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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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January 2021

1 Year (2020)
Jan 03: 2019–20 Persian Gulf crisis: A U.S. drone strike at Baghdad International Airport kills Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi paramilitary leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.
Jan 28: President of the United States Donald Trump and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu announce the Trump peace plan.
Jan 30: The World Health Organization (WHO) declares the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the sixth time that this measure has been invoked since 2009.
Jan 31: The United Kingdom and Gibraltar formally withdraw from the European Union at 11PM (GMT), beginning an 11-month transition period.

2 Years (2019)
Jan 01: Brazil's new far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro takes office.
Jan 01: Qatar withdraws from OPEC.
Jan 01: Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Austria.
Jan 02: Two Indian women make history entering prominent Hindu shrine in state of Kerala.
Jan 03: China announces successfull landing of robotic spacecraft on the far side of the Moon.
Jan 05: Decree gives independence of Orthodox Church of Ukraine from Russian Orthodox Church.
Jan 08: Egypt named as the hosts of 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.
Jan 08: Amazon becomes world's most valuable public company.
Jan 11: Carmeltazite added to official list of known minerals by International Mineralogical Assoc.
Jan 14: Mayor of Gdansk, Poland, dies after being stabbed during a charity event.
Jan 17: Death of Welsh actor Windsor Davies aged 88 (TV comedy 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum').
Jan 18: Report claims 60% of world's 124 known species of coffee are on verge of extinction.
Jan 18: Australia hit by series of extreme hot days - higjhest temperatureson record.
Jan 18: Fuel thieves rupture pipeline in Tlahuelilpan, Mexico, killing over 110 people.
Jan 21: Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala killed in light plane crash off Alderney, Channel Islands.
Jan 21: Over 40 Afghan security staff killed by Taliban militants at military base near Kabul.
Jan 22: Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo pays over £16m in Madrid to settle tax evasion charges.
Jan 24: Ex Scottish 1st Minister Alex Salmond in court charged with attempted rape & sex assault.
Jan 25: Facebook announces plan to integrate messaging services on Instagram, WhatsApp.
Jan 25: Hottest ever recorded temperature in Adelaide of 47.7C (117F).
Jan 27: Scientific expedition in Antarctic sets out to find Sir Ernest Shackleton's lost ship.
Jan 28: Divinity student at Uni of St Andrews in Edinburgh cracks baffling religious code.
Jan 28: Scientists warn Global Warming will melt winter ice in lakes across Northern Hemisphere.
Jan 28: Roslin Institute genetically modifies chickens to produce human proteins in eggs.
Jan 31: Death of Dr Stewart Adams aged 95 (aided discovery of drug Ibuprofen.

5 Years (2016)
Jan 03: Middle East tension after Saudi Arabia executes Shia Muslim cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.
Jan 06: North Korea announces that it has tested a Hydrogen Bomb.
Jan 09: Death of former BBC disc jockey Ed Stewart aged 74.
Jan 10: Singer David Bowie has died at the age of 69 after suffering from cancer.
Jan 11: UK: Environment Agency Chmn Sir Philip Dilley, absent during recent floods, resigns.
Jan 13: World football's governing body FIFA dismisses Secretary General Jerome Valcke.
Jan 14: Death of English actor Alan Rickman aged 69 ('Harry Potter', 'Die Hard').
Jan 16: Lifting of international sanctions on Iran after it complies with nuclear weapon restrictions.
Jan 16: Tsai Ing-wen elected Taiwan's 1st female President (Democratic Progressive Party).
Jan 18: Tata Steel confirms 1,000 job cuts in UK (750 at Port Talbot the UK's biggest steelworks).
Jan 22: Death of British Conservative politician Cecil Parkinson aged 84
Jan 23: Google agrees to pay £130m in back taxes after audit of accounts by UK tax authorities.
Jan 25: Adidas, IAAF's biggest sponsor, says ending sponsorship deal four years early.
Jan 25: British explorer Henry Worsley, 55, dies from exhaustion and dehydration in Antarctica.
Jan 25: Death of former Conservative Party Chmn Cecil Parkinson aged 84.
Jan 26: Danish Parlt backs plan to confiscate asylum seekers' valuables to pay for their upkeep.
Jan 26: UK: Children's mystery The Lie Tree by Frances Harding wins Costa Book of the Year
Jan 28: Ivory Coast ex-Pres Laurent Gbagbo goes on trial at International Criminal Court.
Jan 29: UK: Birmingham mother Tareena Shakil, 26, guilty of membership of 'Islamic State'.
Jan 29: UK: Ex star of Dragon's Den, Doug Richard, 57, found not guilty of child sex offences.
Jan 29: UK: Last Land Rover Defender produced in Solihull (ending 67 years production).
Jan 29: World Health Organisation (WHO) warns of spread of mosquito-borne Zika virus.
Jan 30: Death of Lancashire-born actor Frank Finlay aged 89 ('Bouquet of Barbed Wire').
Jan 31: At least 50 people killed in blasts near Shia shrine of Sayyida Zeinab, Syria.
Jan 31: Death of BBC broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan aged 77, after short illness.

