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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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January 2020

1 Year (2019)
Jan 01: Brazil's new far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro takes office.
Jan 01: Qatar withdraws from OPEC.
Jan 01: Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Austria.
Jan 02: Two Indian women make history entering prominent Hindu shrine in state of Kerala.
Jan 03: China announces successfull landing of robotic spacecraft on the far side of the Moon.
Jan 05: Decree gives independence of Orthodox Church of Ukraine from Russian Orthodox Church.
Jan 08: Egypt named as the hosts of 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.
Jan 08: Amazon becomes world's most valuable public company.
Jan 11: Carmeltazite added to official list of known minerals by International Mineralogical Assoc.
Jan 14: Mayor of Gdansk, Poland, dies after being stabbed during a charity event.
Jan 17: Death of Welsh actor Windsor Davies aged 88 (TV comedy 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum').
Jan 18: Report claims 60% of world's 124 known species of coffee are on verge of extinction.
Jan 18: Australia hit by series of extreme hot days - higjhest temperatureson record.
Jan 18: Fuel thieves rupture pipeline in Tlahuelilpan, Mexico, killing over 110 people.
Jan 21: Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala killed in light plane crash off Alderney, Channel Islands.
Jan 21: Over 40 Afghan security staff killed by Taliban militants at military base near Kabul.
Jan 22: Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo pays over £16m in Madrid to settle tax evasion charges.
Jan 24: Ex Scottish 1st Minister Alex Salmond in court charged with attempted rape & sex assault.
Jan 25: Facebook announces plan to integrate messaging services on Instagram, WhatsApp.
Jan 25: Hottest ever recorded temperature in Adelaide of 47.7C (117F).
Jan 27: Scientific expedition in Antarctic sets out to find Sir Ernest Shackleton's lost ship.
Jan 28: Divinity student at Uni of St Andrews in Edinburgh cracks baffling religious code.
Jan 28: Scientists warn Global Warming will melt winter ice in lakes across Northern Hemisphere.
Jan 28: Roslin Institute genetically modifies chickens to produce human proteins in eggs.
Jan 31: Death of Dr Stewart Adams aged 95 (aided discovery of drug Ibuprofen.

2 Years (2018)
Jan 04: Waitrose bans sale of energy drinks to children under 16's.
Jan 10: Pakistan:  Riots in Pakistan's Kasur after 6 year old girl raped, murdered and body dumped in rubbish dump.
Jan 10: Myanmar army admits unlawful killings.
Jan 11: UK: Government pledges to end unnecessary use of plastics by 2042
Jan 11: UK:  In January, Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042.
Jan 11: UK:  NHS crisis - Doctors' report - People are dying in hospital corridors.
Jan 11: UK:  Nigel Farage is warming to second EU referendum.
Jan 12: UK:  Huge fire at Nottingham railway station - suspected arson.
Jan 13: Comedy talent Bella Emberg dies aged 80.
Jan 13: USA: Mississippi burning case: KKK killer Edgar Ray Killen dies.
Jan 13: USA: 13 siblings found captive at home in California (turpin)
Jan 15: UK: It is announced that construction giant Carillion will be going into liquidation.
Jan 15: Indonesia: Ceiling collapses at Jakarta stock exchange.
Jan 15: Cranberries lead singer Delores O'Riordan dies aged 46.
Jan 15: Coroner reveals Poppy Worthington was abused before she died.
Jan 15: Cyrillic Regis dies aged 59.
Jan 16: UK - Supermarket Iceland becomes first to remove plastic packaging from all its own label products.
Jan 17: Director Hugh Wilson dies.
Jan 19: Pele collapses.
Jan 20: USA : US shutdown begins as senate fails to pass new budget. First shutdown to ever have happened while the same party controls Congress at the White House.
Jan 20: Turkey, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, announces the beginning of a military offensive to capture a portion of northern Syria from Kurdish forces, amidst the ongoing Kurdish–Turkish conflict.
Jan 20: 20-22 Jan US - The United States government enters a federal government shutdown as a result of a dispute over Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
Jan 22: UK: Oxfam announces that 1% get 82% of the world's wealth.
Jan 22: Amazon opens first 'Amazon Go' grocery store without cashiers.
Jan 22: UKIP deputy leader resigns over Henry Bolton - calling for him to step down as leader.
Jan 23: Neil Diamond announces he will cease touring due to the onset of Parkinsons disease.
Jan 24: China – Scientists in China report in the journal Cell the creation of the first monkey clones using somatic cell
Jan 26: UK: Leeds teenage driver detained for 4.5 yrs after crash that killed 5 of his friends.
Jan 26: Bombardier ruling stops US imposing 29% import tariff on planes partly made by British workers.
Jan 26: SA: residents of Cape Town continue to prepare ahead of Day Zero when the water supply will be shut off.
Jan 27: UK: All rape and sexual assault cases to be reviewed over evidence disclosure.
Jan 27: FRA: Paris on flood alert as the water levels of the Seine rise.
Jan 27: UK: 3 teenagers killed by car crashing into them while standing at side of road in West London.
Jan 29: UK: Government announces there will be a rise in the cost of British passports.
Jan 30: UK: Manchester arena 'hero' jailed for 4 years as he was found guilty of theft of property from two of the victims.
Jan 31: A total lunar eclipse takes place. The Moon appears as supermoon, with perigee being on January 30. It is also the first blue moon eclipse since 1983. It was also referred to as the super blue blood moon.

