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Monday, 25 September, 2017  

News Anniversaries August 2017 - October 2017

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

Remember to use Expertsources to find experts to comment on any story or feature.
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1 Year (2016)
Aug 04: UK: Bank of England cuts interest rate from 0.5% to lowest ever 0.25%.
Aug 04: N.Zealand judge Lowell Goddard resigns chair UK inquiry into child sexual abuse.
Aug 05: FIFA President Gianni Infantino cleared into his running of the organisation.
Aug 05: ANC in South Africa suffers worst electoral result since end of apartheid (1994).
Aug 08: UK: Southern Trains cancels many services at start of 5 day RMT strike.
Aug 08: UK: 5 new Labour Party members win legal battle to vote in leadership contest.
Aug 09: Man Utd set new world transfer record of £89m to buy Paul Pogba from Juventus.
Aug 11: Prof Alexis Jay appointed chair of UK inquiry into child sexual abuse.
Aug 12: UK: Court of Appeal says Labour Party can impose date limit on voter eligibility.
Aug 12: Cyclist Bradley Wiggins 1st Briton to win 8 Olympic medals (latest in Brazil).
Aug 13: French authorities in Cannes introduce a ban on 'burkini' beachwear.
Aug 16: Death of Brazil's former FIFA President Joao Havelange aged 100.
Aug 20: British athlete Mo Farah wins both 5,000m & 10,000m at Olympics (Rio) again.
Aug 20: Death of British theatre performer & diability campaigner Brian Rix aged 92.
Aug 20: UK: London Underground starts running all-night trains on some routes.
Aug 21: Death Sir Antony Jay, 86 (co-writer 'Yes Minister'; 'Yes, Prime Minister').
Aug 24: Major earthquake in central Italy. Over 280 killed.
Aug 24: 5 men die in sea at Camber Sands, Essex on hottest day of year so far in UK.
Aug 29: Death US actor Gene Wilder, 83 ('Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory').
Aug 30: European Commission says Apple owes 13billion euros in back taxes to Ireland.
Aug 31: Brazilian Senate votes to remove President Rousseff in budget scandal.
Aug 31; Death US engineer Joe Sutter, 95 (led development of Boeing 747 'jumbo jet').

2 Years (2015)
Aug 02: Death of UK singer & TV presenter Cilla Black aged 72 in Spain.
Aug 03: Ex City Trader Tom Hayes jailed for 14 years for rigging LIBOR interest rates.
Aug 05: Closure of UK children's charity 'Kid's Company' as funds dry up.
Aug 06: Death English actor George Cole, 90 ('Arthur Daley' in TV series 'Minder').
Aug 13: 2 large explosions in Tianjin, Northern China, kill more than 100.
Aug 17: Terrorist bombing in a religious shrine in Thai capital Bangkok. Over 20 killed.
Aug 19: Former British Olympic runner Sir Sebastian Coe appointed President of IAAF.
Aug 18: Stolen details of 32m users of Ashley Madison dating website put on internet.
Aug 20: Funeral of UK singer & TV presenter Cilla Black in Liverpool.
Aug 22: Hawker Hunter jet crashes Shoreham Air Show, West Sussex. 11 killed.
Aug 26: US Journalists Alison Parker & Adam Ward shot dead live on air by colleague.
Aug 26: Net migration into UK at 330,000, 3 times over Government target.
Aug 27: Ex teacher Jonathan Thomson-Glover jailed for indecent videos of pupils.
Aug 27: Bodies of 70 Syrian migrants found in abandoned lorry on Austrian motorway.
Aug 27: Over 500 migrants killed when two boats sink off Libyan coast.
Aug 27: US: James Holmes jailed for life for killing 12 in Colorado cinema, July 2012.
Aug 27: Social media website 'Facebook' claims 1 billion users in a single day.
Aug 28: Noel Biderman, Chief Executive of dating website Ashley Madison, resigns.
Aug 28: UK: Lorry driver & 27 suspected illegal immigrants arrested on M25 in Surrey.
Aug 30: Death of US horror film director Wes Craven,76 ('Nightmare on Elm Street').
Aug 31: Death of Lord Montagu, aged 88. Founder National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

5 Years (2012)
Aug 06: Death of US composer Marvin Hamlisch, 66 ('The Way We Were', 'The Sting').
Aug 06: Mars Science Laboratory's mission craft  'Curiosity' lands on Mars.
Aug 06: Death Briton Sir Bernard Lovell, 98. (1st Director of Jodrell Bank Oberservatory).
Aug 09: Closing Ceremony of 2012 London Olympics. Over 25m TV viewers in UK.
Aug 12: Northern Ireland golfer Rory McIlroy wins US PGA Championship.
Aug 19: Death UK film director & producer Tony Scott, 68 ('Top Gun', 'Enemy of the State').
Aug 25: Death of US astronaut Neil Armstrong, 82. 1st man to walk on the Moon (1969).
Aug 29: Opening of 2012 London Paralympics, London.
Aug 31: Death of British singer & entertainer Max Bygraves aged 89.

