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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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September 2019

1 Year (2018)
Sep 05: UK: 2 Russians named as suspects in poison attack on ex Russian spy Sergei Skripal & daughter Yulia.
Sep 06: In an historic decision, India's Supreme Court rules gay sex is no longer a criminal offence.
Sep 07: Death of US actor Burt Reynolds ('Deliverance') aged 82.
Sep 14: N. & S.Korea open "liaison office" to communicate on regular basis for 1st time since Korean War.
Sep 20: Tanzania: Over 220 killed after a ferry capsizes on Lake Victoria.
Sep 21: US imposes sanctions on China for buying Russian weapons.
Sep 23: Death of American film producer Gary Kurtz, 78 ('American Graffiti' & 'Star Wars').
Sep 24: China shuts down 4,000 websites in purge on 'improper values'.

2 Years (2017)
Sep 01: Russia: President Vlaimir Putin expels 755 diplomats in response to US sanctions.
Sep 03: North Korea conducts its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.
Sep 04: UK: Kensington Palace says Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge expecting their third child.
Sep 11: UK: MPs back the EU Withdrawal Bill by 326 to 290 in a commons vote.
Sep 14: UK: Jane Austen is featured on the new £10 polymer banknote.
Sep 20: UK: Scientists edit human embryo DNA for the first time.
Sep 27: UK: Measles is declared eradicated in the UK for the first time.

5 Years (2014)
Sep 04: Death of US comedienne Joan Rivers aged 81.
Sep 10: UK: Prince Harry launches 'Invictus Games' for wounded servicemen.
Sep 11: Death of English actor Sir Donald Sinden aged 90 ('The Cruel Sea').
Sep 12: Death of Northern Ireland politician Rev Ian Paisley aged 88. Leader of DUP.
Sep 13: Release of video purporting to show beheading of British hostage David Haines in Syria.
Sep 16: UK: Resignation of S.Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright.
Sep 18: Scottish Referendum on Independence votes to remain within United Kingdom.
Sep 19: Alex Salmond resigns as SNP Leader & 1st Minister of Scotland.
Sep 22: United States & Arab partners begin airstrikes against ISIS militants in Syria.
Sep 26: UK MPs vote in favour Britain continuing to aid US in airstrikes against Islamic State.
Sep 27: Conservative MP Mark Reckless defects to UKIP.

10 Years (2009)
Sep 14: Death of British TV chef Keith Floyd.

15 Years (2004)
Sep 01: Start of Beslan School crisis, Russia. Terrorists take 1,100 hostages.
Sep 20: Death of UK footballer & manager Brian Clough.

25 Years (1994)
Sep 03: Death of Wolverhampton Wanderers & England football captain Billy Wright.
Sep 22: 1st episode of TV comedy series 'Friends' broadcast on NBC.

30 Years (1989)
Sep 22: Death of American songwriter Irving Berlin ('White Chirstmas').
Sep 22: IRA bomb attack on Royal Marines School of Music, Deal, Kent. 11 killed.

35 Years (1984)
Sep 20: Suicide bomber attacks US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. 22 killed.

45 Years (1974)
Sep 12: Ethiopia Emperor Haile Selassie deposed in military coup.

55 Years (1964)
Sep 04: UK: Opening of the Forth Road Bridge, Scotland across Firth of Forth.
Sep 15: Publication of 1st issue of British daily newspaper 'The Sun'.
Sep 21: Island of Malta becomes independent from Britain.
Sep 22: US broadcaster NBC transmits 1st episode of TV spy series 'Man From U.N.C.L.E'.
Sep 27: US: Warren Commission publishes its' report on President Kennedy assassination.
Sep 28: Death of American comedian Harpo Marx ('The Marx Brothers').

70 Years (1949)
Sep 09: Birth of British Olympic skater John Curry.
Sep 15: US: 1st episode of TV wild west series 'The Lone Ranger' broadcast on ABC.
Sep 18: Birth of British Labour politician Mo Mowlam.
Sep 30: End of Allied Berlin Airlift after 270,000 flights into West Berlin in 14 months.

75 Years (1944)
Sep 04: WW2: Liberation of Antwerp, Belgium by Allied Forecs.
Sep 08: WW2: 1st German V2 rockets land and explode in England.
Sep 17: WW2: Start of 'Operation Market Garden' in Holland (Arnhem).
Sep 19: WW2: RAF pilot Guy Gibson VC, leader of 'Dambuster Raid' in 1943, killed in action.

80 Years (1939)
Sep 01: WW2: Germany invades Poland.
Sep 03: WW2: Britain, France, Australia & New Zealand declare war on Germany.
Sep 03: WW2: German U-Boat sinks passenger liner 'SS Athenia' off Irish coast.
Sep 06: Death of British book illustrator Arthur Rackham.
Sep 06: WW2: South Africa declares war on Germany.
Sep 10: WW2: Canada declares war on Germany.
Sep 17: WW2: Soviet Union invades Poland with Germany agreement.
Sep 18: WW2: Briton William Joyce makes 1st Nazi Germany propaganda broadcast to UK.
Sep 28: WW2: Surrender of Poland. Country partitioned between Germany & Soviet Union.

85 Years (1934)
Sep 17: Birth of American tennis champion Maureen Connolly ('Little Mo').
Sep 19: Death of Beatles' manager Brian Epstein.
Sep 22: UK: Over 250 killed in explosion at Gresford Colliery, Wrexham.
Sep 26: Cruise liner 'Queen Mary' launched at Clydebank, Scotland.
Sep 29: English footballer Stanley Matthews makes his debut for England.

105 Years (1914)
Sep 10: Birth of American film director Robert Wise.
Sep 20: Birth of British film actor Kenneth More ('Reach For The Sky', 'Genevieve').

125 Years (1894)
Sep 28: Businessmen Michael Marks & Tom Spencer sign partnership to open a shop.


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