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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

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March 2021

1 Year (2020)
Mar 05: The International Criminal Court authorizes Afghanistan War Crimes inquiry to proceed, allowing for the first time for U.S. forces to be investigated.
Mar 11: The World Health Organization declares the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.
Mar 11: Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning monarch in the Americas, surpassing Pacal the Great.
Mar 12: Global stock markets crash due to continued concerns over COVID-19 and the U.S. travel ban on the Schengen Area.
Mar 13: 2019–20 Coronavirus pandemic: Nepal announces that Mount Everest will be closed to climbers and the public for the rest of the season.
Mar 20: The worldwide death toll from COVID-19 surpasses 10,000.
Mar 20: Deaths - Kenny Rogers, American country singer and songwriter. Born 1938.
Mar 23: SOLIDARITY trial, Ten nations joined this group sponsored by the World Health Organization to find a cure against COVID-19. Four European countries (Switzerland, France, Norway and Spain), two American countries (Argentina and Canada), three Asian countries (Iran, Thailand, Bahrain) and South Africa.
Mar 24: WORLD - COVID-19 - The total number of people facing restrictive movement exceeds 2.6 billion, a third of the global population.
Mar 26: Global COVID-19 cases reach 500,000, with nearly 23,000 deaths confirmed. The United States surpasses China and Italy in total number of known COVID-19 cases, with 81,321 cases and more than 1,000 deaths.

