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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
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October 2021

1 Year (2020)
Oct 01: The EU launches legal action against the UK, accusing it of breaking international law by overriding sections of the Brexit withdrawal agreement.
Oct 22: The Geneva Consensus Declaration on Promoting Women's Health and Strengthening the Family is signed by government representatives from 34 countries.
Oct 26: NASA confirms the existence of molecular water on the sunlit side of the Moon.
Oct 31: Death - Sean Connery, Scottish actor (b. Aug 1930 to 31 Oct 2020). Famous for his role as James Bond in seven Bond films between 1962 and 1983.

2 Years (2019)
Oct 19: UK - An estimated one million people march through London to demand a second referendum on Brexit.
Oct 23: US - Google announces that its 53-qubit "Sycamore" processor has achieved quantum supremacy.
Oct 27: US - President Donald Trump announces that the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed in a U.S. special forces operation.

5 Years (2016)
Oct 05: Hurricane Matthew leaves a trail of destruction in Haiti. At least 800 killed.
Oct 05: UK journalist Mazher Mahmood ('Fake Sheik') guilty of perverting course of justice.
Oct 05: UKIP leader Diane James standing down after only 18 days in post.
Oct 06: UKIP MEP Stephen Woolfe in hospital after 'incident' with fellow MEP & collapse.
Oct 10: Death of Polish film director Andrzej Wajda, 90 ('Katyn', 'Man of Iron').
Oct 13: Death Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, world's longest-reigning monarch, 88.
Oct 13: US singer Bob Dylan,75, 1st songwriter awarded Nobel Prize for Literature.
Oct 14: Death actress Jean Alexander ('Hilda Ogden' in 'Coronation Street') aged 90.
Oct 14: English footballer Ched Evans found not guilty of raping 19-year-old in hotel room.
Oct 17: UK: 8 men found guilty of sexual exploitation of 3 girls in Rotherham.
Oct 17: UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe announces he is quitting the party.
Oct 20: UK: MPs back former BHS owner Sir Philip Green being stripped of his knighthood.
Oct 21: Death of Raine Spencer, stepmother of Diana, Princess of Wales, aged 87.
Oct 23: Death Jimmy Perry, 93, creator/co-writer of TV comedies 'Dad's Army & Hi-de-Hi.
Oct 24: Death of US singer Bobby Vee, 73 ( Take Good Care of My Baby, Rubber Ball)
Oct 24: French authorities begin closure of the 'Jungle' migrant camp at Calais.
Oct 25: UK Govt approves third runway at Heathrow to expand UK airport capacity.
Oct 26: UK: Vodafone fined £4.6m for "serious" breaches of consumer protection rules.
Oct 28: UK: Fire destroys the Royal Clarence Hotel, Exeter, the 'oldest hotel' in England.
Oct 29: FBI announces reopening investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server.
Oct 31: UK Govt rules out inquiry into 'Battle of Orgreave' during miners' strike in 1984.

10 Years (2011)
Oct 05: Death of Steve Jobs, 56, US founder of tech company 'Apple;'
Oct 05: Death of US technology entrepreneur Steve Jobs (Apple & Pixar) aged 56.
Oct 05: Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney marries US heiress Nancy Shevell, London.
Oct 09: Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney marries American heiress Nancy Shevell, London.
Oct 14: UK: Defence Sec Liam Fox resigns over working relationship with friend & advisor.
Oct 15: Death English actress Betty Driver, 91 ('Betty Turpin' in TV's 'Coronation Street').
Oct 20: Basque Separatist group ETA ends 43 year campaign of political violence.
Oct 20: Capture & death of former Libyan leader Col Muammar Gadaffi in city of Sirte.
Oct 21: St Paul's Cathedral closes doors after Occupy London protestors camp outside.
Oct 27: EU emergency meeting over European Sovereign Debt crisis.
Oct 29: Death of English radio & TV celebrity (& sex offender) Jimmy Savile, 84.
Oct 31: United Nations Population Fund says world population now over 7 billion.

15 Years (2006)
Oct 02: Amish School Shooting, Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. 5 girls killed.
Oct 02: US: Amish School Shooting, Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania. 5 girls killed.
Oct 09: North Korea claims to have tested its first nuclear device.
Oct 13: South Korean Ban Ki-moon elected Secretary General of the United Nations.
Oct 31: Death of P.W.Botha, PM of South Africa (1978-1984) & President (1984-1989).

