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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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May 2021

1 Year (2020)
May 01: Coronavirus pandemic: The total number of recovered COVID-19 patients reached 1 million worldwide (data from Johns Hopkins University).
May 10: The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 passes 4 million worldwide
May 14: The global death toll from COVID-19 exceeds 300,000.
May 31: COVID-19 pandemic: The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 passes 6 million worldwide.

2 Years (2019)
May 06: Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan and Prince Harry have baby boy early this morning.
May 06: The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) warns that biodiversity loss is "accelerating", with over a million species now threatened with extinction; the decline of the natural living world is "unprecedented" and largely a result of human actions, according to the report.
May 13: Death of Doris Day, born 1922 - American actress and singer of "Sentimental Journey" and "My Dreams are getting better all the time"
May 20: Death - Niki Lauda (22 February 1949 – 20 May 2019) was an Austrian Formula One driver, a three-time F1 World Drivers' Champion, and he was the only driver in F1 history to have been champion for both Ferrari and McLaren.
May 20: Redefinition of the SI system of measurement adopted by the majority of countries in the world takes effect.
May 24: British Prime Minister Theresa May announces her resignation as Conservative leader, effective 7 June 2019

5 Years (2016)
May 02: Daily Mail's horoscope writer Jonathan Cainer dies aged 58.
May 02: UK: 5000-1 outsiders Leicester City win Premier League for 1st time in club's history.
May 05: Start of major wildfires near Fort McMurray, Alberta in Canada.
May 06: UK: Labour candidate Sadiq Khan elected Mayor of London.
May 09: Death of Australian TV Producer Reg Grundy, 92 ('Neighbours', 'Prisoner Cell Block H ').
May 09: UEFA President Michel Platini resigns from European football's governing body.
May 12: Brazil President Dilma Rousseff to face trial after Senate vote for impeachment.
May 15: Death French actress Madeleine Lebeau, 92, last surviving actor from film 'Casablanca'.
May 15: UK: Man Utd Football Ground evacuated following discovery of a 'dummy bomb'.
May 21: Manufacture of UK-made cigarettes ends with closure of Horizon factory, Nottingham.
May 22: Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour confirmed killed in US drone strike in Afghanisatan.
May 22: UK director Ken Loach's film' I, Daniel Blake' wins Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival.
May 23: Manchester Utd sack manager Louis van Gaal 2 years into 3 year contract.
May 23: UK: North Yorkshire Council votes to allow fracking near village of Kirby Misperton.
May 24: Death of actor Burt Kwouk aged 85 ( 'Pink Panther' films).
May 24: US judge orders actor/comedian Bill Cosby, 78, to stand trial for sexual assault.
May 27: Historic visit by US President Obama to Horoshima, Japan bombed in 1945 in WW2.
May 27: UK: Jose Mourinho officially confirmed Manchester United manager.
May 29: UK: 18 Albanian migrants among 20 people rescued from boat off Kent coast.
May 30: England cricketer Alastair Cook is youngest player to score 10,000 Test runs.
May 31: Death of television scriptwriter Carla Lane, 87 ('The Liver Birds'; 'Bread'; 'Butterflies')
May 31: Opening of Gotthard Tunnel, world's longest & deepest rail tunnel (35m) under Swiss Alps.

10 Years (2011)
May 01: Death of British heavyweight boxing champion Henry Cooper aged 76.
May 02: Leader of terror group Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, killed in US raid in Pakistan.
May 06: Scottish National Party (SNP) wins majority in Scottish Parliament elections.
May 06: UK Referendum votes against introduction of Alternative Voting System.
May 07: Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros dies of brain cancer aged 54.
May 17: Queen Elizabeth II state visit to Republic of Ireland (1st by reigning monarch since 1911).
May 21: Eruption of volcano in Iceland causes widespread air travel disruption.
May 26: Death US dancer & choreographer Flick Colby, 65 ('Pan's People', 'Legs & Co').
May 26: Former Bosnian Serb Army Commander Ratko Mladic arrested in Serbia.

15 Years (2006)
May 01: BSE ('mad cow disease'): European Union lifts its ban on exports of British beef.
May 04: UK: Middleboro football manager Steve McLaren agrees to be next England Manager.
May 08: Death British photographer Iain Macmillan.(Zebra crossing cover Beatles' album 'Abbey Road').
May 25: Death of Jamaican singer/songwriter Desmond Dekker aged 64 ('Israelites').
May 27: Major earthquake Java, Indonesia. Over 6,000 killed and 35,000 injured.

