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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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April 2020

1 Year (2019)
Apr 04: Climate change: Warning from 'Antarctica's last forests' should serve as warning to world about where climate change could take us if carbon emissions go unchecked.
Apr 04: JK Rowling assistant to pay back fraud money to Harry Potter author
Apr 04: National Trust for Scotland asks public on what new developments would be acceptable near Culloden Battlefield.
Apr 04: Prince Harry and Meghan move into their new home in Windsor ahead of the birth of their first child.
Apr 04: Brexit: Angela Merkel says Germany 'will stand' with Ireland
Apr 04: Alesha MacPhail killer Aaron Campbell lodges appeal against sentence
Apr 14: California - Plane with the largest wingspan designed to act as a flying launch pad for satellites in the world takes flight.

2 Years (2018)
Apr 02: Deaths - Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, South African activist and politician (b. 1936)
Apr 04: April 4-15 - The 2018 Commonwealth Games are held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Apr 05: Gender pay gap deadline missed by 1500 firms.
Apr 05: Eric Bristow - darts legend dies aged 60
Apr 05: Brazil - Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is given an arrest warrant after a vote by the Supreme Court voted 6–5 in favor of denying his habeas corpus, due to corruption and other scandals.
Apr 06: Canada - A semi-truck collides with a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos ice hockey junior team in Saskatchewan, Canada, killing 16 and injuring 13 people.
Apr 08: Syria – At least 70 people are reported to have died, with hundreds suffering injuries, after a sarin chemical attack in Douma, the last rebel-held town in Syria's Eastern Ghouta.
Apr 10: Waitrose the first supermarket to ban disposable coffee cups
Apr 11: Algiers – 257 people are killed after an Ilyushin Il-76 belonging to the Algerian Air Force crashes near Algiers.
Apr 14: Syria – The United States, the United Kingdom and France order the bombing of Syrian military bases, in response to the sarin attack allegedly by the Bashar al-Assad regime on civilians in Ghouta.
Apr 17: Deaths - Barbara Bush, First Lady of the United States (b. 1925)
Apr 18: Dale Winton dies age 62. Dale Winton was the flamboyant and much-loved television presenter, best known for hosting ITV game show Supermarket Sweep in the 1990s, appearing in seven series, and more recently in the BBC lottery show In It To Win It.
Apr 18: In Nicaragua, protests begin against announced reforms of Social Security which would decrease retirement pension benefits. An estimated number of 34 protesters are killed by police.
Apr 18: Saudi Arabia - Cinemas open for the first time since 1983, with the American film Black Panther chosen as the first to be screened.
Apr 19: Cuba - Miguel Díaz-Canel is sworn in as President of Cuba, marking the first time since 1959 that Cuba has had a president other than Fidel or Raúl Castro.
Apr 20: Death - Avicii (Tim Bergling) 8 September 1989 – 20 April 2018), better known by his stage name Avicii was a Swedish musician, DJ, remixer and record producer.
Apr 23: UK - A new Prince is born to the duke and duchess of Cambridge.
Apr 23: Alfie Evans life support removed. Alfie's parents lost all legal challenges to a court ruling allowing the hospital to withdraw ventilation, after being in a semi-vegetative state for more than a year.
Apr 23: Toronto – A vehicle-ramming attack kills 10 people and injures 16 in Toronto. A 25-year-old suspect, Alek Minassian, is arrested.
Apr 27: Korea – Kim Jong-un crosses into South Korea to meet with President Moon Jae-in, becoming the first North Korean leader to cross the Demilitarized Zone since its creation in 1953.
Apr 28: Toddler Alfie Evans dies a week after life support was withdrawn.
Apr 29: Amber Rudd resigns from post of Home Secretary.
Apr 30: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Iran of not holding up its end of the Iran nuclear deal after presenting a cache of over 100,000 documents detailing the extent of Iran's nuclear program. Iran denounces Netanyahu's presentation as "propaganda".

5 Years (2015)
Apr 02: Terrorists kill 148 in mass shooting at Garissa University College, Kenya.
Apr 02: UK: ITV broadcasts live TV election debate with 7 party leaders.
Apr 08: Gang steals money, diamonds & jewellery at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd.
Apr 11: 1st time women & men hold Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race on same day.
Apr 11: British tennis player Andy Murray marries Kim Sears in Dunblane, Scotland.
Apr 12: Sheila Kitzinger, natural childbirth expert, dies aged 86.
Apr 14: Death US soul singer Percy Sledge, 74 ('When a Man Loves a Woman').
Apr 18: 22 climbers killed by avalanche on Mt Everest triggered by Nepal earthquake.
Apr 19: Hundreds of Libyan migrants killed as boat capsises in Mediterranean Sea.
Apr 22: UK: Tesco supermarket retailer posts record loss of £6.4 billion.
Apr 25: Major Earthquake in Nepal. Estimated over 9,000 killed in Nepal, China & India.
Apr 25: UK: Champion jockey A P McCoy's final race meeting.
Apr 26: UK: Largest to date London Marathon with more than 38,000 competitors.
Apr 27: UK: Ex nurse jailed 18 years for rape & assault of unconscious women in hospital.
Apr 30: Death of US soul singer Ben E.King aged 76 ('Stand By Me').

