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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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May 2018

1 Year (2017)
May 05: Local Council Elections & City Mayor Elections in UK.
May 07: Emmanuel Macron beats Marine Le Pen by 66% to 34% in Presidential election.
May 09: US President Donald Trump sacks FBI director James Comey.
May 09: 11 yr old girl killed on water ride, Drayton Manor Theme Park, Staffs.
May 12: English NHS services hit by major IT failure, caused by large-scale cyber-attack.
May 12: Cyber attack by 'Ransomware' affects 5,000 systems in over 100 countries.
May 15: UK: Death Moors murderer Ian Brady,79 in secure psychiatric unit, Merseyside.
May 22: Suicide bomber murders 22 at end of evening concert at Manchester Arena.
May 23: Death of English actor Sir Roger Moore, 89 ('Ivanhoe', 'The Saint', 'James Bond').
May 27: Major IT failure at British Airways disrupts flights from Heathrow & elsewhere.
May 27: Arsenal bt Chelsea to win FA Cup (record 7th cup win for manager Arsene Wenger).

2 Years (2016)
May 02: Daily Mail's horoscope writer Jonathan Cainer dies aged 58.
May 02: UK: 5000-1 outsiders Leicester City win Premier League for 1st time in club's history.
May 05: Start of major wildfires near Fort McMurray, Alberta in Canada.
May 06: UK: Labour candidate Sadiq Khan elected Mayor of London.
May 09: Death of Australian TV Producer Reg Grundy, 92 ('Neighbours', 'Prisoner Cell Block H ')
May 09: UEFA President Michel Platini resigns from European football's governing body.
May 12: Brazil President Dilma Rousseff to face trial after Senate vote for impeachment.
May 15: UK: Man Utd Football Ground evacuated following discovery of a 'dummy bomb'.
May 15: Death French actress Madeleine Lebeau, 92, last surviving actor from film 'Casablanca'.
May 21: Manufacture of UK-made cigarettes ends with closure of Horizon factory, Nottingham.
May 22: UK director Ken Loach's film' I, Daniel Blake' wins Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival.
May 22: Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour confirmed killed in US drone strike in Afghanisatan.
May 23: UK: North Yorkshire Council votes to allow fracking near village of Kirby Misperton.
May 23: Manchester Utd sack manager Louis van Gaal 2 years into 3 year contract.
May 24: Death of actor Burt Kwouk aged 85 ( 'Pink Panther' films).
May 24: US judge orders actor/comedian Bill Cosby, 78, to stand trial for sexual assault.
May 27: Historic visit by US President Obama to Horoshima, Japan bombed in 1945 in WW2.
May 27: UK: Jose Mourinho officially confirmed Manchester United manager.
May 29: UK: 18 Albanian migrants among 20 people rescued from boat off Kent coast.
May 30: England cricketer Alastair Cook is youngest player to score 10,000 Test runs.
May 31: Death of television writer Carla Lane, 87 ('The Liver Birds'; 'Bread'; 'Butterflies')
May 31: Opening of Gotthard Tunnel, world's longest & deepest rail tunnel (35m) under Swiss Alps.

5 Years (2013)
May 02: UK broadcaster Stuart Hall pleads guilty to 14 charges of sexual assault.
May 02: Broadcaster Stuart Hall pleads guilty to 14 charges of sexual assault.
May 08: Death of actor, writer & film director Bryan Forbes.
May 08: UK: Sir Alex Ferguson announces he's stepping down as Manchester United manager.
May 08: Sir Alex Ferguson announces stepping down as Manchester United manager.
May 21: Death of comedy writer Eddie Braben ('Morecambe & Wise Show').

15 Years (2003)
May 01: US & Allies declare victory in Iraq War against Saddam Hussein.
May 31: UK: ITV broadcasts final edition of 'Blind Date' hosted by Cilla Black.

20 Years (1998)
May 11: Indian Government announces it has carried out underground nuclear tests.
May 23: Referendum in Northern Ireland votes in favour of 'Good Friday Agreement'.
May 28: Pakistan explodes 5 underground nuclear devices.
May 31: UK: Singer Geri Halliwell ('Ginger Spice') leaves hit pop group 'Spice Girls'.

35 Years (1983)
May 11: UK: Final appearance by Peter Adamson as 'Len Fairclough' in ITV's 'Coronation St'.
May 20: ANC explode car bomb in Pretoria, South Africa. 17 killed.
May 24: South African Air Force bombs ANC bases in Maputo, Mozambique.

40 Years (1978)
May 19: UK: Princess Margaret & Lord Snowden divorce. 1st senior Royal to divorce since Henry VIII.
May 19: Princess Margaret & Lord Snowden divorce (1st senior Royal divorce since Henry VIII).

45 Years (1973)
May 01: UK: National one-day strike by over 1million workers over pay restraint & price rises.
May 01: UK: National one-day strike by 1 million workers over pay restraint & price rises.
May 05: UK: BBC broadcasts 1st edition of 'The Ascent of Man' with Dr Jacob Bronowski.
May 26: UK: BBC broadcasts 1st edition of 'That's Life' (presenter Esther Rantzen).

50 Years (1968)
May 03: 1st heart transplant in UK at National Heart Hospital, London. Patient survives 46 days.
May 03: Frederick West is 1st Briton to receive heart transplant, London (survived 46 days).
May 08: Police in London arrest gangland twins Ronnie & Reggie Kray for murder.
May 29: Manchester Utd 1st English football club to win European Cup.

55 Years (1963)
May 11: Birth of actress Natasha Richardson. Killed in skiing accident in 2009).
May 11: British businessman Greville Wynne jailed in Moscow for spying.
May 25: 32 African nations set up Organisation of African Unity (OAU).
May 27: KANU leader Jomo Kenyatta wins election and appointed Prime Minister of Kenya.
May 27: KANU leader Jomo Kenyatta wins election and appointed Kenyan Prime Minister.

65 Years (1953)
May 06: Birth of British politician Tony Blair (Labour PM 1997 - 2006)
May 29: N.Z Sir Edmund Hillary & Sherpa Norgay Tenzing 1st to conqueror Mt Everest.
May 29: Mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary & Sherpa Norgay tenzing conqueror Mount Everest.

75 Years (1943)
May 05: Birth of British comedian Michael Palin ('Monty Python's Flying Circus').
May 16: WW2: End of Jewish resistance in Warsaw Ghetto after a month of fighting.
May 17: WW2: RAF 'Dambuster Raid' on major damns in Ruhr Valley, Germany.
May 27: Birth British singer & entertainer Cilla Black (aka Priscilla White).

85 Years (1933)
May 23: Birth of British actress Joan Collins.

105 Years (1913)
May 06: Birth British film actor Stewart Grainger ('King Solomon's Mines', 'Prisoner of Zenda').
May 08: Birth South African-born actor Sid James (0ver 80 films including 'Carry-Ons').

110 Years (1908)
May 20: Birth US actor James Stewart ('It?s a Wonderful Life', 'Vertigo', 'Rear Window').
May 26: Birth of English actor Robert Morley ('African Queen', 'Genghis Khan', 'Cromwell').

120 Years (1898)
May 03: Birth Russian-born Israeli politician Golda Meir (Israel's 1st woman PM in 1969).

200 Years (1818)
May 03: Birth German philosopher Karl Marx, founder modern Communism.


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