20 Years (2001)
Oct 01: Supreme Court bans ex US President Bill Clinton from practising law for 5 years.
Oct 06: UK: Goal by David Beckham against Greece puts England into World Cup Finals.
Oct 07: War on Terror: US & British forces arrive in Afghanistan to launch military offensive.
Oct 11: USA: Polaroid Coprporation goes bankrupt.
Oct 19: Indonesian fishing boat carrying asylum seekers sinks near Java. Over 350 killed.
Oct 23: Apple Computer releases 1st iPod digital music player.
Oct 23: Northern Ireland: IRA announces it has begun decommissioning its weapons.
Oct 24: Gotthard Road Tunnel fire, Switzerland kills 11. Tunnel closed for 2 months.
Oct 25: Death of British racing driver & F1 Team Manager Ken Tyrrell aged 77
Oct 25: Microsoft releases its Windows XP operating system.

25 Years (1996)
Oct 06: N. Zealand Govt agrees £100m compensation to Maori population for land loss.
Oct 06: N. Zealand Govt agrees £100m compensation to Maori population for loss of land.
Oct 07: USA: Launch of Fox News 24 hour news channel.
Oct 07: IRA explodes 2 car bombs at British Army HQ in Lisburn, N.Ireland. 1 killed.
Oct 08: Palestinian President Yasser Arafat makes 1st public visit to Israel for peace talks.
Oct 12: Death French tennis player Rene Lacoste aged 92. Founder Lacoste Sportswear Company.
Oct 12: Death French tennis player Rene Lacoste, 92 (Lacoste Sportswear Co).
Oct 12: Death French tennis player Rene Lacoste, 92. Founder Lacoste Sportswear.
Oct 13: British racing driver Damon Hill wins Japan GP to clinch F1 World Championship.
Oct 13: Death British stage, film & TV actress Beryl Reid ('The Killing of Sister George').
Oct 13: Death British stage, film & TV actress Beryl Reid, 77 ('The Killing of Sister George').
Oct 13: Death of British stage, film & TV actress Beryl Reid ('The Killing of Sister George').
Oct 14: US singer Madonna gives birth to her 1st child.
Oct 16: Over 80 football fans killed in crush at Mateo Flores Stadium, Guatemala City.
Oct 16: Over 80 football fans killed in stampede, Mateo Flores Stadium, Guatemala City.
Oct 16: Over 80 football fans killed in stampede/crush at Mateo Flores Stadium, Guatemala City.
Oct 23: Start 4 month civil trial against O.J.Simpson in Santa Monica, California.
Oct 23: Start civil trial against O.J.Simpson in Santa Monica, California. Lasts 4 months.
Oct 23: Start of civil trial against O.J.Simpson in Santa Monica, California. Lasts 4 months.
Oct 29: Vienna: Christie's sale of 8,000 unclaimed artworks stolen in Austria by Nazis during WW2
Oct 29: Vienna: Christie's sell 8,000 unclaimed artworks stolen by Nazis during WW2.
Oct 29: Vienna: Sale of 8,000 unclaimed artworks stolen in Austria by Nazis during WW2.

30 Years (1991)
Oct 05: Death of British human rights activist Martin Ennals, 64 (Amnesty International).
Oct 06: Actress Elizabeth Taylor's 8th & last marriage to Larry Fortensky (Divorced 1996).
Oct 08: Croatia severs all constitutional relations with Yugoslavia & becomes independent.
Oct 09: UK: 1st Sumo Tournament held outside Japan at Royal Albert Hall, London.
Oct 13: Death of Welsh actor Donald Houston, 67 ('633 Squadron', 'Where Eagles Dare').
Oct 14: Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi awarded Nobel Peace Prize.
Oct 16: Thames TV, TVS, TSW & TV-am loose auction to continue ITV franchises.
Oct 21: US hostage Jesse Turner freed in Beirut, Lebanon after being held for 5 years.
Oct 23: Paris: Cambodia & Khmer Rouge sign agreement to end Civil War.
Oct 24: Death of US screenwriter & producer Gene Roddenberry, 70 ('Star Trek').
Oct 27: 1st free parliamentary election in Poland
Oct 29: US space probe 'Galileo' is 1st spacecraft to visit an asteroid.
Oct 30: Start of Madrid Conference for Middle East Peace.