5 Years (2015)
Jan 02: Cargo ship 'Cemfjord' capsises off Pentland Firth, Scotland. All 8 crew lost.
Jan 07: Terrorist gunmen kill 12 in attack on office of French satirical magazine, Paris.
Jan 09: US court sentences London Islamic preacher Abu Hamza to life in prison.
Jan 15: UK: Death of Ethel Lang, aged 114. Last person born in reign of Queen Victoria.
Jan 19: Death of British actress Anne Kirkbride ('Deirdre Barlow' in 'Coronation Street').
Jan 22: Death of former UK Home Secretary Leon Brittan aged 75.
Jan 24: UK: Defection of UKIP MEP Amjad Bashir to the Conservative Party.
Jan 26: C of E consecrates Rev Libby Lane as 1st female bishop, York Minster.

10 Years (2010)
Jan 04: Opening of Burj Khalifa in Dubai: world's tallest building.
Jan 12: Haito Earthquake: Approx 230,000 killed in capital, Port-au-Prince.
Jan 22: Death of English actress Jean Simmons ('Breakfast at Tiffany's') aged 80.
Jan 27: Death of American author J.D.Salinger aged 91 ('Catcher In The Rye').
Jan 29: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair appears before Iraq Inquiry.

20 Years (2000)
Jan 11: 7 fishermen drown off Scottish coast as dredger 'Solway Harvester' sinks.
Jan 12: Sven Goran Eriksson is 1st foreign manager of England Football team.
Jan 19: Death of Austrian-born actress Hedy Lamarr aged 87.
Jan 31: Family GP Dr Harold Shipman jailed for life for murder of 15 of his patients.

25 Years (1995)
Jan 01: 53 year old serial killer Fred West found hanged in prison in Birmingham.
Jan 07: Death of UK comedian & entertainer Larry Grayson aged 71.
Jan 09: Death of British comedian Peter Cook aged 57.
Jan 17: Powerful earthquake close to port of Kobe, Japan. Over 6,000 killed.
Jan 22: Death of Rose Kennedy, mother of John & Bobby Kennedy.
Jan 24: Start of the O.J.Simpson murder trial in Los Angeles.
Jan 25: French & Man Utd footballer Eric Cantona kicks a fan at Crystal Palace.
Jan 27: Man Utd's Eric Cantona banned from football for 9 months attack on a fan.
Jan 30: Death of British naturalist Gerald Durrell aged 70.

30 Years (1990)
Jan 01: Poland withdraws from the Warsaw Pact.
Jan 04: UK BBC TV broadcasts 1st episode of comedy 'One Foot In The Grave'.
Jan 06: Death of Scottish actor Ian Charleson aged 40 ('Chariots of Fire').
Jan 07: Leaning Tower of Pisa closed to public for 1st time over safety fears.
Jan 11: Over 300,000 demonstrate in faviour of independence in Lithuania.
Jan 14: Death of British actor Terry Thomas aged 78.
Jan 15: Death of Scottish actor Gordon Jackson aged 66 ('The Great Escape', 'The Professionals').
Jan 15: Death of Scottish film & TV actor Gordon Jackson aged 66.
Jan 25: Death of Hollywood actress Ava Gardner aged 67.
Jan 31: Russia's 1st McDonald's fast food shop opens in Moscow.

35 Years (1985)
Jan 28: USA for Africa record 'We Are The World' to raise money for famine relief.
Jan 29: Oxford University refuses Honorary Degree for UK PM Margaret Thatcher.

40 Years (1980)
Jan 01: UK: 1st episode of BBC TV holiday camp comedy 'Hi De Hi".
Jan 03: Naturalist Joy Adamson murdered in Kenya aged 69. Author of 'Born Free'.
Jan 07: Indian election: Indira Gandhi voted back into power.
Jan 18: Death of English Society photographer Sir Cecil beaton aged 76.
Jan 22: Russian nuclear physicist Dr Andrei Sakharov sent into internal exile.
Jan 27: Rhodesian opposition leader Robert Mugabe returns after five years in exile.
Jan 30: UK: BBC broadcasts 1st edition of current affairs programme 'Newsnight'.

45 Years (1975)
Jan 01: Senior White House officials found guilty of Watergate Cover-Up.
Jan 02: UK: ITV broadcasts 1st episode of police drama 'The Sweeney'.
Jan 04: UK: Broadcast of 1st episode of situation comedy 'The Good Life' on BBC TV.
Jan 14: 17-year-old heiress Lesley Whittle kidnapped from her home in Shropshire.

50 Years (1970)
Jan 01: UK: 1st showing of historial drama series 'The Six Wives of Henry VIII' on BBC TV.
Jan 05: UK: 1st edition of 'A Question of Sport' on BBC TV (presenter David Vine).
Jan 16: Col Gaddafi is Libya leader after leading coup against King Idris.

65 Years (1955)
Jan 23: UK: York-Bristol express train crashes at Sutton Coldfield station. 17 killed.

70 Years (1950)
Jan 21: Death of British writer George Orwell from tuberculosis ('Animal Farm'; '1984').
Jan 26: India becomes independent republic after nearly 100 years of British rule.

75 Years (1945)
Jan 15: WW2: Soviet Red Army liberates city of Krakow in Poland.
Jan 17: WW2: Russian troops liberate Warsaw, Poland.
Jan 20: Franklin D.Roosevelt inaugurated USA President for 4th term in office.
Jan 21: Birth of British actor Martin Shaw ('The Professionals', 'Judge John Deed').
Jan 27: WW2: Russian troops liberate Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz, Poland.

80 Years (1940)
Jan 08: WW2: Start of food rationing in Britain (bacon, butter & sugar).
Jan 22: Birth of British actor John Hurt.

85 Years (1935)
Jan 08: Birth of American rock & roll singer Elvis Presley.
Jan 24: Birth of broadcaster Bamber Gascoigne ('University Challenge').

95 Years (1925)
Jan 03: Benito Mussolini declares himself dictator of Italy.
Jan 26: Birth of American film actor Paul Newman ('Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid'; 'The Sting').


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