10 Years (2007)
Aug 02: BBC Television celebrates its 75th Anniversary.
Aug 04: NASA launches 'Phoenix' robotic lander on a mission to Mars.
Aug 04: Death US singer-songwriter Lee Hazlewood ('These Boots Are Made for Walkin').
Aug 09: BNP Paribas flags global financial crisis by blocking hedge fund withdrawals.
Aug 15: Major earthquake in Peru in several cities. Over 500 killed, thousands injured.
Aug 17: Death of British politician & newspaper editor Bill Deedes aged 94.

15 Years (2002)
Aug 04: 10 yr olds Jessica Chapman & Holly Wells missing in Soham, Cambridgeshire.
Aug 16: Palestinian militant leader Abu Nidal shot & killed in Baghdad.
Aug 19: Chechen separatists shoot down Russian helicopter. Over 125 troops killed.
Aug 25: ITV broadcasts 1st series of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here'.
Aug 26: Start of Earth Summit 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Aug 31: US Accountants Arthur Andersen goes out of business (Enron scandal).

20 Years (1997)
Aug 06: Microsoft buys £96m worth of shares in struggling Apple Computer company.
Aug 13: US TV channel Comedy Central broadcasts 1st episode of 'South Park'.
Aug 18: Beth Ann Hogan 1st female cadet ever at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington.
Aug 25: Ex E.German leader Egon Krenz jailed for shoot-to-kill policy re Berlin Wall escapees.
Aug 27: Norway & Sweden admit sterilising thousands of 'inferior' people 1934-1976.
Aug 31: Death of Diana, Princess of Wales, 36 & Dodi Fayed in car crash in Paris.

25 Years (1992)
Aug 03: ANC 2 day general strike (largest political mobilisation in South African history).
Aug 03: US Senate votes for 9 month ban on nuclear weapon tests & complete ban in Oct.
Aug 14: Death US judge John Sirica, 88 (presided over trial of 'Watergate' burglars).
Aug 20: Daily Mirror publishes photos of topless Duchess of York & friend John Bryan.
Aug 25: Rev Sun Myung Moon marries 30,000 couples in mass wedding, South Korea.
Aug 30: German F1 driver Michael Schumacher wins Belgian GP: 1st of 91 race wins.

30 Years (1987)
Aug 01: US boxer Mike Tyson 1st heavyweight to hold all 3 titles (WBC, WBA & IBF).
Aug 04: Moors Murderer Ian Brady claims killing of further 5 people (uncorroborated).
Aug 06: Social Democratic Party leader David Owen resigns (after merger vote with Liberals).
Aug 09: Hoddle Street Massacre, Melbourne: army cadet sh0ots 7 dead and injures 19.
Aug 11: US economist Alan Greenspan made Chmn of US Federal Reserve (1987-2006).
Aug 17: Death Nazi Party deputy leader Rudolf Hess, 93 in Spandau Prison, Berlin.
Aug 19: UK: Hungerford Massace, Berkshire. Michael Ryan shoots & kills 16.
Aug 23: Death French racing driver Didier Pironi, 35, in  in powerboat racing accident.
Aug 28: Death US film director John Huston, 81 ('The African Queen', 'The Maltese Falcon).
Aug 29: Death US film actor Lee Marvin, 63 ('Paint Your Wagon', 'The Dirty Dozen').

40 Years (1977)
Aug 01: Death US pilot Gary Powers (helicopter crash). Pilot U2 spy plane shot down 1960).
Aug 03: Death Archbishop Makarios III, 1st President of Cyprus (1960-1974) aged 63.
Aug 10: Queen Elizabeth II visits N.Ireland during her Silver Jubilee tour.
Aug 13: Death British novelist Henry Williamson, aged 81 ('Tarka the Otter').
Aug 16: Death of US singer, guitarist & actor Elvis Presley. aged 42 ('King of Rock 'n Roll').
Aug 19: Death US actor & comedian Groucho Marx, aged 86 ('Marx Brothers').
Aug 23: 1st VHS video reorder released in USA (RCA VBT200).
Aug 26: National Assembly of Quebec adopts French as Quebec's official language.
Aug 31: Rhodesian leader Ian Smith retains power in General Election.

