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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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January 2024

2 Years (2022)
Jan 04: All five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States) issue a joint statement affirming that "a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought."
Jan 06: Death - Sidney Poitier, Bahamian-American actor, activist and ambassador (b. 1927). He was the first African American actor and first Bahamian to win the Academy Award for Best Actor. In 1958, Poitier starred with Tony Curtis as chained-together escaped convicts in The Defiant Ones, which received nine Academy Award nominations.
Jan 10: The first successful heart transplant from a pig to a human patient occurs in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

5 Years (2019)
Jan 01: Brazil's new far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro takes office.
Jan 01: Qatar withdraws from OPEC.
Jan 01: Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Austria.
Jan 02: Two Indian women make history entering prominent Hindu shrine in state of Kerala.
Jan 03: China announces successfull landing of robotic spacecraft on the far side of the Moon.
Jan 05: Decree gives independence of Orthodox Church of Ukraine from Russian Orthodox Church.
Jan 08: Egypt named as the hosts of 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.
Jan 08: Amazon becomes world's most valuable public company.
Jan 11: Carmeltazite added to official list of known minerals by International Mineralogical Assoc.
Jan 14: Mayor of Gdansk, Poland, dies after being stabbed during a charity event.
Jan 17: Death of Welsh actor Windsor Davies aged 88 (TV comedy 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum').
Jan 18: Report claims 60% of world's 124 known species of coffee are on verge of extinction.
Jan 18: Australia hit by series of extreme hot days - higjhest temperatureson record.
Jan 18: Fuel thieves rupture pipeline in Tlahuelilpan, Mexico, killing over 110 people.
Jan 21: Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala killed in light plane crash off Alderney, Channel Islands.
Jan 21: Over 40 Afghan security staff killed by Taliban militants at military base near Kabul.
Jan 22: Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo pays over £16m in Madrid to settle tax evasion charges.
Jan 24: Ex Scottish 1st Minister Alex Salmond in court charged with attempted rape & sex assault.
Jan 25: Facebook announces plan to integrate messaging services on Instagram, WhatsApp.
Jan 25: Hottest ever recorded temperature in Adelaide of 47.7C (117F).
Jan 27: Scientific expedition in Antarctic sets out to find Sir Ernest Shackleton's lost ship.
Jan 28: Divinity student at Uni of St Andrews in Edinburgh cracks baffling religious code.
Jan 28: Scientists warn Global Warming will melt winter ice in lakes across Northern Hemisphere.
Jan 28: Roslin Institute genetically modifies chickens to produce human proteins in eggs.
Jan 31: Death of Dr Stewart Adams aged 95 (aided discovery of drug Ibuprofen.

10 Years (2014)
Jan 01: Latvia officially apots the Euro and becomes 18th member of Eurozone.
Jan 08: UK: Inquest jury decides Mark Duggan, 29, was lawfully killed by police in London.
Jan 10: UK: Met Police Officer Keith Wallis pleads guilty to misconduct in 'Plebgate' Affair.
Jan 11: Death of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon aged 85.
Jan 12: Death of British actress Alexandra Bastedo, aged 67 (The Champions).
Jan 13: Death of Celtic, Everton & Leeds Scottish footballer Bobby Collins aged 82.
Jan 16: Death of British comedy actor Roger Lloyd Pack aged 69.
Jan 18: Lewis Clarke, 16 year old from Bristol, is youngest to trek to South Pole.
Jan 19: British athlete Sir Chris Chataway dies aged 82.
Jan 19: Death of Al Lerner, 94, American pianist and composer.
Jan 24: UK: Severe flooding in Somerset, West of England
Jan 30: UK: Met Office says Jan rainfall in Southern England highest since 1910.

15 Years (2009)
Jan 06: Final closure of Woolworths shops in UK.
Jan 07: Resignation of England cricket captain Kevin Pietersen.
Jan 13: Death of Irish-born actor Patrick McGoohan aged 80 ('Danger Man', 'The Prisoner').
Jan 16: Death of barrister & author John Mortimer aged 85 (creator of 'Rumpole of the Bailey').
Jan 23: Office of National Statistics (ONS) says UK economy is in recession.
Jan 23: UK: Karen Matthews & partner Michael Donavon jailed for kidnapping.

20 Years (2004)
Jan 04: NASA Expoloration Rover 'Spirit' lands on Mars.
Jan 13: UK mass murderer Dr Harold Shipman commits suicide in prison.
Jan 28: UK: BBC head Greg Dyke resigns following Hutton Report into death of Dr David Kelly.
Jan 28: UK: Publication of Hutton Report into death of British scientist Dr David kelly.

25 Years (1999)
Jan 01: 11 European countries adopt the Euro as new single currency.
Jan 25: 6 members of International Olympic Cttee face expulsion in corruption scandal.

30 Years (1994)
Jan 05: Death of English cricket commentator Brian Johnston.
Jan 06: American skater Nancy Kerrigan attacked & injured in Detroit.
Jan 14: US President Clinton & Russian President Yeltsin sign Kremlin Accords.
Jan 17: Massive earthquake, Los Angeles. Over 60 killed. Estimated $30 billion damage.
Jan 20: Death of former Manchester United manager Sir Matt Busby.
Jan 21: USA: Lorena Bobbitt acquitted of wounding her husband John Bobbitt.

40 Years (1984)
Jan 24: 1st Apple Macintosh computer goes on sale.

45 Years (1979)
Jan 16: Shah of Iran flees into exile in Egypt following months of civil unrest.
Jan 18: UK: 1st edition of 'Antiques Roadshow' broadcast on BBC TV.

50 Years (1974)
Jan 05: UK: 1st broadcast of ITV Saturday morning children's programme 'Tiswas'.
Jan 15: US TV broadcasts 1st edition of comedy 'Happy Days'.
Jan 31: Death of film producer Samuel Goldwyn.

55 Years (1969)
Jan 02: Australian Rupert Murdoch wins control of UK Sunday newspaper: News of the World

60 Years (1964)
Jan 01: UK: BBC TV broadcast 1st edition of music programme 'Top of the Pops'.
Jan 13: Bob Dylan album release 'The Times They Are A'Changin'.
Jan 16: Musical 'Hello Dolly' opens on Broadway, New York.

65 Years (1959)
Jan 01: Cuban President Fulgencio Batista flees advancing rebel army of Fidel Castro.
Jan 08: General Charles de Gaulle becomes President of France.

70 Years (1954)
Jan 11: UK: BBC starts televised weather forecast service (1st presenter George Cowling).
Jan 14: US actress Marilyn Monroe marries US baseball star Joe DiMaggio.
Jan 21: Launch of USS Nautilus, world's 1st nuclear-powered submarine.
Jan 25: 1st radio broadcast of Dylan Thomas' play 'Under Milk Wood'.

100 Years (1924)
Jan 21: Death of Russian Communist leader Vladimir Lenin.
Jan 22: Ramsey MacDonald becomes Britain's 1st Labour Prime Minister.

120 Years (1904)
Jan 14: Birth of English society photographer Sir Cecil Beaton (1953 Coronation pictures).


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