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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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May 2022

1 Year (2021)
May 14: The China National Space Administration lands its Zhurong rover at Utopia Planitia on Mars, making China the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the planet and only the second to land a rover.
May 20: Israel agrees to a ceasefire deal to end the conflict with Gaza militants, effective the next day at 2:00 AM local time.
May 24: Mali - A coup d'état in Mali removes interim President Bah Ndaw, and the acting Prime Minister, Moctar Ouane from power.

2 Years (2020)
May 01: Coronavirus pandemic: The total number of recovered COVID-19 patients reached 1 million worldwide (data from Johns Hopkins University).
May 10: The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 passes 4 million worldwide
May 14: The global death toll from COVID-19 exceeds 300,000.
May 31: COVID-19 pandemic: The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 passes 6 million worldwide.

5 Years (2017)
May 07: Emmanuel Macron beats Marine Le Pen by 66% to 34% in Presidential election.
May 09: UK: 11 yr old girl killed on water ride, Drayton Manor Theme Park, Staffs.
May 09: US President Donald Trump sacks FBI director James Comey.
May 12: Cyber attack by 'Ransomware' affects 5,000 systems in over 100 countries.
May 15: UK: Death of Moors murderer Ian Brady, 79 in secure psychiatric unit, Merseyside.
May 22: Suicide bomber murders 22 at end of evening concert at Manchester Arena.
May 23: Death of English actor Sir Roger Moore, 89 ('Ivanhoe', 'The Saint', 'James Bond').
May 27: Arsenal bt Chelsea to win FA Cup (record 7th cup win for manager Arsene Wenger).
May 27: Major IT failure at British Airways disrupts flights from Heathrow & elsewhere.

10 Years (2012)
May 05: Chelsea FC win European Championship for 1st time beating Bayern Munich.
May 09: Death of international celebrity hairdresser Vidal Sassoon aged 84.
May 19: English Premiership football club Chelsea win European Cup.
May 20: Death of singer/songwriter Robin Gibb ('The Bee Gees') aged 62.
May 22: Opening to public of Tokyo Skytree (634 metres) world's tallest self-supporting tower.
May 22: Royal Navy's 1st female warship commander takes up post on frigate HMS Portland.

15 Years (2007)
May 03: Disappearance of 3 yr old Madeleine McCann, Praiadu Luz, Portugal.
May 16: Ministry of Defence say Prince Harry will not be deployed to Iraq (security fears).
May 16: SNP leader Al;ex Salmond elected 1st Minister of Scotland.
May 16: SNP leader Alex Salmond elected 1st Minister of Scotland.
May 21: 19th century clipper 'Cutty Sark' badly damaged by fire, Greenwich, London.
May 29: Re-opening of Longbridge car factory, Birmingham to make MGTF Sports Car.

20 Years (2002)
May 06: Assassination of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, 54, in Netherlands.
May 10: Ex FBI agent Robert Hanssen jailed for life for selling secrfets to Soviet Union.
May 10: UK: Potters Bar rail crash in Hertfordshire. 7 killed.
May 11: Death of UK 'Right To Die' campaigner Diane Pretty, 43.
May 20: East Timor independence after 26 years' occupation by Indonesia.
May 24: USA & Russia sign Strategic Offensive Reduction Treaty in Moscow.
May 26: Mars Odyssey spacecraft detects sign of water ice deposits on Mars.

25 Years (1997)
May 02: UK General Election: Britain elects 1st muslim MP (Mohammad Sarwar: Labour).
May 02: UK General Election: Britain elects a record number of women MPs (119).
May 02: UK: Labour leader Tony Blair, aged 43, wins landslide General Election victory.
May 06: UK: Labour Chancellor Gordon Brown makes Bank of England independent.
May 13: Death English poet & novelist Laurie Lee aged 82 ('Cider With Rosie').
May 19: UK Health Minister announces end to tobacco company sponsorship of sport events.

