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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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February 2022

1 Year (2021)
Feb 01: COVID-19 pandemic: The number of vaccinations administered worldwide exceeds 100 million.
Feb 02: Jeff Bezos announces that he will step down as CEO of Amazon in Q3 2021.
Feb 03: Canada becomes the first country to designate the Proud Boys as a terrorist organisation.
Feb 09: COVID-19 pandemic: A joint WHO–China investigation into the source of the outbreak is concluded. Experts find a Wuhan laboratory leak to be "extremely unlikely", with a "natural reservoir" in bats being a more likely origin.
Feb 20: COVID-19 pandemic: The number of vaccinations administered worldwide exceeds 200 million.
Feb 20: 2020–21 H5N8 outbreak: 7 people test positive for H5N8 bird flu at a poultry farm in southern Russia, making them the first human cases.
Feb 22: COVID-19 pandemic: The United States becomes the first country to surpass 500,000 deaths from the virus.
Feb 25: COVID-19 pandemic: The global death toll from COVID-19 passes 2.5 million.

2 Years (2020)
Feb 05: USA - The Senate acquitted Trump on both impeachment articles.
Feb 05: USA - The Senate acquitted Trump on both impeachment articles.
Feb 05: Death - Kirk Douglas, American actor, director and producer.
Feb 11: WHO names the coronavirus outbreak COVID-19.
Feb 11: Death - Joseph Shabalala, Ladysmith Black Mambazo musician from South African.
Feb 27: The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunges by 4.4%, its largest one-day points decline in history, triggered by fears of the spreading coronavirus.
Feb 28: 29 NATO Allies meet expressing solidarity with Turkey after 33 Turkish soldiers were killed in an air strike by the Syrian government forces during the ongoing Syrian civil war.
Feb 28: Death - Freeman Dyson, British-born American physicist and mathematician (b. 1923)
Feb 29: USA - A truce is signed between American troops, Afghan troops, and the Taliban.

5 Years (2017)
Feb 01: UK MPs vote 494 to 114 backing Brexit Bill to give EU formal notice of leaving.
Feb 02: UK: HBOS banker and 5 other financiers jailed for £245m loans scandal.
Feb 06: Death ex-S.African rugby capt Joost van der Westhuizen, 45 (motor neurone disease).
Feb 08: Death UK comedy writer Alan Simpson, 87 (co-writer 'Hancock's Half Hour'; 'Steptoe & Son').
Feb 13: Death actress Sara Coward from breast cancer, 69 (Caroline Sterling in The Archers).
Feb 13: UK: Co-op Bank puts itself up for sale and inviting offers to buy all of its shares.
Feb 13: Yorkshire batsman Joe Root, 26, appointed new England cricket captain.,
Feb 14: Half brother of N.Korean leader Kim Jong-un killed by poison, Kuala Lumpur.
Feb 14: US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns over Russia talks allegations.
Feb 20: US food company Kraft Heinz abandons its offer to buy rival Unilever for over £110 billion.
Feb 22: UK: Ian Stewart, 56 guilty of murder of finance, author Helen Bailey, 51 in Herts.
Feb 22: UK: Ms Cressida Dick, 56, is Met Police 1st female Commissioner in 188 years.
Feb 23: UK: Leicester City sack manager Claudio Ranieri 9 months after won Premier League.
Feb 24: 2 UK by-elections. Conservatives take Copeland from Labour for 1st time in 80 years.
Feb 26: Death of Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman, 86 (Father of House of Commons).
Feb 26: Film 'Moonlight' wins Best Picture Oscar (after 'La La Land' mistakenly declared the winner).
Feb 28: Sir Philip Green agrees £363m cash payment to plug gap in BHS pension scheme.

10 Years (2012)
Feb 03: Resignation of UK Energy Secretary Chris Huhne in speeding fine scandal.
Feb 06: Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee.
Feb 19: Media businessman James Murdoch resigns from News International.
Feb 22: Death of Irish comedian Frank Carson aged 85.
Feb 26: 1st edition of new British newspaper The Sun on Sunday.
Feb 29: Death of British singer Davy Jones aged 66 ('The Monkees').
Feb 29: Death of UK policeman PC David Rathband shot and blinded while on duty.

15 Years (2007)
Feb 06: Death of US singer Frankie Laine ('Mule Train', High Noon', 'Rawhide')
Feb 09: Death of British TV actor Ian Richardson ('House of Cards') aged 72.
Feb 28: Death of Italian-born Scottish hoterlier Charles Forte aged 98.

20 Years (2002)
Feb 06: Official date of Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee (50 years on throne).
Feb 09: Death of Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, aged 71.
Feb 09: UK: Singer Will Young is the 1st winner of TV talent competition 'Pop Idol'.
Feb 12: Start of trial of Slobodan Milosevic, ex Yugoslav President, in The Hague.
Feb 16: Death of 1st England football manager Walter Winterbottom (1946-1962) aged 88.
Feb 21: Death of British actor John Thaw aged 60 ('The Sweeney', 'Kavanagh QC', 'Morse').
Feb 27: Death of Irish-born British comedian Spike Milligan aged 83 ('The Goons').
Feb 28: Former currencies of the Euro-joining EU nations cease to be legal tender.