2 Years (2019)
Mar 01: The family of a US student who died after he was jailed in North Korea have implicitly rebuked President Donald Trump's lauding of Kim Jong-un.
Mar 01: Pakistan has freed an Indian fighter pilot captured after his plane was shot down in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, amid rising tensions.
Mar 01: US - Jay Inslee: Washington governor to run on climate change
Mar 01: Bin Laden: US offers reward for Osama's son Hamza
Mar 01: Israel - Benjamin Netanyahu - currently seeking to be elected for a fifth term as Israel's prime minister - has known many challenging times in politics, but none quite like this.
Mar 04: China has accused two Canadians of spying, as tensions between the nations grow over the possible extradition of a Huawei executive to the US.
Mar 04: It may come as a surprise to see refugees from the turmoil in Venezuela warmly welcomed in Hungary - by a government widely known to be hostile to immigration and asylum.
Mar 04: Alabama - Rescue teams in eastern Alabama have resumed search operations a day after two tornadoes caused extensive damage to buildings and roads.
Mar 04: Northern white rhinos: could science save the sub-species? The story of the northern white rhino grabbed global attention when the world’s last male, named Sudan, died in March 2018 - leaving just two females on the planet.
Mar 04: California - Two sisters who wandered away from home and got lost in woodland for two days have been found safe and well.
Mar 05: A UK patient's HIV has become "undetectable" following a stem cell transplant - in only the second case of its kind, doctors report in Nature.
Mar 05: France - Traffic jams built up on Tuesday around the French port of Calais as customs officers worked to rule, carrying out tighter checks on lorries heading for the Channel Tunnel and the ferry port.
Mar 05: China - the Canadian businessman, Michael Spavor who has been detained in China and is accused of working together with a former diplomat to spy and steal Chinese state secrets, is also close to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's.
Mar 05: The fastest road car in the world revealed - and it's electric
Mar 05: Teen drama actor Luke Perry dies at 52
Mar 06: The UN human rights chief has warned of the threat posed by growing global inequality over income, wealth and access to resources and justice.
Mar 06: US - An American psychologist who specialises in conflict resolution around the world is now turning her attention to race in the US.
Mar 06: R Kelly breaks silence over sex abuse accusations
Mar 06: Around the world, people are living longer. In 1950, global average life expectancy at birth was only 46. By 2015, it had shot up to over 71. Yet in some countries, progress has not always been smooth.
Mar 06: Climate Change - Muddy, coastal marshes are "sleeping giants" that could fight climate change, scientists say.
Mar 07: Climate change: Rain melting Greenland ice sheet 'even in winter'
Mar 07: DRC - Violence by militia groups has made treating the worst Ebola outbreak in the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo even harder.
Mar 07: Music stored in a painting using DNA
Mar 07: Brexit: Deadline looms as ministers push for changes to deal
Mar 07: Facebook has removed more than 130 accounts, pages and groups it says were part of a UK-based misinformation network.
Mar 08: South Africa - Ramaphosa has reaffirmed the ANC’s decision to nationalise the Reserve Bank, saying it should be owned by the people of South Africa. Ramaphosa’s told MPs South Africa is one of only six countries in the world that have external shareholders in their central banks, while the United Kingdom bought out its central bank’s private shareholders in the 1940s.
Mar 08: America's new commercial astronaut capsule has completed its demonstration flight with a successful splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean.
Mar 08: Schools and workplaces in Venezuela have closed as an electricity blackout continues into a second day.
Mar 08: Researchers at Heriot-Watt University have developed a revolutionary new technique to weld glass to metal, which they say could transform the manufacturing sector.
Mar 08: The US economy created the lowest number of jobs for a year-and-a-half in February, coming in well below forecasts.
Mar 08: Thousands of young ultra-Orthodox Jews have clashed with a liberal Jewish women's group at one of Judaism's holiest sites, the Western Wall, in Jerusalem.
Mar 08: The first pictures have emerged of cracking in the graphite bricks which make up the core of nuclear reactors at Hunterston B Power Station in Ayrshire.
Mar 08: New guidelines on diagnosing high blood pressure could mean thousands more people benefiting from treatment in England and Wales.
Mar 08: Brexit: One more push needed to get deal through, says May
Mar 10: NASA shares an update about its next generation launch system, SLS
Mar 11: Ethiopia - Investigators have found the flight data recorders from an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 plane that crashed on Sunday, killing all 157 people on board.
Mar 11: The Indonesian woman accused of killing Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korea's leader, has been freed after charges against her were dropped.
Mar 11: The EU has said it is now up to MPs to decide the next steps for Brexit and it remains "committed" to agreeing a deal in time for the UK to leave this month.
Mar 11: Tributes have been paid to Jan-Michael Vincent, the news of whose death has renewed interest in both his film and TV career and his lingering decline.
Mar 12: SSA Report Fallout: Ramaphosa says he is ‘relaxed’ as calls mount for immediate action
Mar 12: Boeing: UK joins wave of countries grounding the 737 Max
Mar 12: North Korea's election has resulted in the expected landslide win for its authoritarian leadership - but in a big first for the country, Kim Jong-un does not appear to have been on the ballot.
Mar 12: Tokyo - Urban farming is helping to feed Tokyo city’s residents
Mar 12: Theresa May is making a final bid to save her Brexit deal ahead of a crunch Commons vote.
Mar 12: Scientists have found evidence of a huge blast of radiation from the Sun that hit Earth more than 2,000 years ago.
Mar 12: Italy bans unvaccinated children from school
Mar 13: Nigeria school collapse: Children killed in Lagos building
Mar 13: Venezuelan crisis: Running out of food, power and cash in blackout after a lack of power for six days.
Mar 13: São Paulo - Two gunmen have opened fire at a school in south-eastern Brazil, killing at least six students and two employees, officials say.
Mar 13: Japan is rethinking society for its growing old-age population, with specially-designed housing and jobs that can be shared.
Mar 13: North Korea rebuilding rocket sites: What does this mean?
Mar 14: Fake pastors and false prophets rock South African faith
Mar 14: Emma Haruka Iwao smashes pi world record with Google help - The value of the number pi has been calculated to a new world record length of 31 trillion digits, far past the previous record of 22 trillion.
Mar 14: Stolen Bruegel masterpiece was switched with fake in police sting
Mar 14: Cancer's 'internal wiring' predicts relapse risk
Mar 14: Cholesterol-lowering pill 'new option for statin users'
Mar 14: Facebook and Instagram suffer most severe outage ever
Mar 14: Mumbai footbridge collapse kills five and injures dozens
Mar 15: NZ - Christchurch shootings: 49 dead in New Zealand mosque attacks
Mar 15: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may break off denuclearisation talks with the US and resume missile and nuclear testing, a senior official says.
Mar 19: UK - Most patients seeking medicinal cannabis on the NHS will not be able to get it soon, despite recent changes in regulation that allow doctors to give it, a committee has heard.
Mar 20: Mozambique's port city of Beira is reeling from the damage inflicted by Cyclone Idai.
Mar 20: Brexit - The EU will only agree to a short delay to Brexit if MPs approve the current withdrawal agreement next week, Theresa May has been told.
Mar 20: Italy - A bus carrying 51 schoolchildren has allegedly been hijacked by its driver and set alight near Milan in Italy. However the children, some of them tied up, were rescued through smashed windows at the back of the bus and no-one was badly hurt. Fourteen people suffered smoke inhalation.
Mar 20: A UN court has rejected an appeal by Bosnian Serb former leader Radovan Karadzic and increased his sentence to life in prison.
Mar 20: Gunmen have attacked a convoy of trucks carrying uranium fuel to a nuclear power plant near the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, police say.
Mar 20: San Francisco moves to ban e-cigarettes until health effects known
Mar 20: Weedkiller glyphosate a 'substantial' cancer factor
Mar 21: President Donald Trump says it is time the US recognises Israel's sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, which it captured from Syria in 1967.
Mar 21: Southern Africa - Aid agencies are scrambling to reach survivors of Cyclone Idai, which swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe last week, destroying towns and villages in its path.
Mar 21: Iraq ferry sinking: 'More than 70 dead' in Tigris river
Mar 21: Six days after the Christchurch mosque attack, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a ban on "military-style" semi-automatic rifles, prompting questions in the US.
Mar 21: Expedition operators are concerned at the number of climbers' bodies that are becoming exposed on Mount Everest as its glaciers melt.
Mar 22: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said it is "possible" that President Donald Trump was sent by God to save Israel from Iran.
Mar 22: US President Donald Trump says he has ordered the withdrawal of recently imposed sanctions against North Korea.
Mar 22: Markets in the UK and US have tumbled with analysts attributing the drop to growing fears of a global slowdown.
Mar 22: The death toll in a huge blast at a chemical plant in eastern China has jumped to 47, with 90 badly injured, according to state news agency Xinhua.
Mar 24: Mongolia - All over the world cities are grappling with apocalyptic air pollution but the capital of Mongolia is suffering from some of the worst in the world.
Mar 24: Norway - A cruise ship that got into trouble off the Norwegian coast is heading to port after the dramatic rescue of hundreds of its passengers.
Mar 24: Huge fossil discovery made in China's Hubei province
Mar 24: US congressional leaders are awaiting conclusions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, with early findings expected Sunday.
Mar 25: Prince Charles & Duchess of Cornwall make 1st official royal visit to Cuba.