30 Years (1992)
May 12: UK Govt unveils plans for a 5th Terminal at be built at Heathrow Airport.
May 23: Bomb kills Italian anti-Mafia judge Giovanni Falcone, 53 in Sicily.
May 25: Australian Lindy Chamberlain gets compensation for wrongful murder conviction.
May 30: UN impose sanctions on Yugoslavia re its attacks on Bosnia & Hercegovina.

35 Years (1987)
May 11: Ex Gestapo officer Klaus Barbie on trial in Lyons for war crimes during WW2.
May 14: Lt Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka heads bloodless coup in Fiji.
May 17: 47 US sailors killed by Iraqi missile attack on USS Stark in Persian Gulf.
May 22: Start of the 1st Rugby Union World Cup, in New Zealand.
May 28: 18 yr old W.German Mathias Rust lands private plane in Red Square, Moscow.
May 28: 18 yr old W.German pilot Mathias Rust lands private plane in Red Square, Moscow.

40 Years (1982)
May 01: Falklands War: RAF bombers attack Port Stanley airport occupied by Argentinians.
May 02: Falklands War: British submarine sinks Argentine light cruiser 'General Belgrano'.
May 04: Falklands War: Royal Navy ship HMS Sheffield sunk by missile in Argentinian air strike.
May 04: UK: Start of 'Wogan' early evening chatshow on BBC TV.
May 24: Falklands War: 12 killed as Argentine missile sinks container ship 'Atlantic Conveyor'.
May 29: Pope John Paul II makes historic visit to Canterbury Cathedral.

45 Years (1977)
May 03: UK: Queen launches Royal Navy light aircraft carrier HMS Invincible, Barrow.
May 13: England captain Tony Greig sacked for recruiting players for 'World Series Cricket'.
May 17: UK: Queen Elizabeth II starts Silver Jubilee Tour of UK in Glasgow.
May 23: Moluccan terrorists hijack train & take hostages at a school in Netherlands.
May 25: Liverpool FC win European Cup for 1st time in Rome.
May 25: US cinema release of sci-fi action adventure film 'Star Wars' .
May 28: Fire at the Beverly Hills Supper Club, Southgate, Kentucky kills 165.

50 Years (1972)
May 09: Israeli commandos storm Arab hi-jacked plane at Tel Aviv & release 100 hostages.
May 22: US President Nixon arrives in Moscow for talks with Soviet leader.
May 22: US President Richard Nixon arrives in Moscow for talks with Soviet leader.
May 26: State-owned travel firm Thomas Cook sold to private consortium for £22m.
May 26: US Pres Nixon & Soviet leader Brezhnev sign Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty.
May 26: US President Nixon & Soviet leader Brezhnev sign Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT).
May 30: Official IRA announces ceasefire in N.Ireland (Provisional IRA refuse to agree).
May 30: Official IRA announces ceasefire in Northern Ireland (Provisional IRA refuse to agree).
May 30: Official IRA announces ceasefire in Northern Ireland .

55 Years (1967)
May 01: Wedding of Elvis Presley & Priscilla Beaulieu in Las Vegas.
May 06: Dr Zakir Hussain is 1st muslim to become President of India.
May 06: Police battle with striking workers rioting in Hong Kong. Over 50 killed & 500 injured.
May 10: UK: Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger & Keith Richards charged with drug offences.
May 11: Prime Minister Harold Wilson applies for UK to join European Economic Community.
May 12: Death of English poet John Masefield, 88 (Poet Laureatte 1930-1967).
May 12: UK Government gives go ahead to convert Stansted into an international airport.
May 17: Syria orders military mobilisation during tension with Israel.
May 19: Soviet Union ratifies treaty with USA & UK banning nuclear weapons in space.
May 23: Egypt closes Straits of Tiyan to all Israeli shipping in growing tension.
May 24: Launch of last ship built at Portsmouth Dockyard: RN frigate HMS Andromeda.
May 25: Celtic 1st British football club to win European Cup beating Inter Milan 2-1.
May 27: Australian Referendum supports recognising rights of indigenous population.
May 28: Briton Sir Francis Chichester 1st to complete single-handed voyage around world.
May 30: Biafra in eastern Nigeria announces its independence.
May 30: Egypt & Jordan sign defence agreement if future conflict with Israel.