45 Years (1972)
Aug 07: Ugandan leader Idi Amin gives Ugandan Asians 90 days to leave country.
Aug 22: IOC bans Rhodesia from Munich Olympics after pressure from African countries.
Aug 28: Prince William of Gloucester, 30, killed in light aircraft crash, Staffordshire.

50 Years (1967)
Aug 09: Death of British playwright Joe Orton aged 34 ('Loot', 'What the Butler Saw').
Aug 18: City of Long Beach California buys British liner RMS 'Queen Mary'.
Aug 22: Death of US endocrinologist Gregory Pincus (co-inventor oral contraceptive pill).
Aug 25: Leader of US Nazi Party, George Rockwell, shot & killed at Arlington, Virginia
Aug 27: Death musical entrepreneur Brian Epstein, aged 32 (manager of 'The Beatles').

55 Years (1962)
Aug 05: Death of US actress Marilyn Monroe,36 in Los Angeles.

60 Years (1957)
Aug 02: Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire begins operating
Aug 04: Argentine racing driver Juan Fangio wins F1 World Championship for 5th time.
Aug 07: Death of US comic actor Oliver Hardy (Laurel & Hardy) aged 65.
Aug 31: Federation of Malaya (Malaysia) gains independence from Britain.

65 Years (1952)
Aug 12: Night of Murdered Poets, Lubyanka Prison, Moscow on Stalin's orders.
Aug 15: 34 killed in Lynmouth flood, Devon.
Aug 26: Soviet Union announces test of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).

70 Years (1947)

Aug 07: Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl reaches French Polynesia in craft 'Kon-Tiki'.
Aug 14: Pakistan gains independence from UK
Aug 15: India gains independence from UK.
Aug 21: Death Ettore Bugatti, Italian-born French car designer & manufacturer.
Aug 22: 1st Edinburgh Festival held in Scottish capital.
Aug 29: Birth of British racing driver James Hunt (F1 World Champion, 1976).

75 Years (1942)
Aug 05: WW2: Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands addresses joint session US Congress
Aug 07: WW2: Start of Battle of Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands) in Pacific.
Aug 08: WW2: 6 convicted Nazi saboteurs in USA executed in Washington DC.
Aug 08: UK premiere of Walk Disney animated feature film 'Bambi'.
Aug 09: Mahatma Gandhi launches Quit India Movement after his arrest by British.
Aug 12: WW2: 2nd Moscow Conference: Churchill; Stalin & US envoy Averell Harriman.
Aug 13: US premiere of Walk Disney animated feature film 'Bambi'.
Aug 19: WW2: Operation Jubilee: Allied raid on German-occupied port of Dieppe, France.
Aug 23: WW2: Start of 6-month Battle of Stalingrad in Russia.
Aug 25: Death Prince George, Duke of Kent, 39 (brother of George VI) in military air crash.

100 Years (1917)
Aug 06: Birth US film actor Robert Mitchum ('Cape Fear', 'The Longest Day').

125 Years (1892)
Aug 24: Opening Goodison Park, Liverpool (1 of world's 1st purpose-built football stadiums).

150 Years (1867)
Aug 03: Birth of British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin (only PM to serve under 3 monarchs).
Aug 14: Birth British novelist & playwright John Galsworthy ('The Forsyte Saga').
Aug 25: Death of British physicist & chemist Michael Faraday (electromagnitism).