20 Years (2001)
May 02: Former Chairmen of Sothebys & Christies charged with over-charging customers.
May 07: Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs arrested on return to Britain from Brazil.
May 07: Pope John Paul II visits Syrian capital, Damascus.
May 09: Accra Sports Stadium Disaster, Ghana. 127 football fans killed in a stampede.
May 11: Death of English author Douglas Adams aged 49 ('The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy').
May 12: Death of US singer Perry Como aged 88 ('Magic Moments', 'Catch A Falling Star').
May 13: Italy: Silvio Berlusconi wins election to become Prime Minister for 2nd time.
May 16: Jane Andrews, ex assistant to Duchess of York, jailed for life for murder of her boyfriend.
May 16: UK: Deputy Prime Minister punches egg-throwing protestor during electioneering in Rhyl.
May 24: At least 23 killed at Jerusalem wedding when dance floor collapses.
May 28: UK: Body of speedboat driver Donald Campbell recovered from Coniston Water.
May 31: UK: Inquiry ordered into torture & murder of 8 yr old Victoria Climbie by her guardians.

25 Years (1996)
May 09: Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wins country's 1st direct presidential election.
May 10: Major demonstration by Vietnamese Boat People in Hong Kong facing forced repatriation.
May 10: Sudden storm near summit of Mount Everest. 8 climbers killed.
May 17: US President Bill Clinton signs 'Megan's Law' to alert public to local sex offenders.
May 20: Death of British stage, film, radio & TV actor Jon Pertwee aged 76.
May 21: Lake Victoria ferry MV Bukoba sinks off Tanzania. 900 passengers drown.
May 23: Death of British actor Patrick Cargill.
May 23: Swedish climber Goran Kropp reaches top of Mount Everest alone and without oxygen.
May 27: Russian President negotiates a ceasefire in First Chechnya War.
May 30: Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud Party, wins narrow victory in Israeli election.
May 30: UK: Prince Andrew divorces Sarah Ferguson after 10 years of marriage.
May 31: Death of US psychologist Timothy Leary (advocate of use of psychedelic drugs) aged 75.

30 Years (1991)
May 03: UK Broadcasts last episode of US television soap opera 'Dallas'.
May 14: South Africa: Winnie Mandela jailed for 6 years for kidnapping.
May 16: Queen Elizabeth II is 1st British monarch to address the US Congress.
May 18: Helen Sharman 1st Briton into space. Spends 7 days on MIR space station.
May 18: Major flooding in China. Estimated 200,000 killed.
May 21: Assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in bomb attack.
May 24: Eritrea declares independence from Ethiopia.
May 28: End of 16-year Ethiopian Civil War with fall of Addis Ababa.

35 Years (1986)
May 03: Terrorist bomb kills 21 on Air Lanka passenger aircraft at Colombo Airport.
May 09: Death of Tenzing Norgay, Nepalese mountaineer. Climbed Mount Everest 1953.

40 Years (1981)
May 10: 27 yr old IRA hunger striker & elected MP Bobby Sands dies in prison.
May 13: Pope John Paul II shot & injured in St Peter's Square, Rome by lone gunman.
May 22: UK: Peter Sutcliffe, the 'Yorkshire Ripper', jailed for life for 13 murders.
May 24: Death of British actor Jack Warner aged 85 ('Dixon of Dock Green').
May 26: Entire Italian Coalition Cabinet resigns in freemason membership scandal.
May 30: Assassination of Bangladesh President Zia Rahman during coup attempt.

45 Years (1976)
May 07: Northern Italy earthquake kills 550 and leaves 80,000 homeless.
May 26: Death of German philosopher Martin Heidegger.

50 Years (1971)
May 12: Rolling Stone Mick Jagger marries Nicaraguan-born Bianca Macias in St Tropez.

55 Years (1966)
May 15: UK film release of sci-fi multi-award winning epic '2001: A Space Oddyssey'
May 16: UK: Start of a major strike by National Union of Seamen over pay & long hours.
May 16: USA: Beach Boys release best-selling album 'Pet Sounds'.
May 17: Former British Boxing Champion Randolph Turpin commits suicide aged 37.
May 21: British boxer Henry Cooper loses title fight against world champion Cassius Clay.
May 23: British Government declares state of emergency a week into National Seamen's strike.
May 23: British Government declares 'State of Emergency' a week into National Seamen's strike.
May 23: British Government declares 'State of Emergency' during National Seamen's strike.
May 31: 17 yr old Buddhist girl sets fire to herself in Hue in protest at S.Vietnamese regime.
May 31: 17 yr old Buddhist girl sets fire to herself in Hue in protest at South Vietnamese regime.