25 Years (1997)
Feb 06: UK: Court of Appeal allows widow Diane Blood to use sperm of her dead husband.
Feb 14: UK: Inquest jury says teenager Stephen Lawrence 'unlawfully killed' by 5 white youths.
Feb 19: Death of Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping aged 92.
Feb 21: UK: 'Bridgewater 3' freed. Served 18 yrs for murder of 13 yr old Carl Bridgewater.
Feb 22: UK: 'Dolly the Sheep' is world's 1st successfully cloned mammal.
Feb 27: Divorce becomes legal in Ireland (banned since independence in 1921).
Feb 27: UK introduces new laws banning most handguns in Britain (after Dunblane shootings).

30 Years (1992)
Feb 01: Camp David: US Pres Bush & Russian Pres Yeltsin declare Cold War to be over.
Feb 07: 12 European Foreign & Finance Ministers ratify Maastricht Treaty.
Feb 10: Death of US author Alex Haley aged 70 ('Roots: Saga of an American Family').
Feb 10: Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson found guilty of rape
Feb 18: UK: BBC broadcasts 1st episode of comedy 'Men Behaving Badly'.

35 Years (1987)
Feb 02: Church of England envoy Terry Waite kidnapped by Islamic militants in Lebanon.
Feb 02: Death of British author Alistair Maclean aged 64 ('Guns of Navarone', 'Ice Station Zebra')
Feb 04: Death of US pianist & entertainer 'Liberace' aged 67.
Feb 04: Death of US pianist & entertainer 'Liberace' aged 67.
Feb 05: UK: Princess Anne appears on episode of BBC sports quiz 'A Question of Sport'.
Feb 11: Privatisation of British Airways & listing on London Stock Exchange
Feb 11: UK: Party organiser Cynthia Payne acquitted of charges of running prostitutes.
Feb 22: Death of American artist Andy Warhol aged 58
Feb 26: Church of England Synod votes in favour of allowing ordination of women.
Feb 27: Death of English stage & film actress Joan Greenwood, 65 ('Kind Hearts & Coronets')

40 Years (1982)
Feb 05: UK: Collpase of budget airline Laker Airways owing £270m.
Feb 25: European Court of Human Rights rules corporal punishment in British schools a violation.

50 Years (1972)
Feb 02: Demonstrators destroy British Embassy in Dublin ('Bloody Sunday' reprisal).
Feb 21: US President Richard Nixon begins historic 6-day visit to China.
Feb 22: IRA kill 5 women & army priest in bomb attack on Army Barracks at Aldershot.
Feb 25: UK miners call off 7 week national strike after offer of improved pay deal.

55 Years (1967)
Feb 20: Birth of American musician Kurt Cobain ('Nirvana').

60 Years (1962)
Feb 07: Birth of British stand up comedian Eddie Izzard.
Feb 10: U2 spy plane pilot Gary Powers exchanged for a Russian spy jailed in United States.
Feb 20: John Glenn is 1st US astronaut to orbit the earth in 'Friendship Seven' spacecraft.

65 Years (1957)
Feb 16: UK: BBC TV broadcasts 1st edition of rock and roll show 'Six-Five Special'.
Feb 19: UK: ITV broadcasts 1st episode of regular drama series 'Emergency Ward 10'.
Feb 27: Birth of British actor Timothy Spall ('Auf Wiedersehen, Pet').
Feb 27: Birth of British actor Timothy Spall.

70 Years (1952)
Feb 01: UK introduces detector vans to track down homes with unlicensed televisions.
Feb 06: UK: King George VI dies in sleep at Sandringham aged 56.
Feb 08: Princess Elizabeth proclaims herself Queen at St James's Palace, London.
Feb 10: Independent India's 1st general election: Jawaharlal Nehru confirmed as Prime Minister.
Feb 10: India's 1st general election: Congress Party leader Jawaharlal is Prime Minister.
Feb 15: UK: State Funeral for King George VI.

75 Years (1947)
Feb 02: Birth of American TV actress Farrah Fawcett ('Charlie's Angels')
Feb 12: Paris: Fashion designer Christian Dior introduces his 'new look' for women.
Feb 21: US scientist & inventor Edwin Land demonstrates 1st 'instant' (Polaroid) camera.
Feb 26: Birth English singer Sandie Shaw. Won of Eurovision Song Contest ('Puppet On A String')

80 Years (1942)
Feb 09: Birth of US singer-songwriter Carole King ('Half Way to Paradise', The 'Locomotion').
Feb 15: WW2: Surrender of British & Commonwealth troops on Singapore to Japanese.
Feb 19: WW2: Japanese planes bomb north Australian town of Darwin.
Feb 28: Birth of English musician Brian Jones ('Rolling Stones').

85 Years (1937)
Feb 16: US chemist Wallace Carothers granted a patent for 'nylon'.
Feb 21: Birth of Australian long distance runner Ron Clarke.
Feb 25: Birth of British actor Tom Courtney ('Billy Liar', 'Dr Zhivago').

90 Years (1932)
Feb 17: Birth of British actor Alan Bates ('Women In Love', 'An Englishman Abroad').
Feb 27: Birth of US film actress Elizabeth Taylor ('National Velvet', 'Cleopatra').

95 Years (1927)
Feb 03: Birth of Irish singer & entertainer Val Doonican.
Feb 14: Birth of Canadian actress Lois Maxwell (James Bond's 'Miss Moneypenny').
Feb 20: Birth of African-American actor Sidney Poitier ('In The Heat of the Night').

105 Years (1917)
Feb 13: WW1: Arrest in France of Dutch dancer Mata Hari for spying for Germany.
Feb 25: Birth of British writer Anthony Burgess ('A Clockwork Orange').

120 Years (1902)
Feb 04: Birth of American aviator Charles Linbergh (1st solo non-stop flight over Atlantic).


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