400 Years (1617)
Aug 23: Recorded date world's 1st one way streets introduced in London.

1 Year (2016)
Sept 01: UK: News rules require iPlayer users to have TV licence to view BBC programmes.
Sept 01: French resorts begin lifting ban on burkinis - in line with recent court ruling.
Sept 03: US & China (40% of world carbon emissions) ratify Paris global climate agreement.
Sept 06: UK: Labour MP Keith Vaz steps down as chair of Home Affairs Select Cttee.
Sept 06: UK: Radical preacher Anjem Choudary jailed for inviting support for Islamic State.
Sept 06: China warns anyone in Hong Kong advocating independence could be punished.
Sept 08: US firm Liberty Media confirms it is buying Formula 1 racing for $4.4bn (£3.3bn).
Sept 08: North Korea carries out its 5th nuclear test.
Sept 09: Dozens of tourists rescued from cable cars stuck in midair in French Alps.
Sept 09: Death Sylvia Gore, 71 (scored 1st official goal for England women's team,1972).
Sept 09: Russia and US announce Syria agreement starting with "cessation of hostilities".
Sept 12: Internationally-brokered cessation of hostilities comes into effect in Syria,
Sept 12: UK: Channel 4 buys rights to BBC TV ratings success 'The Great British Bake Off'.
Sept 13: Bank of England introduces a new 'plastic' £5 note.
Sept 14: UK Govt gives go ahead for £18bn nuclear power station, Hinkley Point, Somerset.
Sept 16: Hostilities re-start in Syria with bombing raid following brief 'ceasefire'.
Sept 16: Diane James elected new leader of the UK Independence Party.
Sept 19: 18 trucks in humanitarian aid convoy hit in air strike near Aleppo, Syria. 12 killed.
Sept 20: Hollywood actors Brad Pitt & wife Angelina Jolie announce they are to divorce.
Sept 24: UK: Jeremy Corbyn re-elected Labour leader with almost 62% of the vote.
Sept 26: Death of US golfer Arnold Palmer aged 87.
Sept 26: US: 1st TV debate between Presidential candidates Clinton & Trump.
Sept 27: UK: Alton Towers operator Merlin fined £5m for June 2015 rollercoaster crash.
Sept 27: England football manager Sam Allardyce 'resigns' following newspaper allegations.
Sept 28: Death of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres aged 93.

2 Years (2015)
Sept 01: Satellite image confirms the Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria has been destroyed.
Sept 01: New programme to vaccinate all newborn babies against Meningitis B starts in UK
Sept 01: Joy Beverley, member of singing group 'The Beverley Sisters', dies aged 91.
Sept 01: Hundreds of refugees/migrants protest outside Budapest railway station in Hungary.
Sept 02: Photo young boy drowned on Turkish beach alerts world to refugee/migrant crisis.
Sept 05: England footballer Wayne Rooney equals Bobby Charlton's record of 49 goals.
Sept 08: Wayne Rooney is England's record goalscorer (50) with penalty v Switzerland.
Sept 09: Queen Elizabeth II passes Queen Victoria's record of 23,226 days on the throne.
Sept 10: N.I. 1st Minister Peter Robinson steps down & withdraws DUP Ministers from Govt.
Sept 11: UK MPs vote 330-118 against 'right to die' legislation in England & Wales.
Sept 12: UK: Labour Party elects MP Jeremy Corbin as leader after Miliband resignation.
Sept 18: Japanese Parlt votes to allow its military to fight overseas for 1st time since WW2.
Sept 20: British-born novelist Jackie Collins dies of breast cancer aged 77.
Sept 20: Pope Francis celebrates Mass with thousands of people in Cuban capital, Havana.
Sept 21: Left-wing Syriza Party, led by Alexis Tsipras, wins 2nd election of the year in Greece.
Sept 22: 1st Syrian refugees arrive in UK to be resettled under Govt protection scheme.
Sept 23: Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn resigns over diesel car emissions tests scandal.
Sept 23: Death of Yogi Berra, New York Yankees baseball legend, aged 90.
Sept 24: Over 700 killed in stampede near Islamic holy city of Mecca during Hajj pilgrimage.
Sept 25: Swiss prosecutors open criminal investigation against FIFA President Sepp Blatter.
Sept 28: UK: Teesside Steelworks, Redcar, announces closure with loss of 1,700 jobs.
Sept 29: Russian Parliament gives President Putin go ahead for military attacks in Syria.
Sept 30: Doctors given approval to carry out UK's first 10 womb transplants.
Sept 30: Russian air strikes in Syria against opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.

5 Years (2012)
Sept 01: Death of US lyricist Hal David, 91 ('Walk On By','I Say A Little Prayer').
Sept 10: Tennis player Andy Murray 1st British Grand Slam winner since 1936 (US Open).
Sept 18: 2 women police officers killed in Hattersley, Greater Manchester.
Sept 25: Death of US singer Andy Williams, 84 ('Moon River','Love Story','Almost There').

10 Years (2007)
Sept 03: Death of British charity campaigner Jane Tomlinson (terminal cancer).
Sept 06: Death of Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, aged 71 (one of 'The Three Tenors').
Sept 10: Death British cosmetics retailer & animal rights activist Dame Anita Roddick, 64.
Sept 15: Scottish world champion rally driver Colin McRae, 39, dies in helicopter crash.
Sept 29: Demolition of world's 1st commercial nuclear power station, Calder Hall, Cumbria.
Sept 29: Death Canadian film & TV actress Lois Maxwell ('Miss Moneypenny' in 'Bond' films).