60 Years (1961)
May 05: Commander Alan Shepard becomes 1st American in space on board 'Mercury 3'.
May 21: US: Martial law imposed in Montgomery, Alabama after on-going racial violence.
May 25: US President Kennedy pledges to land a man on the moon within the decade.

65 Years (1956)
May 01: Britain begins public polio immunisation programme.
May 07: UK Health Minister refuses call for Govt anti-smoking campaign: 'no ill effects proven'
May 24: 1st Eurovision Song Contest held in Lugano, Switzerland.
May 24: 1st Eurovision Song Contest, Lugano, Switzerland (7 countries taking part).

70 Years (1951)
May 03: Opening of Festival of Britain & Royal Festival Hall in London by King George VI.
May 25: British spies Guy Burgess & Donald Maclean escape to Moscow.
May 28: BBC broadcasts 1st episode of radio comedy series 'The Goon Show'.

75 Years (1946)
May 01: Birth of British actress Joanna Lumley ('The New Avengers').
May 02: Birth of English actor David Suchet ('Hercile Poirot' in TV series).
May 02: Birth US singer-songwriter Lesley Gore ('Its My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To').
May 10: Birth of British actress Maureen Lipman.
May 16: Musical 'Annie Get Your Gun' opens on Broadway, New York.
May 22: Birth of Manchester Utd & Northern Ireland footballer George Best.

80 Years (1941)
May 01: Orson Welles' award-winning film 'Citizen Kane' released in USA.
May 05: Ethiopian Liberation Day. Emperor Haile Selassie returns from exile.
May 06: Joseph Stalin becomes Premier of Soviet Union.
May 07: Glenn Miller & Orchestra record 'Chattanooga Choo Choo'. Sells over 1m copies.
May 09: WW2: Royal Navy captures U-110 and finds German 'Enigma' encoding machine.
May 10: WW2: Adolf Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Hess, parachutes into Scotland.
May 10: WW2: Hitler's Deputy, Rudolf Hess, parachutes into Scotland & arrested.
May 11: Birth of English musician & singer Eric Burdon ('The Animals').
May 12: WW2: German bombs damage Houses of Parlt & Westminster Abbey & Big Ben.
May 13: Birth of American rock and roll singer Ritchie Valens.
May 15: WW2: 1st flight by a jet-engined aircraft in UK at RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire.
May 20: WW2: Start of Battle of Crete with invasion by German paratroopers.
May 24: WW2: British battleship HMS Hood sunk by German ship Bismarck in N.Atlantic.
May 24: WW2: HMS Hood sunk by German pocket battleship Bismarck in North Atlantic.

85 Years (1936)
May 02: Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie goes into exile following invasion by Italy.
May 02: US baseball star Joe DiMaggio makes his Major League debut with New York Yankees.
May 07: British aviator Amy Johnson completes fastest-ever solo flight England - South Africa.
May 09: Birth of British actor Albert Finney.
May 09: Birth of British actress Glenda Jackson ('A Touch of Class').
May 14: Death of British WW1 commander Field Marshall Edmund Allenby.
May 17: Birth of American film & TV actor Dennis Hopper.
May 22: Aer Lingus, Ireland's national airline, starts operations.
May 27: Start of maiden voyage of ocean liner RMS Queen Mary.

95 Years (1926)
May 03: UK: Start of General Strike. Over 1.5m workers on strike to May 13th.
May 08: Birth of English naturalist & broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.
May 14: Birth of British comedian Eric Morecambe ('Morecambe & Wise').

105 Years (1916)
May 21: Birth of American novelist Harold Robbins.
May 31: WW1: Start of Battle of Jutland. Largest naval battle of World War One.

165 Years (1856)
May 06: Birth of Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud.

350 Years (1671)
May 09: Attempt by Colonel Thomas Blood to steal Crown Jewels from Tower of London,.


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