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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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June 2019

1 Year (2018)
Jun 06: Major fire at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London soon after multi-million refurbishment is finished.
Jun 07: UK: Death of London Night Club owner & celebrity Peter Stringfellow from cancer aged 77.
Jun 12: Summit between N.Korea & USA in Singapore. 1st summit between a US President & N.Korean leader.
Jun 12: Republic of Macedonia renamed Republic of North Macedonia after long-running dispute with Greece.
Jun 13: Research highlights threat of extinction for red squirrels, wildcats and grey long-eared bats.
Jun 13: FIFA awards host rights for 2026 Football World Cup to joint bid from Canada, Mexico and USA.
Jun 14: FIFA 2018 World Cup gets underway in Russia (won by France).
Jun 19: Canada is1st major industrialised country to legalise cannabis for recreational use (from October 17).
Jun 20: USA pulls out of United Nations Human Rights Council.
Jun 22: UK: House of Fraser announces closure of 31 stores with 6,000 job losses.
Jun 23: Saudi Arabia lifts ban on women drivers.
Jun 23: Death of Kim Jong-pil, 9th Prime Minister of South Korea (b. 1926).

2 Years (2017)
Jun 01: US announces decision that it will withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement.
Jun 02: US President Trump says USA withdrawing from 2015 Paris climate agreement.
Jun 03: 8 killed: 50 injured in terror attack, Southwark, London. 3 suspects killed by police.
Jun 05: Death English actor Peter Sallis, 96 ('Last of the Summer Wine', 'Wallace and Gromit').
Jun 06: Death of Saudi billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi aged 82.
Jun 08: UK Election: Conservatives led by Theresa May largest party but no overall majority.
Jun 09: UK: Resignation of UKIP leader Paul Nuttall after fall in votes in General Election.
Jun 10: Death of US actor Adam West, 88 (star of the 1960s hit TV series 'Batman').
Jun 13: UK: At least 90 killed in major fire engulfing entire 24 storey Grenfell Tower block in W. London.
Jun 14: UK: Liberal Democrat Party leader Tim Farron says he will be stepping down.
Jun 15: UK: Ex TV weatherman Fred Talbot, 67 jailed for 4 years for historical sex offences.
Jun 18: UK: 1 killed, 10 injured by van driven into worshippers near mosque, north London.
Jun 19: Official start of Brexit negotiations between UK & European Union.
Jun 21: Iraq: The Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul is destroyed by the Islamic State.
Jun 23: UK: Camden evacuates 650 from flats on Chalcots Estate over safety fears.
Jun 26: UK: Conservative minority Govt agrees deal with DUP in N.Ireland for support in Parliament.
Jun 27: Google fined £2.1bn by European Commission for unfair & biased promotions.
Jun 30: Death of UK Film critic & broadcaster Barry Norman,aged 83.

5 Years (2014)
Jun 06: Death of children's writer & illustrator Eric Hill aged 86 ('Spot The Dog').
Jun 07: Resignation of Fiona Cunningham, special adviser to Home Secretary Theresa May.
Jun 09: Death Rik Mayall, English comedian & actor, 56 ('Young Ones', 'New Statesman').
Jun 14: Death of British actor Sam Kelly aged 70 ('Allo 'Allo, 'Porridge').
Jun 14: Death of film & TV actor Francis Matthews aged 86.
Jun 19: Abdication of King Juan Carlos 1 of Spain in favour of his son, King Felipe VI.
Jun 21: Jane Hedges installed as the UK's 1st female Dean (of Norwich).
Jun 24: Death of US film actor Eli Wallach aged 98 ('The Magnificent Seven', 'Lord Jim').
Jun 24: England go out of Brazil World Cup without a win in group matches.
Jun 24: Ex News of the World Editor Andy Coulson found guilty of conspiracy to hack phones.
Jun 25: Uruguay footballer Luis Suarez gets 4 month ban for biting an Italian defender.
Jun 30: Australian entertainer Rolf Harris found guilty of 12 historic indecent assaults.

10 Years (2009)
Jun 14: 1st Swine Flu-related death in UK is confirmed in Scotland.
Jun 15: British PM Gordon Brown announces inquiry into events leading to Iraq War.
Jun 22: UK: Conservative MP John Bercow elected Speaker of House of Commons.

15 Years (2004)
Jun 28: USA transfers power back to Iraq in ceremony in Baghdad.

20 Years (1999)
Jun 01: Death of Hovercraft inventor Sir Christopher Cockerell.
Jun 08: Ex British Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken jailed for 18 months for perjury.
Jun 18: UK: Anti-capitalism demonstration in London turns violent. Police & buildings attacked.
Jun 19: Prince Edward marries Sophie Rhys-Jones, Windsor Castle, London.