35 Years (1986)
Oct 05: Death of Hal B.Wallis, US film producer, 88 ('Maltese Falcon',' Casablanca').
Oct 06: Soviet nuclear submarine K-219 sinks in Atlantic following explosion. 6 killed.
Oct 07: UK: 1st edition of Independent national newspaper.
Oct 09: UK: 'Babes in the Wood' murders of 2 girls aged 9, north Brighton.
Oct 09: World premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber musical 'The Phantom of the Opera'.
Oct 11: Reykjavik Summit, Iceland between USA & USSR ends in failure.
Oct 12: Queen Elizabeth II becomes 1st British monarch to visit China.
Oct 26: Jeffery Archer resign Conservative deputy leadership[ (sex allegations).
Oct 27: BBC TV begins broadcasting Australian soap opera 'Neighbours'.
Oct 27: Financial 'Big Bang' in London: Deregulation of UK financial markets.
Oct 28: Serial killer Jeremy Bamber jailed for life for killing 5 members of his close family.
Oct 29: Official opening of the M25 orbital motorway around Greater London.

40 Years (1981)
Oct 01: Brian Robson Britain's most expensive footballer: £1.5m West Brom to Man Utd.
Oct 03: End of Maze Prison hunger strikes in Northern Ireland.
Oct 06: Assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in Cairo.
Oct 07: UK: British Leyland launch new 4-door saloon car: Triumph Acclaim.
Oct 10: UK: Chelsea Barracks bombed by Provisional IRA. 2 killed.
Oct 12: Granada TV starts broadcasting lavish drama series 'Brideshead Revisited'.
Oct 15: Tory MP Norman Tebbit advises unemployed to 'get on their bike to look for work'
Oct 16: Death of Israeli general & politician Moshe Dayan aged 66.
Oct 24: Over 250,000 join CND anti-nuclear march in London.
Oct 30: Head of euthanasia charity EXIT (Nicholas Reed) jailed for aiding suicide.

45 Years (1976)
Oct 04: InterCity 125 High Speed Train service begins operating in UK.
Oct 06: China: 'Gang of Four' arrested for crimes against the state (all jailed 1981).
Oct 14: Death of British stage & film actress Dame Edith Evans aged 88.
Oct 18: Ford Motor Company starts volume production of the new 'Fiesta' car.
Oct 20: USA: 'MV George Prince' ferry disaster, Mississippi River, Louisiana. 78 killed.
Oct 24: British driver James Hunt becomes F1 World Champion driving a McLaren.
Oct 25: Official opening of the Royal National Theatre, South Bank, London.

50 Years (1971)
Oct 01: Entertainment complex 'Walt Disney World' opens in Orlando, Florida.
Oct 14: Founding of environmental action group 'Greenpeace' in Vancouver, Canada.
Oct 21: UK: Gas explosion in Clarkson Shopping Centre, Glasgow. 22 killed.
Oct 25: People's Republic of China admitted to UN General Assembley.
Oct 28: Egyptian Opera House, Cairo burns down (built to celebrate Suez Canal opening).
Oct 28: UK: MPs vote 356-244 in favour Britain joining European Economic Community (EEC)
Oct 30: Rev Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party founded in N.Ireland.
Oct 31: UK: Terrorist bomb explodes at top of recently-built Post Officer Tower, London.

55 Years (1966)
Oct 04: Basutoland becomes the independent state of Lesotho.
Oct 06: United States makes possession & use of drug LSD illegal.
Oct 09: Birth of British Conservative politician David Cameron (Prime Minister 2010-2016).
Oct 10: US duo Simon & Garfunkel new album 'Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme'
Oct 15: USA: Founding of black nationalist organisation the 'Black Panther Party'
Oct 18: Death Canadian-born US businesswoman Elizabeth Arden. Cosmetics empire founder.
Oct 21: UK: Colliery slag flows into Aberfan village, Wales. 116 children & 28 adults killed.
Oct 22: British double-agent George Blake escapes from Wormwood Scrubs prison.
Oct 22: Soviet Union launches 'Luna 12' to photograph & study the Moon.
Oct 22: USA: 'The Supremes A'Go-Go' 1st record album to top charts by all-female group.
Oct 25: Spain closes border with Gibraltar totraffic in row over military flights.
Oct 26: Death of British singer Alma Cogan aged 34.
Oct 26: NATO organisation moves HQ from Paris to Brussels.

