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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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August 2020

1 Year (2019)
Aug 21: Amazon wild fires reach alarming proportions, causing this to become an international disaster.
Aug 29: HRH The Queen of England has acceded to the prime minister, Boris Johnson seeking the prorogation of Parliament for 5 weeks.

2 Years (2018)
Aug 01: Apple shares start trading on Wall Street pushing market value towards $1 trillion mark.
Aug 01: Major drugs firms, Sanofi & Novartis, stockpile medicines in case of supply disruptions after Brexit.
Aug 02: UK: Bank of England raises interest rates for only the 2nd time in a decade.
Aug 02: Apple Inc. becomes world's first public company to achieve market capitalization of $1 trillion.
Aug 06: Death of French celebrity chef Joel Robuchon, 73 (winner of most Michelin stars in the world).
Aug 06: Twin wildfires in California become largest active wildfire in state history covering 280,000 acres.
Aug 08: China to impose tariffs on USA imports worth $16bn.
Aug 14: Italy: Collapse of Morandi Bridge after a violent storm in Genoa, Over 40 killed.
Aug 16: Death of US singer Aretha Franklin, the 'Queen of Soul', aged 76.
Aug 16: Death of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, 10th Prime Minister of India (b. 1924).
Aug 17: Former Test cricketer Imran Khan confirmed as Pakistan PM following disputed General Election.
Aug 18: Death of Ghanian diplomat Kofi Annan, 7th UN Secretary-General and Nobel laureate (b. 1938).
Aug 21: Scientists say they have definitive evidence of water-ice on the surface of the Moon.
Aug 29: French & British fishing fleets come to blows over when and where they can catch scallops.
Aug 30: French actor Gerard Depardieu is facing accusations of rape.
Aug 30: UK: PayDay loan company Wonga collapses into administration.

5 Years (2015)
Aug 02: Death of UK singer & TV presenter Cilla Black aged 72 in Spain.
Aug 03: Ex City Trader Tom Hayes jailed for 14 years for rigging LIBOR interest rates.
Aug 05: Closure of UK children's charity 'Kid's Company' as funds dry up.
Aug 06: British actor George Cole dies aged 90.('Arthur Daley' in TV series 'Minder').
Aug 13: 2 large explosions in Tianjin, Northern China, kill more than 100.
Aug 17: Terrorist bombing in a religious shrine in Thai capital Bangkok. Over 20 killed.
Aug 18: Confidential stolen details of 32m users of Ashley Madison dating website put on internet.
Aug 18: Stolen details of 32m users of Ashley Madison dating website put on internet.
Aug 19: Former British Olympic runner Sir Sebastian Coe appointed President of IAAF.
Aug 20: Funeral of UK singer & TV presenter Cilla Black in Liverpool.
Aug 22: Hawker Hunter jet crashes Shoreham Air Show, West Sussex. At least 11 killed.
Aug 22: RAF Hawker Hunter jet crashes Shoreham Air Show, West Sussex. 11 killed. 14 injured.
Aug 26: Official figures put net migration into UK at 330,000, 3 times over Government target.
Aug 26: US: Virginia: Journalists Alison Parker & Adam Ward shot dead live on air by colleague.
Aug 27: Bodies of 70 Syrian migrants found in abandoned lorry on Austrian motorway.
Aug 27: Ex teacher Jonathan Thomson-Glover jailed for indecent videos of pupils, Clifton College.
Aug 27: Ex teacher Jonathan Thomson-Glover jailed for indecent videos of pupils.
Aug 27: Over 500 migrants killed when two boats sink off Libyan coast.
Aug 27: Social media website 'Facebook' claims recording 1 billion users in a single day.
Aug 27: US: James Holmes jailed for life for killing 12 in Colorado cinema shooting July 2012.
Aug 28: Founder & Chief Exec of dating website Ashley Madison Noel Biderman, resigns.
Aug 28: Noel Biderman, founder & Chief Exec of dating website Ashley Madison, resigns.
Aug 28: UK: Lorry driver & 27 suspected illegal immigrants arrested on M25 in Surrey.
Aug 30: Death of US horror film director Wes Craven aged 76 ('Nightmare on Elm Street').
Aug 31: Death of Lord Montagu, aged 88. Founder National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.
Aug 31: UK: Death of Lord Montagu, aged 88. Founder National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

10 Years (2010)
Aug 07: British singer Robbie Williams marries actress Ayda Field.
Aug 08: Death of American actress Patricia Neal aged 84.
Aug 23: Former Swedish model Elin Nordegren divorces American golfer Tiger Woods.
Aug 29: BBC TV broadcasts last edition of hit comedy 'Last of the Summer Wine'.

15 Years (2005)
Aug 01: Death of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.
Aug 06: Death of Labour MP Robin Cook aged 59.
Aug 08: Death of American actress Barbara Bel Geddes ('Dallas')
Aug 19: Death of former UK Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Mo Mowlam.
Aug 22: Last Israeli settlers leave Gaza Strip ending 38 years of occupation.
Aug 23: Hurricane 'Katrina' hits New Orleans, Louisiana.
Aug 31: Death of Polish-born physicist Sir Joseph Rotblat aged 96.