25 Years (1994)
Jun 01: South Africa rejoins Commonwealth following the end of Apartheid.
Jun 02: Over 20 intelligence experts killed in helicopter crash, Mull of Kintyre, Scotland.
Jun 07: Death British dramatist & writer Dennis Potter, 59 ('The Singing Detective').
Jun 12: USA: Murder of O.J.Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson & Ronald Goldman.
Jun 14: Death of American composer Henry Mancini (Moon River, Pink Panther Theme).
Jun 30: UK: Serial killer Fred West charged with 11 counts of murder.
Jun 30: US figure skater Tonya Harding banned for life for involvement in attack on rival.

30 Years (1989)
Jun 03: Death Iran spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini (issued 'fatwa' on author Salman Rushdie).
Jun 04: Tiananmen Sq Massacre, Beijing. Chinese Army kills several hundred demonstrators.

35 Years (1984)
Jun 03: Indian troops massacre of over 1,000 Sikh seperatists at Golden Temple, Amritsar.
Jun 07: UK: BBC TV broadcasts 1st edition of 'Crimewatch'.
Jun 20: UK Govt announces replacing 'O' Level & CSE school exams with GCSEs.

40 Years (1979)
Jun 01: End of 90 years of 'White Rule' in Rhodesia. Country re-named Zimbabwe.
Jun 02: Polish-born Pope John Paul II visits Poland. 1st Pope to go to Communist-ruled country.
Jun 11: Death of US film actor John Wayne, 72 ('Stagecoach','The Alamo','The Longest Day').
Jun 18: US President Carter & Soviet Leader Brezhnev sign SALT II arms limitation treaty.
Jun 22: Former Liberal Pary leader Jeremy Thorpe cleared of attempted murder charges.

45 Years (1974)
Jun 01: Flixborough Chemical Plant Disaster, Lincolnshire. 28 killed.
Jun 17: IRA bomb explodes at Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament injuring 11.
Jun 29: Isabel Peron sworn in as Argentine President as husband Juan Peron too ill to continue.

50 Years (1969)
Jun 21: UK: BBC records 30million viewers for documentary 'The Royal Family'.
Jun 22: Death of US singer & actress Judy Garland ('Wizard of Oz') aged 47.

55 Years (1964)
Jun 12: S.Africa: Nelson Mandela among 8 ANC leaders jailed for life for sabotage.

60 Years (1959)
Jun 01: UK: BBC TV broadcasts 1st edition of pop music show 'Juke Box Jury'.
Jun 11: Birth British comic actor Hugh Laurie ('A Bit of Fry & Laurie', 'Jeeves', 'Blackadder').
Jun 11: UK: Official launch of the Hovercraft in the Solent, Southern England.

65 Years (1954)
Jun 03: 18 yr old jockey Lester Piggott wins 1st of record 9 Epsom Derby winners.
Jun 07: Suicide of British mathematician & WW2 codebreaker Alan Turing.
Jun 21: Birth British actress Anne Kirkbride ('Deirdre Barlow' in 'Coronation Street').

70 Years (1949)
Jun 08: Publication of the novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' by George Orwell.

75 Years (1944)
Jun 04: WW2: Liberation of Rome after Germans retreat and declare it a 'free' city.
Jun 06: WW2: Start of D-Day Normany Landings by Allied forces in France.
Jun 13: WW2: Nazi Germany launches 1st V-1 Flying Bomb attack on London.
Jun 21: Birth UK film director & producer Tony Scott ('Top Gun', 'Enemy of the State').

80 Years (1939)
Jun 07: King George VI becomes 1st reigning British monarch to visit United States.

85 Years (1934)
Jun 06: USA: 1st appearance of Walt Disney's animated character 'Donald Duck'.
Jun 20: Birth of English actress Wendy Craig ('Butterflies').
Jun 30: Senior Nazi officials killed in Germany in Adolf Hitler's 'Night of the Long Knives'.

95 Years (1924)
Jun 08: Disappearance of British climbers George Mallory & Andrew Irvine on Mt Everest.

100 Years (1919)
Jun 28: Signing of Treaty of Versailles in France to settle border & finance issues from WW1.

105 Years (1914)
Jun 30: Young lawyer Mahatma Gandhi arrested in S .Africa for campaigning for civil rights.

110 Years (1909)
Jun 07: Birth of London-born actress Jessica Tandy ('Driving Miss Daisy').

125 Years (1894)
Jun 23: Birth of Edward VIII. Abdicates British Throne in 1936 to marry divorceee Wallis Simpson.

190 Years (1829)
Jun 10: UK: 1st University boat race between Oxford & Cambridge Universities, River Thames.

420 Years (1599)
Jun 06: Birth Spanish artist Diego Velazquez (court painter to King Philip IV aged 23).

705 Years (1314)
Jun 23: Scottish army under Robert the Bruce defeated by English at Battle of Bannockburn.


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