65 Years (1957)
May 02: Death US senator Joseph McCarthy aged 48 (staunch anti-Communist campaigner).
May 02: Hammer Films release 1st of its colour horror films 'The Curse of Frankenstein'.
May 14: UK: End of petrol rationing imposed during 'Suez Crisis' in 1956.
May 15: Britain tests 1st Hydrogen Bomb dropping it on Malden Island in Pacific Ocean.
May 15: Footballer Stanley Matthews ends 23 yr international career in last England game.
May 16: Death US prohibition law enforcement agent Eliot Ness, 54 ('The Untouchables').

70 Years (1952)
May 02: World's 1st jet airliner 'De Havilland Comet' 1st commercial flight London-Johannesburg.

75 Years (1947)
May 02: US release of Christmas classic film 'Miracle on 34th Street'.
May 06: East Kilbride designated site for the first New Town in Scotland.

80 Years (1942)
May 07: WW2: Surender of US forces on Corregidor, Philippines to Japanese.
May 08: WW2: Battle of the Coral Sea between US & Japanese navies.
May 26: WW2: Britain & USSR sign Anglo-Soviet Treaty in London.
May 30: WW2: RAF bomber command launches 1st 1,000 bomber air raid on Cologne.

85 Years (1937)
May 06: German airship Hindenburg catches fire Lakehurst, New Jersey. 35 killed.
May 12: Birth English actress Susan Hampshire ('Fleur' in TV series 'The Forsyte Saga').
May 12: Coronation of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth, Westminster Abbey.
May 21: UK accepts over 4,000 Basque child refugees fleeing Spanish Civil War.
May 27: Opening of Golden Gate Bridge, California to pedestrian traffic.
May 28: Founding of car manufacturer Volkswagen in Lower Saxony, Germany.
May 28: UK: Neville Chamberlain becomes UK Prime Minister (Baldwin resigned).
May 28: UK: Neville Chamberlain becomes UK Prime Minister (Baldwin resigns).

90 Years (1932)
May 04: Birth of children's TV animator Ivor Wood ('Magic Roundabout', 'Wombles', 'Postman Pat').

95 Years (1927)
May 09: Joe Davis wins snooker's 1st World Championship, Birmingham.
May 11: Founding of Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in United States.
May 20: Treaty of Jeddah: UK recognises formation of Saudi Arabia under Ibn Saud.
May 20: US pilot Charles Lindburgh 1st non-stop transatlantic flight ('Spirit of St Louis').

100 Years (1922)
May 05: Work starts on building Yankee Stadium, The Bronx, New York.
May 27: Birth English actor Sir Christopher Lee ('Count Dracula' in Hammer horror films)
May 30: Dedication of Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
May 31: Birth English actor Denholm Elliott ('Indiana Jones' films, 'The Cruel Sea', 'King Rat').

105 Years (1917)
May 07: Birth of English actor David Tomlinson ('Mary Poppins').
May 21: Birth Canadian actor Raymond Burr ('The Rear Window', 'Perry Mason' TV series).
May 25: WW1: 1st daylight bombing raid by German airforce on Folkestone. 95 killed.
May 29: Birth of US President John F.Kennedy, Brookline, Massachusetts.

115 Years (1907)
May 26: Birth of American film actor John Wayne.

120 Years (1902)
May 10: Birth of US film producer David O. Selznick ('Gone With the Wind').

130 Years (1892)
May 11: Birth of English Oscar-winning actress Dame Margaret Rutherford.

180 Years (1842)
May 13: Birth of English composer Sir Arthur Sullivan (Gilbert & Sullivan).

210 Years (1812)
May 12: Birth of English writer Edward Lear ('The Owl and the Pussycat').


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