5 Years (2016)
Mar 02: Coronation Street creator and writer Tony Warren dies aged 79.
Mar 02: Ex-England footballer Adam Johnson found guilty of sexual activity with girl aged 15.
Mar 02: Former New Zealand cricket captain Martin Crowe dies of cancer aged 53.
Mar 02: UK: British Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton 1st horse race win at Wincanton.
Mar 02: UN Security Council passes resolution to expand sanctions against N. Korea.
Mar 04: Media mogul Rupert Murdoch (84) marries actress-model Jerry Hall (59) in London.
Mar 05: Death of US Internet pioneer Ray Tomlinson aged 74 (credited with invention of email).
Mar 06: UK: Head of British Chambers of Commerce, John Longworth, resigns over EU comments.
Mar 07: Tennis star Maria Sharapova reveals a failed drugs test at the Australian Open.
Mar 08: Sunderland FC CEO Margaret Byrne resigns over Adam Johnson child abuse case.
Mar 08: UK: Energy firm Npower confirms 2,400 job cuts in the UK.
Mar 08: UK: Sunderland FC CEO Margaret Byrne resigns over Adam Johnson child abuse case.
Mar 09: Death of British record producer Sir George Martin aged 90 (Beatles producer).
Mar 09: Refugee Crisis: Macedonia closes its border with Greece to block further migrants.
Mar 09: UK: 5 men jailed for a total of 34 years for £14m Hatton Garden jewellery raid.
Mar 09: UK: Buckingham Palace complains of newspaper story re Queen & EU Referendum
Mar 10: Death film production designer Sir Ken Adam, 85 ('Dr Strangelove' 'Goldfinger')
Mar 10: Death of film production designer Sir Ken Adam aged 85 ('Dr Strangelove' 'Goldfinger')
Mar 11: Death of rock musician Keith Emerson aged 71 (Emerson, Lake and Palmer).
Mar 11: UK Newcastle Utd Club sack head coach Steve McClaren. Rafael Benitez appointed.
Mar 14: Death of British composer Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, aged 81.
Mar 14: Hundreds of migrants get through border fence between Greece & Macedonia.
Mar 14: Russian President Putin orders military withdrawal of "main part" of forces in Syria.
Mar 16: Death 'Thunderbirds' co-creator Sylvia Anderson, 88 (voice of Lady Penelope).
Mar 16: UK: Chancellor George Osborne delivers UK Budget.
Mar 17: Death of British magician Paul Daniels aged 77, from a brain tumour.
Mar 17: Death of British veteran broadcaster Cliff Mitchelmore aged 96.
Mar 18: Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam arrested by police in Brussels.
Mar 18: UK: Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith resigns from Government.
Mar 20: Start of EU-Turkey deal to tackle the migrant crisis on borders with Greece.
Mar 20: US President Barack Obama makes 1st official US visit to Cuba since 1959 revolution.
Mar 20: US President Obama makes 1st official US visit to Cuba since 1959 revolution.
Mar 22: Over 30 killed in terror attacks at Brussels International Airport and a metro station.
Mar 24: Dutch footballer & manager Johann Cruff dies from cancer aged 68
Mar 24: Dutch international footballer & manager Johann Cruff dies from cancer aged 68.
Mar 24: Ex Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic jailed for 40 years for war crimes.
Mar 24: UK: Footballer Adam Johnson jailed for 6 years for sex offences with 15 yr old girl.
Mar 25: Death of US actor & comedian Garry Shandling aged 66.
Mar 27: Over 70 killed in an explosion at a park in the city of Lahore, East Pakistan.
Mar 30: Myanmar's President Htin Kyaw sworn in: 1st elected civilian leader in 50 years.
Mar 30: UK: Planned closure of loss-making steel plants in Britain likely to cost thousands of jobs.
Mar 31: Death British comedian & entertainer Ronnie Corbett, 85 ('The Two Ronnies').
Mar 31: Death Iraqi-born architect Dame Zaha Hadid, 65 (London Olympic Aquatic Centre).
Mar 31: Death of British comedian & entertainer Ronnie Corbett aged 85 ('The Two Ronnies').
Mar 31: Death of Iraqi-born architect Dame Zaha Hadid, 65 (London Olympic Aquatic Centre).