10 Years (2010)
Apr 01: Death of American actor John Forsythe aged 91.
Apr 07: Death of English actor Christopher Cazenove aged 64 ('Duchess of Duke Street', 'Dynasty').
Apr 08: Death of Malcolm McLaren, British music manager & musician.
Apr 15: UK: ITV broadcasts 1st ever live 'Election Debate' between main political leaders.
Apr 15: Volcanic ash cloud from Iceland leads to closure of airspace over Europe.
Apr 20: 'Deepwater Horizon' drilling rig explosion, Gulf of Mexico. 11 killed.
Apr 21: Death International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonia Samaranch, 90.

15 Years (2005)
Apr 02: Death of Pope John Paul II aged 84.
Apr 06: Death of Prince Rainier of Monaco aged 81.
Apr 07: Last British-owned volume car maker MG Rover placed into receivership.
Apr 07: UK: Fictional 'Death' of 'Mike Baldwin' after 30 years in 'Coronation Street'.
Apr 07: UK:'Death' of 'Mike Baldwin' (actor Johnny Briggs) after 30 years in 'Coronation Street'.
Apr 09: UK: Prince Charles marries Camilla Parker Bowles.
Apr 11: Death of American microbiologist Maurice R.Hilleman aged 85.
Apr 19: 78 yr old German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger elected Pope Benedict XVI.
Apr 23: Death British actor Sir John Mills, 97 ('Great Expectations', 'Dunkirk', 'Ice Cold in Alex').
Apr 23: Death of British actor Sir John Mills aged 97 ('Great Expectations,','Dunkirk', 'Ice Cold in Alex').
Apr 29: Syria completes military withdrawal from Lebanon after 29 years' occupation.

20 Years (2000)
Apr 01: German WW2 Enigma de-coding machine stolen from Bletchley Park, England.
Apr 10: UK: Store manager Mark Hedley wins compensation over sacking for being HIV positive.
Apr 12: Queen presents Royal Ulster Constabulary with George Cross.
Apr 14: UK: Road rage killer Kenneth Noye jailed for stabbing driver to death on M25 Motorway.
Apr 19: Farmer Tony Martin jailed for life for murder of 16 year old burglar Fred Barras.
Apr 19: UK: Farmer Tony Martin jailed for life for murder of 16 year old burglar Fred Barras.

25 Years (1995)
Apr 04: Death of English radio & TV personality & comedian Kenny Everett aged 50.
Apr 19: US: Oklahoma City bomb planted by Timothy McVeigh kills 168 and injures over 500.
Apr 21: UK: Channel 4 broadcasts 1st episode of comedy series 'Father Ted'.
Apr 25: Death of American actress & dancer Ginger Rogers aged 83.
Apr 27: Death of former British MI5 counter-intelligence officer Peter Wright.

30 Years (1990)
Apr 01: 1,000 prisoners begin 3-week riot at Strangeways, Manchester.
Apr 01: Community Charge ('poll tax') comes into force in England & Wales.
Apr 08: ABC TV in America broadcasts 1st episode of hit drama series 'Twin Peaks'.
Apr 11: British Customs claim seizure of parts for a 'supergun' on a ship bound for Iraq.
Apr 13: Soviet Union admits responsibility for 1940 Katyn Massacre of 20,000 Poles.
Apr 15: Death of Swedish film actress Greta Garbo aged 84.
Apr 23: Death of American actress Paulette Goddard.
Apr 24: Launch of Space Shuttle 'Discovery' carrying Hubble Telescope.

35 Years (1985)
Apr 08: India files law suit against Union Carbide for Bhopal gas leak (December 1984).
Apr 14: Death of actress Noele Gordon aged 65 ('Crossroads').
Apr 25: West Germany introduces law against denying events of Holocaust during WW2.
Apr 28: UK: Over 18 million watch finish of World Snooker final: Steve Davis & Dennis Taylor.

40 Years (1980)
Apr 04: UK: Violet Carson makes last appearance as 'Ena Sharples' in ITV serial 'Coronation Street'.
Apr 09: UK: ITV broadcasts controversial drama documentary 'Death of a Princess'.
Apr 25: Failed US raid to free 52 American hostages in US Embassy, Tehran. 8 soldiers killed.
Apr 29: Death film director Alfred Hitchcock aged 80 ('The Birds', 'Psycho', 'Rear Window').
Apr 29: Death of film director Alfred Hitchcock aged 80 ('The Birds', 'Psycho', 'Rear Window').

45 Years (1975)
Apr 03: Soviet Anatoly Karpov is World Chess Champion after Bobby Fischer resigns.
Apr 04: USA: Bill Gates & Paul Allen start computer software company: Microsoft.
Apr 13: Start of 15 year Lebanese Civil War.
Apr 17: Surrender of Khmer Republic ends Cambodian Civil War.
Apr 23: Death British actor William Hartnell. The 1st Doctor in BBC TV series 'Dr Who'.
Apr 23: Death British actor William Hartnell. The 1st 'Doctor' in BBC TV series 'Dr Who'.
Apr 24: Baader-Meinhoff Gang blows up W.German Embassy, Stockholm after holding hostages.
Apr 24: Baader-Meinhoff Gang blows up West German Embassy in Stockholm after holding hostages.
Apr 30: End of Vietnam War with fall of Saigon & unconditional surrender of S.Vietnamese Govt.
Apr 30: End of Vietnam War with fall of Saigon & unconditional surrender of South Vietnamese Govt.