60 Years (1961)
Oct 01: BBC TV broadcasts 1st edition of 'Songs of Praise'.
Oct 03: UK: Release of hit instrumental 'Stranger On The Shore' by Acker Bilk.
Oct 09: UK: Skelmersdale in Lancashire designated as next of Britain's 'new towns'.
Oct 10: Volcanic eruption on Tristan da Cunha, S.Atlantic island. Population all evacuated.
Oct 12: New Zealand abolishes the death penalty.
Oct 13: Death of Zoltan Korda, Hungarian screenwriter & director, aged 66.
Oct 18: Hit Broadway musical 'West Side Story' released as a film.
Oct 25: UK: 1st edition of British satirical magazine 'Private Eye'.
Oct 31: Birth of New Zealand film director Sir Peter Jackson ('The Lord of the Rings').

65 Years (1956)
Oct 01: Birth of Theresa May, Britain's 2nd woman Prime Minister.
Oct 03: 1st British performance of Bolshoi Ballet at Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.
Oct 05: Epic film 'The Ten Commandments' goes on general release in United States.
Oct 07: Death US businessman & inventor Clarence Birdseye.
Oct 15: UK: Royal Air Force retires last WW2 Avro Lancaster bomber.
Oct 17: Queen opens Britain's 1st nuclear power station, Calder Hall, Cumbria (Closes 2003).
Oct 19: Birth Italian epidemiologist Carlo Urbani. Identified SARS.
Oct 20: Birth English film director Danny Boyle ('Slumdog Millionaire').
Oct 23: Hungarian Uprising against Communist/Soviet rule. Over 2,500 Hungarians killed.
Oct 26: Red Army troops march into Hungary to crush protests and demonstrations.
Oct 29: Suez Crisis: Israel invades Egypt's Sinai Peninsula to regain control of Suez Canal.
Oct 31: Suez Crisis: UK & France bomb Egypt to force Suez Canal to be re-opened.

70 Years (1951)
Oct 02: Birth of 'Sting' - British singer & musician Gordon Sumner (The Police).
Oct 04: Film premiere of award-winning musical 'An American in Paris', New York.
Oct 05: Birth of Irish musician & Band Aid organiser Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats).
Oct 06: Death of American breakfast cereal manufacturer W.K.Kellogg.
Oct 06: Start of Malayan Emergency with murder of British High Commissioner in Malaya.
Oct 15: CBS TV shows 1st episode of new sitcom called 'I Love Lucy' starring Lucille Ball.
Oct 15: UK: 1st political party election broadcasts on television (15 minutes for each of 3 parties).
Oct 16: Assassination of 1st Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan (1947-1951).
Oct 17: UK: Austin Car Company introduce Austin A30 (small family car) for £500.
Oct 24: US President Harry Truman declares official end of WW2 against Germany.
Oct 26: UK General Election: Conservative win led by Winston Churchill (majority 17).
Oct 31: Introduction of Zebra Crossings on British roads. 1st one in Slough, Berkshire.

75 Years (1946)
Oct 01: End of International War Crimes Tribunal, Nuremberg. 12 Nazis sentenced to death.
Oct 01: Founding of high IQ society MENSA International.
Oct 07: UK: BBC Radio broadcast's 1st edition of 'Woman's Hour'.
Oct 14: Birth English rock singer/guitarist Juston Haywood (The Moody Blues).
Oct 15: Birth of musician & singer-songwriter Richard Carpenter (The Carpenters).
Oct 15: Nazi leader Hermann Goering commits suicide shortly before scheduled execution.
Oct 16: 10 senior Nazi leaders executed for war crimes during WW2.
Oct 20: UK: Children's puppet programme 'Muffin the Mule' makes 1st appearance on BBC TV.

80 Years (1941)
Oct 02: WW2: Start of Nazi Germany's 'Operation Typhoon' offensive to capture Moscow.
Oct 03: Birth US singer Chubby Checker (Ernest Evans). Hit single 'The Twist'.
Oct 04: Birth of English novelist & writer Jackie Collins ('The Stud', 'The Bitch')
Oct 13: Birth US singer-songwriter Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel).
Oct 18: Army General Tojo appointed Prime Minister of Japan.
Oct 23: USA: Premiere of 'Dumbo', the latest Walt Disney annimated film.
Oct 28: Birth of British musician Hank Marvin (The Shadows).
Oct 31: Completion of Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, USA.

