Jul 16: Death of John F.Kennedy Jr. Son of former US president John Kennedy.

25 Years (1994)
Jul 21: UK: Tony Blair MP elected new leader of Labour Party.

30 Years (1989)
Jul 11: Death of British actor Sir Lawrence Olivier.

35 Years (1984)
Jul 09: UK: York Minister struck by lightning which starts major roof fire.
Jul 12: Czech-born British media magnate Robert Maxwell buys Daily Mirror newspaper.
Jul 27: eath English film actor James Mason, 75 ('The Desert Fox', 'North by Northwest').

45 Years (1974)
Jul 01: Death of former Argentinean President Juan Peron, aged 78.
Jul 03: Former Leeds United football manager Don Revie appointed England Manager.
Jul 12: Retirement of Liverpool Football Club manager Bill Shankly.
Jul 15: Nationalist coup in Cyprus precedes a Turkish invasion.
Jul 20: Leeds United FC appoint Brian Clough as new manager (Sacked after 44 days).
Jul 24: US Supreme Court orders President Nixon to surrender all White House recordings.

55 Years (1964)
Jul 02: US introduces Civil Rights Act outlawing racial & sexual discrimination.
Jul 31: American singer Jim Reeves killed in a plane crash.

65 Years (1954)
Jul 04: UK: End of food rationing in Britain following WW2.
Jul 05: BBC TV starts 1st daily news programme in UK.
Jul 19: US: Release of Elvis Presley's 1st single 'That's All Right'.
Jul 29: Publication of first part of 'Lord of the Rings' by J.R.R.Tolkien.

75 Years (1944)
Jul 20: Nazi leader Adolf Hitler survives assassination attempt by senior German officers.

85 Years (1934)
Jul 04: Death of Polish-born French physicist & Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie.

95 Years (1924)
Jul 07: British athlete Harold Abrahams wins 100m Gold Medal at Paris Olympics.
Jul 11: British athlete Eric Liddell wins 400m Gold Medal at Paris Olympics.

105 Years (1914)
Jul 28: Official start of The Great War (World War 1).


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