20 Years (2000)
Aug 03: British politician Gordon Brown marries Sarah Jane Macaulay in Fife.
Aug 04: Celebration of 100th birthday of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.
Aug 05: Death of English actor Sir Alec Guinness aged 86.
Aug 06: Death of political broadcaster Sir Robin Day aged 76.
Aug 12: Russian submarine 'Kursk' sinks in Barents Sea. All 118 on board killed.

25 Years (1995)
Aug 13: Death of English mountaineer Alison Hargreaves in an avalanche.
Aug 24: USA: Microsoft releases Windows 95.
Aug 27: Death of British cartoonist Carl Giles.
Aug 30: Start of NATO bombing campaign against Bosnian Serb military positions.

30 Years (1990)
Aug 02: Iraq launches invasion of Kuwait.
Aug 07: US troops go to Saudi Arabia to prevent Iraqi invasion ('Operation Desert Shield').
Aug 09: Death of England & Manchester City football manager Joe Mercer aged 76.
Aug 10: US space probe 'Magellan' arrives at Venus after a 15 month journey.
Aug 19: American conductor Leonard Bernstein conducts his final concert.
Aug 23: East and West Germany annouce reunification to be on October 3, 1990.
Aug 23: Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein appears on TV alongside Western hostages.
Aug 24: Irish hostage Brian Keenan released after almost 5 years in captivity in Beirut.
Aug 27: Four defendants in Guiness trial found guilty of share-price fixing.
Aug 27: Four defendants in Guinness Trial found guilty of share-price fixing.

35 Years (1985)
Aug 12: Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashes into Mount Ogura. 520 killed.
Aug 13: 3 year old Dublin boy becomes world's youngest heart & lung transplant patient.
Aug 22: Manchester Air Disaster. British Airtours Boeing 737 bursts into flames. 55 killed.
Aug 26: South African-born British athlete Zola Budd breaks world 5,000m record.

40 Years (1980)
Aug 02: Terrorist bombing at Bologna railway station kills 85.
Aug 14: Shipyard workers at Gdansk, Poland go on strike.
Aug 30: Polish dock workers win right to join independent trade union.

45 Years (1975)
Aug 01: Signing of Helsinki Accords in Finland by 35 nations to improve East-West relations.
Aug 09: Death of Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich.
Aug 15: Military coup in Bangladesh. President killed & military government established.
Aug 27: Death of Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia (1930-1974).
Aug 29: Death of Eamon de Valera, President of Ireland (1959-1973).

50 Years (1970)
Aug 20: England Football Captain Bobby Moore cleared of theft in Colombia.

55 Years (1965)
Aug 01: British Government bans all cigarette advertising on television.
Aug 06: UK release of The Beatles' record album 'Help' .
Aug 09: Singapore expelled from Malaysia and becomes independent country.
Aug 11: Start of 6 days' race riots in Watts, Los Angeles. 34 killed & over 1,000 injured.
Aug 12: Britain appoints Elizabeth Lane as 1st female High Court judge.
Aug 15: British group The Beatles play live to 55,000 fans in Shea Stadium, New York.
Aug 27: The only time British group The Beatles meet US king of rock 'n roll Elvis Presley.

60 Years (1960)
Aug 19: US U2 spy plane pilot Gary Powers jailed for 10 years in Russia for 'spying'.

65 Years (1955)
Aug 27: Publication of 1st edition of the 'Guinness Book of Records'.

70 Years (1950)
Aug 15: Princess Elizabeth gives birth to a daughter (Princess Anne) at Clarence House.
Aug 29: British troops join US forces in Korean War.

75 Years (1945)
Aug 06: WW2: US aircraft drops world's 1st atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.
Aug 09: WW2: US aircraft drops world's 2nd atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.
Aug 12: WW2: Soviet Union begins its occupation of North Korea.
Aug 14: WW2: Japan announces Unconditional Surrender to end war in the Pacific.
Aug 15: WW2: Allied troops liberate South Korea from the Japanese.
Aug 15: WW2: Korea divided along 38th parallel into North & South Korea.
Aug 15: WW2: VJ Day: Victory Over Japan.
Aug 30: WW2: Hong Kong liberated by British forces from the Japanese.

80 Years (1940)
Aug 08: Death of American engineer & car manufacturer Walter Chrysler.
Aug 20: WW2: British PM Winston Churchill speech praising 'the few' in Battle of Britain.
Aug 21: Russian Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky killed in Mexico City.
Aug 25: WW2: British RAF bomb German capital Berlin for the 1st time.

90 Years (1930)
Aug 05: Birth of US Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong (1st man to walk on the Moon).

95 Years (1925)
Aug 05: Founding of Welsh nationalist political party Plaid Cymru.

105 Years (1915)
Aug 29: Birth of Swedish film actress Ingrid Bergman ('Casablanca', 'Gaslight', 'Notorious').
Aug 29: Birth of Swedish film actress Ingrid Bergman ('Casablanca', 'Gaslight', 'Notorious').

155 Years (1865)
Aug 12: 1st recorded use of antiseptic dressings by British surgeon Joseph Lister.


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