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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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August 2024

1 Year (2023)
Aug 01: Global warming: The world's oceans reach a new record high temperature of 20.96 °C (69.73 °F).
Aug 18: Global - The United States, Japan, and South Korea agree to sign a trilateral pact.

2 Years (2022)
Aug 08: Death - Dame Olivia Newton-John, Australian activist, singer and actress (b. 1948), acted in Grease.
Aug 09: Death - Raymond Briggs, English author and cartoonist (b. 1934). Best known in Britain for his story The Snowman.
Aug 30: Death - Mikhail Gorbachev, 8th and final leader of the Soviet Union and Nobel Peace Prize recipient (b. 1931)

5 Years (2019)
Aug 21: Amazon wild fires reach alarming proportions, causing this to become an international disaster.
Aug 29: HRH The Queen of England has acceded to the prime minister, Boris Johnson seeking the prorogation of Parliament for 5 weeks.

10 Years (2014)
Aug 05: 1st TV debate between Scots Alex Salmond & Alistair Darling on Scottish Independence.
Aug 08: United States begins air bombing campaign against ISIS militants in northern Iraq.
Aug 11: American actor & comedian Robin Williams commits suicide aged 63.
Aug 12: Hollywood actress Lauren Bacall dies at home in New York aged 89.
Aug 14: UK: Police search Berkshire property of singer Cliff Richard in sex offence inquiry.
Aug 20: Video released showing murder of US journalist James Foley by Islamist fighters.
Aug 24: Film actor & director Richard Attenborough dies aged 90 ('Gandhi', 'Jurassic Park').
Aug 26: London: Singer Kate Bush performs at 1st live concert for 35 years (since 1979).
Aug 26: UK: Inquiry Report into child sexual exploitation of 1,400 children in Rotherham.
Aug 28: UK: Clacton MP Douglas Carswell defects from Conservatives to UKIP.
Aug 30: Death of TV & film director Andrew V.McLaglen, 94 ('Shenandoah', 'The Wild Geese').

15 Years (2009)
Aug 15: Number of British service personel killed in Afghanistan since 2001 reaches 200.
Aug 29: Death of 1960s TV & radio personality Simon Dee aged 74.

20 Years (2004)
Aug 03: NASA launches 'Messenger' spacecraft on journey to Mercury.
Aug 18: Death of US film composer Elmer Bernstein ('The Magnificent Seven','Great Escape').
Aug 18: Death US composer Elmer Bernstein ('The Magnificent Seven', 'Great Escape').

25 Years (1999)
Aug 09: UK: Charles Kennedy elected Liberal Democrat Party Leader.

30 Years (1994)
Aug 11: Death of British actor Peter Cushing ('Hammer Horror Films', 'Sherlock Holmes').
Aug 28: Sunday Trading legalised in England & Wales.
Aug 28: Sunday Trading legalisxed in England & Wales.
Aug 31: IRA agrees to a complete ceasefire after 25 years' of 'military' activity.

35 Years (1989)
Aug 20: Marchioness Disaster, River Thames. 51 killed after 2 ships collide.
Aug 20: Somalian bandits in Kenya murder British wildlife conservationist George Adamson.
Aug 25: US space probe 'Voyager 2' reaches Neptune.
Aug 31: Official announcement of separation of Princess Anne & Capt Mark Phillips.

40 Years (1984)
Aug 05: Death of Welsh-born actor Richard Burton ('Man for All Seasons', 'Where Eagles Dare').
Aug 05: Death Welsh-born actor Richard Burton ('Man for All Seasons', 'Where Eagles Dare').
Aug 11: Athletes Zola Budd & Mary Decker collide in Olympic 3,000m Final, Los Angeles.
Aug 27: Death of British actor Bernard Youens ( 'Stan Ogden' in 'Coronation St').
Aug 27: Death of British actor Bernard Youens ('Stan Ogden' in 'Coronation St').

50 Years (1974)
Aug 08: US President Richard Nixon announces his resignation over 'Watergate' Scandal.

60 Years (1964)
Aug 12: Death of British novelist Ian Fleming. Creator of 'James Bond'.
Aug 18: International Olympic Committee bans South Africa from Tokyo Olympic Games.

80 Years (1944)
Aug 01: WW2: Final diary entry by Jewish girl Anne Frank hiding from Nazis in Amsterdam.
Aug 01: WW2: Start of Warsaw Uprising by Jews in Poland.
Aug 19: WW2: Liberation of Paris after 4 years' German occupation.

85 Years (1939)
Aug 12: US film premiere of 'The Wizard of Oz'.
Aug 23: Nazi Germany signs Non-Aggression Treaty with Soviet Union.
Aug 25: Britain & Poland sign an Agreement of Mutual Assistance.
Aug 30: Britain begins to evacuate children from major UK cities under threat of war.

90 Years (1934)
Aug 03: German Chancellor Adolf Hitler combines role of President to be German 'Fuhrer'.
Aug 04: Start of the British Empire Games in London.
Aug 19: German referendum confirms Adolf Hitler's position of 'Fuhrer' with 90% of vote.

110 Years (1914)
Aug 01: WW1: Germany declares war on Russia.
Aug 03: WW1: Germany declares war on France.
Aug 04: WW1: Britain declares war on Germany.
Aug 04: WW1: Germany invades Belgium.
Aug 04: WW1: Lord Kitchener appointed British Minister of War.
Aug 06: WW1: Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia.
Aug 07: WW1: Germany invades France.
Aug 10: WW1: France declares war on Austria-Hungary.
Aug 12: WW1: Britain declares war on Austria-Hungary.
Aug 15: Opening of the 48 mile Panama Ship Canal linking Atlantic & Pacific Oceans.
Aug 20: WW1: Germany captures the Belgian capital, Brussels.
Aug 23: WW1: Japan declares war on Germany.
Aug 28: WW1: 1st naval battle of war: Battle of Heligoland Bight.

135 Years (1889)
Aug 06: Opening of the Savoy Hotel, London.


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