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Expertsources - the online directory for UK Media Experts
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Sunday, 30 April, 2017  

Terms and Conditions

By registering on this site, as an "Expert" a representative of an Organisation / Society / Association etc or "Media Representative" you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below. These terms and conditions may occasionally be changed. It is the responsibility of users to refer to these conditions from time to time and continued use of the site will be regarded as an acceptance of any changes that occur.

  1. Expertsources is an on-line directory of those claiming specific experience and knowledge of a subject(s), and who, by registering on this site, and tendering the appropriate subscription fee, make themselves reasonably available to be consulted, interviewed and/or quoted by any media-related publication/broadcaster either in the United Kingdom or abroad.
  2. The sole purpose of this site is for use by international journalists; freelance journalists; researchers, reporters, producers and editors on behalf of news agencies; local, regional and national newspapers; magazines; journals; periodicals; local, regional and national radio and television, and the broadcast media in general (including representatives of other journalist-based websites) to freely access the database of registered experts in search of those able to supply information, analysis and comment on current news issues, sport, lifestyle features.
  3. It is the responsibility and personal choice of each individual expert or organisation, having been approached via Expertsources by a user (e.g. from the Media), whether or not they wish to continue with matters arising from that contact. They can decline for any reason.
  4. While every effort has been made to check the authenticity of the experts and organisations registered on this site, certain of the information contained herein, by necessity, has been provided for use 'as is' by the individual 'experts' or organisations themselves. It is the responsibility of those using the site a) to ensure the expertise and qualifications claimed by registered experts and organisations are bona fide b) that specific information given by them is accurate and c) to be aware that on controversial issues (e.g. Middle East) some specialists/experts or organisations may be partisan in their appraisal or comment.
  5. It is the responsibility of Expertsources to make all reasonable efforts to correct any error of fact or omission brought to its' attention but reserves the right to reject, and be the sole judge of such, any material it considers defamatory; unlawful; unseemly or in any way unnecessary or inappropriate.
  6. Any information provided on this site by a source other than Expertsources (e.g. by a registered expert) must comply with common decency and contain nothing offensive; abusive; objectionable or unlawful. Any misuse of the site, as outlined above, could result in a permanent ban.This decision will be taken by Expertsources and will be final. No correspondence will be entered into or accepted.
  7. The presence of link(s) on this site to other on-line resources (including an expert's individual website or that of his/her organisation) does not represent an endorsement of that site or its contents by Expertsources.
  8. Expertsources bears no responsibility for the accuracy of the views, comments or information of registered experts or organisations as expressed to other users of this site; or for any disputes or damages that may arise between any of the registered experts and other site users.
  9. Registration details are 'portable' should a registered expert change position, employment or residential location.
  10. Expertsources has no claim on any financial remuneration, fees, contracts or payments previously or subsequently negotiated by parties registered on this site with other site users.
  11. The use of Expertsources, or any information on this site, for any commercial or marketing purpose (or for any purpose other than that for which the site is intended) is prohibited.

Privacy Policy

  1. This site is fully registered with the Office of Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act of 1988 and complies with current legislation.
  2. Information collected on this site from registered 'experts' organisations and representatives of the media will only be used for purposes of the implementation of journalistic activity via this site. Use of this material for any other purpose is prohibited. Registered users are requested to inform Expertsources immediately of any approach/contact via this site for any purpose other than stated above.
  3. Any additional information regarding the use of this site (frequency etc) that is collected is for statistical analysis by Expertsources only and will not be made available, rented or sold to any third party.
  4. Upon email notification of a cancellation request from any registered user (either an 'expert' an organisation, or a representative of the media); all information held by Expertsources relating to that person will be deleted from the 'live' system as soon as is practically possible. It will normally be stored for future re-registration purposes.

    However, upon a specific request being received by Expertsources, this information will be  deleted from the system completely and no records kept. Any user then wishing to return to this site will be required to re-register.
  5. Any approaches made by staff representing Expertsources to potential 'experts' to organisations and to members of the media for site marketing purposes, will comply with existing UK legislation and use only information that is already in the public domain or that they have been granted permission to use.

Refund Policy

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