10 Years (2011)
Mar 11: Major eathquake & tsunami off Japanese coast. Over 15,000 killed.
Mar 11: UK: Decommissioning of aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.
Mar 15: Arab Spring: Syria - widespread demonstrations against Govt of President Bashar Al-Assad.
Mar 19: British,French & US air strikes in Libya following UN Resolution.
Mar 23: Death of US film actress Elizabeth Taylor aged 78 ('National Velvet', 'Cleopatra').
Mar 26: Major Mar in London against Government Budget Cuts leads to disorder on streets.

15 Years (2006)
Mar 01: Death actor Jack Wild from cancer aged 53 ('Artful Dodger' in musical 'Oliver').
Mar 01: Death of Chelsea & England footballer Peter Osgood aged 59.
Mar 01: UK: Queen Elizabeth II opens the 'Senedd', at the National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff.
Mar 02: UK: Sir Menzies Campbell elected leader of Liberal Democrat Party.
Mar 09: Dealth of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic in prison cell.
Mar 09: Death UK politican John Profumo. Resigned from Government 1963 in sex scandal.
Mar 13: Death of former Celtic & Scoland footballer Jimmy Johnstone aged 61.
Mar 21: Founding of social media website Twitter by 4 Americans working for a podcasting company.
Mar 21: Founding of Twitter by 4 Americans working for a podcasting company.
Mar 24: Death of 'Coronation Street' actress Lynne Perrie aged 74.
Mar 26: Scotland bans smoking in all indoor public places and offices.
Mar 26: UK: Smoking banned in all enclosed workplaces in Scotland.
Mar 28: Death of former US Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.
Mar 28: UK: Creation of the Royal Regiment of Scotland (following restructuring of British Army).
Mar 30: The Terrorism Act 2006 comes into effect in UK.

20 Years (2001)
Mar 07: Ariel Sharon becomes Prime Minister of Israel.
Mar 08: Recovery of Donald Campbell's 'Bluebird' speedboat from Coniston Water, Lake District.
Mar 11: UK: ITV broadcasts 5,000 edition of soap opera 'Coronation Street'.
Mar 12: Death of US thriller writer Robert Ludlum aged 73.
Mar 17: UK: Opening of the Eden project to the public near St Austell in Cornwall.
Mar 18: Death of American singer/songwriter John Phillips (Mamas & Papas) aged 65.
Mar 18: UK: 18 year old Claire Marsh convicted of rape (holding down woman victim) in London.
Mar 22: Death of US cartoon animator William Hanna aged 90. Co-founder Hanna-Barbera.
Mar 23: Russian space station MIR re-enters earth atmosphere after 15 years in orbit.