15 Years (2002)
Sept 08: Radio DJ Tony Blackburn wins 1st series of  'I'm A Celebrity..' shown on ITV.
Sept 10: Switzerland joins the United Nations organisation as its 190th member.
Sept 18: Body of schoolgirl Amanda Dowler found in Yateley Heath Woods, Hampshire
Sept 24: British PM Tony Blair says Iraq has chemical weapons able to operate in 45 mins.
Sept 26: Overcrowded Senegalese ferry capsises off Gambia coast. Over 1,800 killed.

20 Years (1997)
Sept 01: French investigators say Princess Diana's driver 'drunk and speeding' as crashed.
Sept 01: UK: Royal Mint introduces a new 50 pence coin.
Sept 05: Queen Elizabeth II makes nationwide TV tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.
Sept 05: Death Roman Catholic nun & missionary Mother Teresa of Calcutta, aged 87.
Sept 05: Death of Hungarian-born British conductor Georg Solti.
Sept 06: Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales at Westminster Abbey, London.
Sept 08: Over 600 killed when ferry capsizes off Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Sept 09: Political party Sinn Fein formerly renounces violence in campaign to unify Ireland.
Sept 11: Scottish Devolution Referendum: Voters opt to establish their own Parliament.
Sept 12: US spacecraft Mars Global Surveyor in orbit around Mars mapping entire planet.
Sept 13: Singer Elton John releases 'Candle In The Wind'. Worldwide sales top 33 million.
Sept 17: Start of all-party talks at Stormont in Belfast to find a peace settlement.
Sept 18: Wales Devolution Referendum: Voters opt for a National Assembly for Wales.
Sept 19: Southall train disaster, West London. 6 killed, over 150 injured.
Sept 29: British scientists establish link between BSE (in cows) and vCJD (in humans).
Sept 29: Death of US artist Roy Lichtenstein (one of founders of Pop Art Movement).

25 Years (1992)
Sept 05: Death of UK TV presenter Christopher Trace aged 59 ('Blue Peter').
Sept 07: 24 killed & 150 injured as South African soldiers fire on ANC demonstration.
Sept 12: Death of US actor & singer Anthony Perkins ('Norman Bates' in 'Psycho').
Sept 13: British F1 champion Nigel Mansell announces retirement from racing.
Sept 16: UK: Black Wednesday Stirling Crisis. UK out of ERM & interest rates up to 15%.
Sept 16: Ex Panama dictator Manuel Noriega jailed for 40 years on major corruption charges.
Sept 24: UK minister David Mellor resigns over sex scandal & corruption allegations.
Sept 25: NASA launches 'Mars Observer' spacecraft to study surface & climate of Mars.
Sept 30: UK: Royal Mint introduces a new, smaller 10 pence coin.

30 Years (1987)
Sept 05: Death US TV producer Quinn Martin ('The Untouchables','The Fugitive', 'Cannon').
Sept 07: Ford Motor Co completes takeover of luxury sports car company Aston Martin.
Sept 09: 26 English football fans extradited to Belgium to face manslaughter charges.
Sept 11: Death of Canadian-born actor Lorne Greene ('Bonanza').
Sept 15: Pope John Paul II begins 1st ever Papal Visit to Los Angeles.
Sept 22: Death of US comedian Dan Rowan aged 65 ('Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In').
Sept 22: UK Govt introduces stricter gun ownership laws after Hungerford killings.
Sept 23: Death of US dancer, choreographer & film director Bob Fosse, 60 ('Cabaret').
Sept 23: Australian Govt lifts ban on publication of book 'Spycatcher' by Peter Wright.
Sept 25: Death US film actress Mary Astor, 81 ('The Maltese Falcon').

35 Years (1982)
Sept 05: Death of British WW2 fighter pilot Douglas Bader (film: 'Reach For The Sky').
Sept 13: Start Dingo Baby Trial, Australia. Mother Lindy Chamberlain charged with murder.
Sept 14: Death US film actress Gace Kelly after stroke & car crash, 52 ('High Noon').
Sept 14: Lebanese President Elect Bachir Gemayel assassinated in Beirut.
Sept 17: Over 1,000 killed by Lebanese Christian militia in refugee camps in West Beirut.

40 Years (1977)
Sept 05: NASA launches 'Voyager 1' spacecraft to study the outer Solar System.
Sept 05: Red Army Faction in Germany kidnap businessman Hanns-Martin Schleyer.
Sept 10: France carries out capital punishment using a guillotine for last time.
Sept 12: Death of South African anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko in police custody.
Sept 12: Death of Pulitzer Prize-winning US poet Robert Lowell.
Sept 16: Death British 'glam rock' musician Marc Bolan, 29 (group 'T.Rex') in car crash.
Sept 16: Death of US born Greek operatic soprano Maria Callas, 53.
Sept 19: Man Utd expelled from European Cup Winners Cup for fans rioting in France.
Sept 23: Death of British landscape painter John Nash, aged 84.
Sept 24: ABC TV in US broadcasts 1st episode of hit comedy 'The Love Boat'.