50 Years (1970)
Apr 14: Explosion on board US spacecraft 'Apollo 13' during Moon landing mission.
Apr 14: Explosion on board US spacecraft 'Apollo 13' on Moon landing mission.
Apr 29: Birth US tennis champion Andre Agassi.

55 Years (1965)
Apr 01: Death of Helena Rubinstein, cosmetics company founder.

60 Years (1960)
Apr 18: Over 60,000 demonstrators join 'Ban The Bomb' march in London.
Apr 21: Brasilia replaces Rio de Janeiro as the capital city of Brazil.
Apr 28: Birth of Scottish novelist Ian Rankin ('Inspector Rebus' novels).

65 Years (1955)
Apr 05: Resignation of British PM Sir Winston Churchill because of ill health.
Apr 10: Ruth Ellis kills her lover David Blakely. Last woman to be executed for murder in UK.
Apr 12: American virologist Dr Jonas Salk produces polio vaccine.
Apr 18: Death of scientist Dr Albert Einstein aged 76. Developed Theory of Relativity.

70 Years (1950)
Apr 08: Death of Russian ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky.

75 Years (1945)
Apr 11: WW2: US troops liberate Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany.
Apr 11: WW2: US troops liberate Buchenwald concentration camp near Hanover, Germany.
Apr 12: Death of US President Franklin D Roosevelt.
Apr 15: WW2: British & Canadian troops liberate Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.
Apr 16: WW2: US troops liberate POW camp at Colditz Castle, Germany.
Apr 19: Rodgers & Hammerstein musical 'Carousel' opens on Broadway, New York.
Apr 21: WW2: Russian troops enter suburbs of German capital, Berlin.
Apr 28: WW2: Italian dictator Benito Mussolini & mistress Clara Petacci captured & executed.
Apr 29: WW2: US forces liberate Dachau concentration camp in Germany.
Apr 30: WW2: German leader Adolf Hitler & wife Eva Braun commit suicide in Berlin.

80 Years (1940)
Apr 02: Birth of British actress Penelope Keith ('The Good Life', 'To The Manor Born').
Apr 09: WW2: Germany invades Denmark & Norway.
Apr 09: WW2: Vidkun Quisling declares himself Prime Minister of Norway.
Apr 10: Birth of Irish-born broadcaster Gloria Hunniford.
Apr 12: Birth of English playwright Sir Alan Ayckbourn.
Apr 14: Birth of Oscar-winning English actress Julie Christie ('Dr Zhivago').
Apr 17: Birth of English politician & author Jeffrey Archer.

85 Years (1935)
Apr 19: Birth of British comedian & actor Dudley Moore.

90 Years (1930)
Apr 06: Birth US geneticist James Watson (jt Nobel Prize for discovery DNA structure).
Apr 20: Birth comedy writer Sir Antony Jay (co-author 'Yes, Minister', 'Yes, Prime Minister').

95 Years (1925)
Apr 10: Publication of F.Scott Fitzgerald novel 'The Great Gatsby'.
Apr 12: Birth children's TV animator Oliver Postgate ('Noggin the Nog', 'Ivor the Engine').
Apr 12: Birth children's TV animator Oliver Postgate ('Noggin the Nog', 'Ivor the Engine', 'Bagpuss').
Apr 14: Birth of American film actor Rod Steiger ('In The Heat of the Night', 'Waterloo').
Apr 14: Birth US film actor Rod Steiger ('In The Heat of the Night', 'Waterloo').
Apr 26: Paul von Hindenburg elected President of Germany.

105 Years (1915)
Apr 07: Birth of American jazz singer Billie Holiday.
Apr 07: Birth of US jazz singer Billie Holiday.
Apr 12: Release of Charlie Chaplin silent comedy film 'The Tramp'.
Apr 23: WW1: Death of British war poet Rupert Brooke.
Apr 25: WW1: Start of Gallipoli Campaign against Ottoman Empire.(now ANZAC Day).

155 Years (1865)
Apr 15: Assassination of US President Abraham Lincoln, Washington DC.
Apr 26: US Presidential assassin John Wilkes Booth shot & killed.
Apr 28: Death of Canadian-born British shipping magnate Sir Samuel Cunard.

170 Years (1850)
Apr 23: Death of English poet William Wordsworth, 80 ('I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud').

205 Years (1815)
Apr 24: Birth of English writer Anthony Trollope ('The Chronicles of Barsetshire').

250 Years (1770)
Apr 07: Birth of English poet William Wordsworth ('I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud').
Apr 19: 14 year old Marie Antoinette marries future King of France, Louis XVI.

540 Years (1480)
Apr 18: Birth Italian noblewoman Lucrezia Borgia (illegitimate daughter Pope Alexander VI).


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