10 Years (2011)
Jan 01: Estonia becomes the 17th Eurozone country.
Jan 02: Death of English actor Pete Postlethwaite aged 64.
Jan 04: Death of Scottish singer/songwriter Gerry Rafferty aged 63 ('Baker Street')
Jan 04: UK Government increases rate of VAT from 17 1/2% to 20%
Jan 05: UK: HMV announces cloure of 60 stores & up to 900 job losses.
Jan 07: England win Ashes cricket series against Australia 3 - 1.
Jan 07: UK film release of 'The King's Speech'. Winner of 4 Academy Awards.
Jan 07: UK: Ex Labour MP David Chaytor jailed for 18 months for fraud.
Jan 14: Fall of the Tunisian Government. President flees to Saudi Arabia.
Jan 15: Death of Bolton & England footballer Nat Lofthouse aged 85.
Jan 15: Death of English actress Susannah York aged 72 ('Battle of Britain', 'Superman' films).
Jan 21: UK: Ex News of the World editor Andy Coulson resigns from Prime Minister advisor role.
Jan 24: Terrorist bombing of Domodedovo Airport, Moscow. At least 40 killed.
Jan 25: UK: Sky Sports football presenter Andy Gray sacked for sexist comments.
Jan 30: Death of composer John Barry aged 77 (11 'James Bond' film scores, 'Out of Africa').

15 Years (2006)
Jan 01: Founding of Pirate Political Party in Sweden.
Jan 04: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in coma after stroke. Dies Jan 2014.
Jan 06: Musical 'Phantom of the Opera' is longest-running show on Broadway.
Jan 07: UK: Resignation of Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy because of a 'drink problem'.
Jan 12: 360 pilgrims killed in stampede on last day of Hajj in Mina, Saudi Arabia.
Jan 14: Death of American film & stage actress Shelley Winters aged 85.
Jan 14: Death of American film & stage actress Shelley Winters.
Jan 19: NASA launches 'New Horizons' space mission on 9 year journey to Pluto.
Jan 20: UK: A 16 ft whale found swimming in the River Thames, London (Dies during rescue).
Jan 24: Death of US film actor Chris Penn aged 40 ('Reservoir Dogs', 'Pale Rider').
Jan 31: Death of Scottish actress Moira Shearer aged 80.

20 Years (2001)
Jan 12: Swede Sven Goran Eriksson takes up post as coach of England team.
Jan 15: Official launch of online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.
Jan 20: George W.Bush inaugurated 43rd President of United States.
Jan 22: British Government declares MMR triple vaccine is safe.
Jan 24: UK: Northern Ireland Sec Peter Mandelson resigns in passport scandal for Indian billionaire.
Jan 26: Major earthquake in Western India & parts of Pakistan. Estimated 25,000 killed.
Jan 31: Abdelbaset Al-Meghrahi convicted 1988 Lockerbie bomb on Pan Am 103.

25 Years (1996)
Jan 02: US combat troops arrive in Bosnia to keep peace between Bosnian Serbs & Muslims.
Jan 08: Death of former French President Francois Mitterrand aged 79.

30 Years (1991)
Jan 08: Death of British rock guitarist Steve Clark, member of Def Leppard.
Jan 12: US Congress authorises use of military force against Iraq to end invasion of Kuwait.
Jan 17: Gulf War: Start of Operation Desert Storm with Allied air attacks against Iraq.
Jan 18: Gulf War: Iraq fires Scud missiles at Tel Aviv & Haifa in Israel.

35 Years (1986)
Jan 01: Portugal & Spain join the European Union.
Jan 04: Death of British-born American novelist Christopher Isherwood ('Cabaret').
Jan 09: British Defence Secretary Michael Heseltine resigns over 'Westland Affair'.
Jan 23: 1st members inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Jan 24: British Trade & industry Secretary Leon Brittan resigns over 'Westland Affair'.
Jan 24: Death of US science fiction writer L.Ron Hubbard. Founder of Scientology.
Jan 24: Start of 1 year Wapping dispute by 6,000 newspaper workers in London.
Jan 28: US Space Shuttle 'Challenger' explodes shortly after lift-off. 7 killed.

45 Years (1976)
Jan 21: 1st flights of supersonic airliner Concorde from London & Paris.
Jan 23: Death of American actor, singer & civil rights activist Paul Robeson.

50 Years (1971)
Jan 02: 66 football fans trampled to death at Celtic v Rangers match, Ibrox Park, Glasgow.
Jan 04: Death of musician Phil Lynott ('Thin Lizzy') aged 36.
Jan 25: General Idi Amin seizes power in Uganda while President Milton Obote out of country.

70 Years (1951)
Jan 30: Death Austrian car engineer Ferdinand Porsche (Volkswagen Beetle).

75 Years (1946)
Jan 01: 1st civil flight from London's Heathrow Airport (to Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Jan 03: Execution William Joyce, broadcaster of Nazi propaganda during WW2.
Jan 17: 1st meeting of UN Security Council, London.

80 Years (1941)
Jan 03: WW2: US Government announces Liberty ship-building programme.
Jan 04: Death of French philosopher Henri Bergson.
Jan 05: Death British aviation pioneer Amy Johnson (drowned in plane crash).
Jan 08: Birth of British comedian Graham Chapman ('Monty Python's Flying Circus').
Jan 08: Death British Army officer Robert Baden-Powell (Scout Movement).
Jan 13: Death of Irish novelist James Joyce ('Ulysses'; 'Finnegan's Wake').
Jan 20: US President Franklin D.Roosevelt inaugurated for 3rd term in office.

105 Years (1916)
Jan 03: Birth of American singer Maxene Andrews ('The Andrews Sisters').
Jan 09: WW1: End of the Gallipoli Campaign.
Jan 12: Birth of P.W.Botha, Prime Minister of South Africa (1978-1984).
Jan 27: WW1: Military Service Act in Britain:conscription of all single men aged 18-41.

110 Years (1911)
Jan 03: Birth of US film director John Sturges ('The Magnificent Seven'; 'The Great Escape').
Jan 21: 1st Monte Carlo Rally.

205 Years (1816)
Jan 09: British inventor Sir Humphry Davy tests his miners' safety lamp.

255 Years (1766)
Jan 01: Death of 'Old Pretender' James Stuart, claimant to English & Scottish thrones.


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