45 Years (1972)
Sept 01: UK raises school leaving age in England & Wales to 16.
Sept 06: 9 Israeli Olympic athletes killed by kidnappers in Munich (11 die in total).
Sept 11: BBC TV broadcasts 1st edition of new quiz programme 'Mastermind'.
Sept 12: Sinking of 2 British trawlers in North Sea by Icelandic gunboat starts 2nd Cod War.
Sept 17: CBS TV shows 1st episode of comedy 'M.A.S.H' (runs for 11 years).
Sept 18: 1st of 55,000 Ugandan Asians arrive in UK - expelled by dictator Idi Amin.
Sept 25: Norwegian Referendum rejects membership European Economic Community (EEC).

50 Years (1967)
Sept 01: Death of British poet & writer Siegfried Sassoon (leading poet during WW1).
Sept 10: Referendum in Gibraltar votes (12,182-44) to remain under British sovereignty.
Sept 20: Launch of British ocean liner Queen Elizabeth II (QE2), Clydebank.
Sept 27: Major reorganisation of BBC Radio network into Radios 1, 2, 3 & 4.
Sept 27: RMS Queen Mary arrives Southampton at end of final transatlantic crossing.
Sept 29: ITV broadcasts 1st episode of hit series 'The Prisoner' (starring Patrick McGoohan).

55 Years (1962)
Sept 02: Soviet Union agrees to send arms & missile weapons to Cuba.
Sept 02: Glasgow Corporation Tramways runs final tram car in normal service.
Sept 07: Death of Danish writer Karen Blixen ('Out of Africa').
Sept 12: US President John Kennedy pledges US man on the moon by end of decade.
Sept 20: Car manufacturer Ford launches new family saloon car, the 'Cortina'.
Sept 21: Granada TV broadcasts 1st edition of quiz programme 'University Challenge'.

60 Years (1957)
Sept 01: Birth of Cuban-born US singer Gloria Estefan.
Sept 04: Little Rock Crisis, Arkansas USA after 9 black students enrol at local High School.
Sept 04: Publication Wolfenden Report in UK re decrimilisation of homosexual behaviour.
Sept 18: NBC TV in US broadcasts 1st episode of Western series 'Wagon Train'.
Sept 20: US singer songwriter Buddy Holly releases hit single 'Peggy Sue'.
Sept 20: Death of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, 91 ('Finlandia').
Sept 21: CBS TV in US broadcast 1st episode of legal drama 'Perry Mason'.
Sept 26: The musical 'West Side Story' opens on Broadway (Bernstein & Sondheim).

65 Years (1952)
Sept 01: Publication of Ernest Hemingway's latest novel 'The Old Man and the Sea'.
Sept 02: Birth of US tennis champion Jimmy Connors.
Sept 06: Farnborough Air Show: 31 spectators killed as jet fighter disintigrates over crowd.
Sept 06: Death English actress, singer & dancer Gertrude Lawrence, 54 ('The King & I').
Sept 19: Actor & comedian Charlie Chaplin banned from re-entering the United States.
Sept 23: US boxer Rocky Marciano bts Jersey Joe Walcott to become world champion.
Sept 25: Birth US film & TV actor Christopher Reeve ('Superman').
Sept 30: Birth of English stage & film actor Jack Wild ('Artful Dodger' in 'Oliver').

70 Years (1947)
Sept 14: Birth of New Zealand actor Sam Neill ('Reilly, Ace of Spies','Jurassic Park').
Sept 21: Birth of US supernatural writer Stephen King ('The Green Mile', 'The Dark Tower').
Sept 26: Death of English author Hugh Lofting, 61 (creator of 'Doctor Dolittle').
Sept 30: Birth of British 'glam rock' singer & songwriter Marc Bolan (group 'T.Rex').

75 Years (1942)
Sept 03: Birth of US musician Al Jardine ('The Beach Boys').
Sept 12: WW2: RMS Laconia (with soldiers & Italian POWs) torpedoed. Over 1,600 killed.
Sept 17: Premiere of WW2 British propaganda film 'In Which We Serve' (Noel Coward).
Sept 19: Death of US magazine publisher Conde Montrose Nash ('Vogue', 'Vanity Fair').
Sept 27: Last performance of Glenn Miller Orchestra (before Miller joins US Army).