85 Years (1936)
Oct 01: Birth Man Utd & England footballer Duncan Edwards (died Munich Disaster,1958).
Oct 01: General Francisco Franco proclaimed head of state in Spain.
Oct 04: Battle of Cable Street, London: Fascist marchers v anti-Fascist demonstrators.
Oct 05: Start 'Jarrow March'. Over 200 march to London against poverty & unemployment.
Oct 09: Birth of British actor Brian Blessed ('Z-Cars', 'Flash Gordon').
Oct 24: Birth British rock quitarist, singer & songwriter Bill Wyman ('The Rolling Stones').
Oct 25: Italy & Germany sign Friendship Treaty (later known as Rome-Berlin Axis).
Oct 27: Wallis Simpson granted divorce from Ernest Simpson (later marries Edward VII).
Oct 31: Birth of US TV actor Michael Landon ('Bonanza', 'Little House on the Prairie').
Oct 31: Elizabeth Cowell 1st female TV presenter in broadcast from Alexandra Palace.
Oct 31: End of 'Jarrow March' to London against poverty & unemployment.

90 Years (1931)
Oct 02: Death of grocery chain owner Thomas Lipton, 83 (Lipton's Tea).
Oct 04: Birth of English designer & businessman Sir Terence Conran (founder of 'Habitat').
Oct 04: US: 1st appearance of comic strip detective 'Dick Tracy' in Detroirt Mirror.
Oct 07: Birth of South African Archbishop & civil rights activist Desmond Tutu.
Oct 17: US gangster Al Capone jailed for 11 years for tax evasion, Chicago.
Oct 18: Birth of English intelligence officer & author John Le Carre ('Smiley's People').
Oct 18: Death US inventor Thomas Edison, 84 (Phonograph, Electric Light Bulb).
Oct 23: Birth of English model, actress & 'sex symbol' Diana Dors (real: Diana Fluck).
Oct 25: Opening of George Washington Bridge, New York.

95 Years (1926)
Oct 09: Birth of British murderess Ruth Ellis. Last woman executed in UK.
Oct 14: 1st publication of children's book 'Winnie-the-Pooh' by A.A.Milne.
Oct 18: Birth US singer-songwriter Chuck Berry ('No Particular Place To Go').
Oct 21: Birth of British stage, film & TV actor Leonard Rossiter ('Rising Damp').
Oct 23: Leon Trotsky removed from Politburo of Communist Party of Soviet Union.
Oct 23: UK: Completion of Fazal Mosque: 1st purpose-built mosque in London.
Oct 27: Birth White House Chief of Staff H.R.Haldeman (Pres.Nixon aide:' Watergate').
Oct 31: Birth of English radio & TV personality (& sex offender) Jimmy Savile.
Oct 31: Death Hungarian-born US illusionist and escape artist Harry Houdini, aged 52.

100 Years (1921)
Oct 13: Birth of French singer & actor Yves Montand.
Oct 21: Birth of British composer Sir Malcolm Arnold ('The Bridge on the River Kwai')
Oct 21: Premiere of silent film 'The Sheik' starring actor Rudolph Valentino.
Oct 23: Death of Scottish-born industrialist John Boyd Dunlop (pneumatic tyres).

105 Years (1916)
Oct 03: Birth British vet & writer James Herriot ('All Creatures Great & Small').
Oct 03: Birth of British veterinary surgeon & writer James Herriot ('All Creatures Great & Small').
Oct 04: Birth US film director & producer George Sydney ('Show Boat','Kiss Me Kate').
Oct 16: Margaret Sanger & colleagues open 1st birth control clinic in USA.
Oct 16: Margaret Sanger & colleagues open 1st birth control clinic in USA. Sanger arrested.
Oct 26: Birth of Francois Mitterrand, President of France (1981-1995).

115 Years (1906)
Oct 22: Death of French post-impressionist painter Paul Cezanne, 67.

130 Years (1891)
Oct 20: Birth English physicist Sir James Chadwick. (Nobel Prize discovery of neutron).

140 Years (1881)
Oct 01: Birth of US engineer & aviation pioneer William Boeing in Detroit.
Oct 25: Birth of Spanish painter, sculptor & artist Pablo Picasso.

155 Years (1866)
Oct 12: Birth of Britain's 1st Labour Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald (1924, 1929-1935).

805 Years (1216)
Oct 19: Recorded death of King John of England (1199-1216)


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