25 Years (1996)
Mar 01: Iraqi forces refuse UNSCOM weapons inspection teams access to 5 specific sites.
Mar 02: Australian Election: Labour's Paul Keating loises to Liberal leader John Howard.
Mar 06: Chechen rebels attack Russian Government HQ in Grozny. Over 200 killed.
Mar 09: Death of American comedian George Burns aged 100.
Mar 13: Dunblane School Massacre, Scotland. 16 children & teacher killed by Thomas Hamilton.
Mar 14: International Middle East Peace Summit held in Egypt following further violence.
Mar 16: British World Heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno loses to Mike Tyson of USA.
Mar 20: BSE ('Mad Cow Disease') outbreak: UK Govt says probable link with vCJD.
Mar 24: Marcopper Mining Disaster, Philippines. Discharge of toxic mining waste into major rivers.
Mar 24: Marcopper Mining Disaster, Philippines.Toxic mining waste into major rivers.
Mar 25: Film 'Braveheart' wins Best Picture at 68th Academy Awards in Los Angeles.
Mar 28: 3 British soldiers jailed for life for manslaughter of a Danish tour guide in Cyprus.

30 Years (1991)
Mar 01: Death of Edwin H.Land. Inventor of instant camera. Co-founder Polaroid Corp.
Mar 02: Assassination of Sri Lanka Deputy Defence Minister Ranjan Wijeratne.
Mar 03: US construction worker Rodney King beaten by Los Angeles police.
Mar 14: Court of Appeal quashes convictions of 'Birmingham 6' for 1974 pub bombings.
Mar 21: Death US inventor Leo Fender. Manufacturer of 1st solid-body electric guitar.
Mar 21: UK Government says controversial Community Charge ('poll tax') to be scrapped.
Mar 21: UK Govt says controversial Community Charge ('poll tax') to be scrapped.
Mar 23: Start of Sierra Leone Civil War. (Ends 2002).
Mar 28: UK: Inquest jury into Hillsborough Disaster records 'accidental deaths' on 96 victims.

35 Years (1986)
Mar 04: Launch of new British tabloid newspaper 'Today'. (Ceased publication 1995).
Mar 10: Death Welsh-born film actor Ray Milland aged 79 ('The Lost Weekend', 'Dial M for Murder').
Mar 10: Death Welsh-born film actor Ray Milland, 79 ('The Lost Weekend', 'Dial M for Murder').
Mar 17: Death British army officer Sir John Bagot Glubb. Commander of Arab Legion.
Mar 30: Death of American stage & film actor James Cagney aged 86.
Mar 31: Abolition of Greater London Council (GLC) & 6 other Metropolitan Councils.

40 Years (1981)
Mar 09: UK: M5 rapist John Lambe jailed for life on over 12 charges
Mar 15: UK: ITV broadcasts final episode of 'The Muppet Show'.
Mar 24: British train robber Ronnie Biggs rescued by Barbados Police after being kidnapped.
Mar 26: 4 Labour politicians ('Gang of Four') launch new party: Social Democratic Party (SDP).
Mar 29: 1st London Marathon founded by British athlete Chris Brasher. 7,000 runners.
Mar 30: US Pres Ronald Reagan shot and wounded by John Hinckley, Washington.
Mar 30: US President Reagan shot and wounded by lone gunman John Hinckley, Washington.

45 Years (1976)
Mar 04: 'Maguire 7' jailed for possessing explosives. (Convictions quashed 1991).
Mar 09: Cavalese Cable Car disaster, Northern Italy. 43 people killed when car falls 700 ft.
Mar 14: Death of American film director & choreograper Busby Berkeley.
Mar 16: Resignation of British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. (Effective April 5).
Mar 16: Sudden resignation of British Labour PM Harold Wilson. (Effective April 5).
Mar 19: Announcement of separation of Princess Margaret & Earl of Snowdon.
Mar 20: US heiress Patty Hearst convicted of robbery with her former kidnappers.
Mar 24: Death of British Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery (WW2 Commander).