80 Years (1937)
Sept 02: Death French educator Pierre de Coubertin (creator modern Olympic Games).
Sept 02: Great Hong Kong Typhoon. Kills an estimated 11,000 people.
Sept 04: Birth of Australian Olympic champion swimmer Dawn Fraser.
Sept 17: Dedication of head of Abraham Lincoln on Mount Rushmore Mational Memorial.
Sept 21: Publication of the novel 'The Hobbit' by J.R.R.Tolkien.
Sept 25: State visit by Italian leader Benito Mussolini to meet Adolf Hitler in Germany.

85 Years (1932)
Sept 07: Birth of US businessman & philanthropist John Paul Getty Jr.
Sept 20: Activist Mohandas K.Gandhi goes on hunger strike in Poona prison, India.
Sept 22: Birth of Swedish world heavyweight champion boxer Ingemar Johansson.
Sept 23: Kingdoms of Hejaz & Nejd declared Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (ruler Ibn Saud).

90 Years (1927)
Sept 07: Birth of English author & illustrator Eric Hill ('Spot The Dog').
Sept 14: Death of US-born Soviet dancer Isadora Duncan, 50 (died in freak accident).
Sept 16: Birth of US film & TV actor Peter Falk (detective 'Columbo' in TV series).
Sept 25: League of Nations treaty abolishes all forms of slavery.

95 Years (1922)
Sept 07: Birth British comedy writer David Croft ('Dad's Army', 'Hi-de-Hi!', 'Allo 'Allo!').
Sept 16: Birth English film director Guy Hamilton ('Goldfinger', 'Funeral in Berlin').

100 Years (1917)
Sept 04: Birth of US industrialist Henry Ford II (Head of Ford Motor Co 1945-1979).
Sept 07: Birth of WW2 RAF pilot Sir Leonard Cheshire (Leonard Cheshire Homes).
Sept 11: Birth Czech-born film actor Herbert Lom ('Dreyfus' in 'Pink Panther' films).
Sept 11: Birth of Ferdinand Marcos, Philippines President (1965-1986).
Sept 11: Birth of British-born US writer & civil rights activist Jessica Mitford.
Sept 27: Death of French impressionist artist & sculptor Edgar Degas, 83.
Sept 30: Birth of American jazz drummer and bandleader Buddy Rich.

105 Years (1912)
Sept 28: Birth of English (Australian) film actor Peter Finch ('A Town Like Alice','Network').

110 Years (1907)
Sept 04: Death of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.
Sept 07: Maiden voyage ocean liner RMS Lusitania Liverpool to New York (sunk 1915).
Sept 15: Birth Canadian film actress Fay Wray ('King Kong').
Sept 26: Birth British art historian & Soviet spy Sir Anthony Blunt.
Sept 27: Birth English actor & director Sir Bernard Miles ('Great Expectations').
Sept 29: Birth US country & western 'singing cowboy' Gene Autry.

115 Years (1902)
Sept 13: UK: Burglar Harry Jackson 1st convicted on fingerprint evidence.
Sept 26: Death German-born US businessman Levi Strauss (founder Blue Jeans company).
Sept 29: Death Scottish 'poet' William McGonagall, 77 ('The Tay Bridge Disaster').
Sept 29: Death French writer & novelist Emile Zola, aged 62.

125 Years (1892)
Sept 07: US boxer 'Gentleman Jim' Corbett wins world heavyweight title, New Orleans.

130 Years (1887)
Sept 26: Birth of British scientist & engineer Sir Barnes Wallis (WW2 'bouncing bomb').

150 Years (1867)

Sept 04: Founding of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club in UK.
Sept 07: Birth of US banker & financier J.P.Morgan Jr (son of John Pierpont Morgan).
Sept 21: Scottish surgeon Joseph Lister publishes paper on use of antiseptics in surgery.

175 Years (1842)
Sept 05: Birth of legendary US Wild West outlaw Jesse James.
Sept 20: Birth of Scottish chemist & physicist James Dewar (vacuum flask; cordite).