50 Years (1971)
Mar 08: UK: End of 7-week strike by postal workers.
Mar 11: Closure of UK's oldest newspaper, Daily Sketch (founded 1909).
Mar 29: US Cult leader Charles Manson sentenced to death for murder (reduced to life).
Mar 29: US: Cult leader Charles Manson sentenced to death for murder. Reduced to life in jail.
Mar 29: US: Lt William Calley guilty of murder in 'My Lai Massacre' in S.Vietnam.
Mar 29: US: Lt William Calley guilty of murder in 'My Lai Massacre' of 500 villagers in S.Vietnam.

55 Years (1966)
Mar 04: John Lennon observes Beatles appear more popular than Jesus. Protests in USA.
Mar 04: John Lennon observes Beatles appear 'more popular than Jesus'. Protests in USA.
Mar 05: Passenger airliner crashes into Mount Fuji, Japan. All 124 on board killed.
Mar 10: UK: 1st edition of 'The Frost Report' broadcast on BBC TV.
Mar 20: World Cup Trophy stolen from Central Hall, Westminster. Found by a dog 7 days later.
Mar 31: Soviet Union launches 'Luna 10'. 1st spacecraft to orbit the Moon.
Mar 31: UK General Election. Labour PM Harold Wilson increases majority from 4 to 96.

60 Years (1961)
Mar 06: Death of British entertainer & film star George Formby aged 56.
Mar 13: 5 Britons ('Portland Spy Ring') go on trial at Old Bailey for spying.

65 Years (1956)
Mar 02: Ex-British army chief Lt Gen Glubb sacked from command of Arab Legion in Jordan.
Mar 09: British arrest & deport Cyprus nationalist Archbishop Makarios III to Seychelles.
Mar 15: Musical 'My Fair Lady' opens on Broadway, New York.
Mar 21: UK Minister for Transport 1st outlines plans for street parking meters in London.
Mar 22: US: Martin Luther King convicted of organising illegal boycott of buses in Alabama.
Mar 23: Pakistan becomes the world's first Islamic Republic.

70 Years (1951)
Mar 06: Death of Welsh composer, playwright, actor & songwriter Ivor Novello.
Mar 06: New York: Start of spy trial of Ethel & Julius Rosenberg. Both executed 1953.
Mar 24: Birth US fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger (Company bought for £2billion in 2010).
Mar 30: UK: Julius Rosenberg & wife Ethel guilty of spying for Russians. Both executed 1953.

75 Years (1946)
Mar 01: Nationalisation of Bank of England.
Mar 09: Burnden Park Football Stadium disaster, Bolton. 33 crushed to death.

80 Years (1941)
Mar 28: Death of British novelist Virginia Woolf. Suicide by drowning aged 59.

85 Years (1936)
Mar 04: 1st flight of German airship 'Hindenburg'. (Destroyed by fire in May, 1937).
Mar 04: Birth of Scottish racing driver Jim Clark. F1 World Champion 1963 & 1965.
Mar 05: 1st flight of RAF new fighter, 'Supermarine Spitfire', over Southampton.
Mar 07: Germany reoccupies the Rhineland in violation of Treaty of Versailles.
Mar 16: Birth US Doctor & scientist Raymond Damadian (Magnetic Resonance Imaging - MRI).
Mar 18: Birth South African President F.W. De Klerk (Nobel Peace Prize winner).

90 Years (1931)
Mar 02: Birth Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev (Glasnost & Perestroika reforms 1980s).
Mar 18: World's 1st electric razor (produced by Schick Inc) goes on sale in New York.

95 Years (1926)
Mar 30: Birth of businessman Ingvar Kamprad, founder of Swedish furniture firm IKEA.
Mar 31: Birth of English novelist John Fowles ('The French Lieutenant's Woman').

100 Years (1921)
Mar 25: Birth of French film actress Simone Signoret ('Room At The Top').

105 Years (1916)
Mar 11: Birth of Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister 1964-70 & 1974-76.
Mar 22: Last Emperor of China abdicates & monarchy is abolished.

110 Years (1911)
Mar 03: Birth US film actress & 1930's sex symbol Jean Harlow (the 'Blonde Bombshell').

115 Years (1906)
Mar 25: Birth English academic historian A.J.P.Taylor ('The Origins of the Second World War').

130 Years (1891)
Mar 15: Death civil engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette. Designed London sewer network.

165 Years (1856)
Mar 30: End of Crimean War with signing of Treaty of Paris.

175 Years (1846)
Mar 17: Birth Victorian era artist/book illustrator Kate Greenaway.

275 Years (1746)
Mar 30: Birth of Spanish artist Francisco de Goya (painter to Spanish Royal household).


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