1 Year (2016)
Oct 05: UKIP leader Diane James stands down after only 18 days in post.
Oct 05: Hurricane Matthew leaves a trail of destruction in Haiti. At least 800 killed.
Oct 05: UK journalist Mazher Mahmood ('Fake Sheik') guilty of perverting course of justice.
Oct 06: UKIP MEP Stephen Woolfe in hospital after 'incident' with fellow MEP.
Oct 10: Death of Polish film director Andrzej Wajda, 90 ('Katyn', 'Man of Iron').
Oct 13: Death Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, world's longest-reigning monarch, 88.
Oct 13: US singer Bob Dylan,75, 1st songwriter awarded Nobel Prize for Literature.
Oct 14: English footballer Ched Evans found not guilty raping 19-year-old in hotel room.
Oct 14: Death actress Jean Alexander, aged 90 ('Hilda Ogden' in 'Coronation Street').
Oct 17: UK: 8 men found guilty of sexual exploitation of 3 girls in Rotherham.
Oct 17: UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe announces he is quitting the party.
Oct 20: UK: MPs back ex BHS owner Sir Philip Green being stripped of his knighthood.
Oct 21: Death of Raine Spencer, stepmother of Diana, Princess of Wales, aged 87.
Oct 23: Death Jimmy Perry, 93, creator/co-writer of TV comedies 'Dad's Army' & 'Hi-de-Hi'.
Oct 24: French authorities begin closure of the 'Jungle' migrant camp at Calais.
Oct 24: Death of US singer Bobby Vee, 73 ('Take Good Care of My Baby', 'Rubber Ball').
Oct 25: UK Govt approves third runway at Heathrow to expand UK airport capacity.
Oct 26: UK: Vodafone fined £4.6m for "serious" breaches of consumer protection rules.
Oct 28: UK: Fire destroys Royal Clarence Hotel, Exeter, the 'oldest hotel' in England.
Oct 29: FBI announces reopening investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server.
Oct 31: UK Govt rules out inquiry into 'Battle of Orgreave' during miners' strike in 1984.

2 Years (2015)
Oct 01: Law banning smoking in vehicles with children, in force in England & Wales.
Oct 03: Former UK Chancellor Denis Healey dies aged 98.
Oct 04: Liverpool FC sack manager Brendan Rodgers.
Oct 05: Death Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell, 67 ('Inspector Kurt Wallander').
Oct 05: NATO urges Russia to end air strikes on "Syrian opposition and civilians".
Oct 08: Nadiya Hussain wins 'Great British Bake Off'. TV audience over 13m.
Oct 08: FIFA President Sepp Blatter & VP Michel Platini suspended for 90 days.
Oct 10: Geoffrey Howe, former Conservative Chancellor, dies aged 88.
Oct 10: 2 explosions at a peace rally in Ankara, Turkey kill 95.
Oct 13: Report says Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 hit by Russian-made 'Buk' missile.
Oct 17: Death of former Everton FC manager Howard Kendall aged 69.
Oct 19: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in UK at start of 4-day state visit.
Oct 20: Tata Steel announces 1,200 job losses in UK at Scunthorpe & Lanarkshire.
Oct 21: Death of Labour MP and former UK minister Michael Meacher aged 75.
Oct 22: UK Police investigate possible cyber-attack on the TalkTalk website.
Oct 23: Over 40 pensioners killed in bus crash in south-western France.
Oct 24: Death Irish-born film actress Maureen O'Hara, 95 ('Miracle on 34th Street').
Oct 25: Five Britons killed when whale-watching boat sinks off Vancouver Island.
Oct 26: World Premiere of latest James Bond film 'Spectre', Royal Albert Hall, London.
Oct 28: Schoolboy Bailey Gwynne, 16, died in stabbing at Cults Academy, Aberdeen.
Oct 30: Release of Shaker Aamer, Briton detained Guantanamo Bay for 13 years.
Oct 31: Russian airliner crashes in Egypt's Sinai peninsula killing all 224 on board.

5 Years (2012)
Oct 03: ITV documentary brands TV personality Sir Jimmy Savile a serial sex abuser.
Oct 16: UK's Ch 4 soap opera 'Emmerdale' reaches its 40th anniversary.
Oct 20: Retirement of 'Frankel', the world's best thoroughbred racehorse in sport's history.
Oct 23: World premiere of latest James Bond movie 'Skyfall'.

10 Years (2007)

Oct 01: Death British composer Ronnie Hazlehurst ('Are You Being Served?', Yes, Minister').
Oct 01: Death US discus thrower Al Oerter (1st to win gold medal, same event, 4 Olympics).
Oct 16: Death Scottish actress Deborah Kerr, 86 ('The King and I', 'From Here to Eternity').
Oct 17: Whitehaven,Cumbria 1st area to lose analogue TV in start of UK digital switchover.
Oct 18: Karachi Bombing, Pakistan: 139 killed, 450 injured. PM Benazir Bhutto unharmed.
Oct 25: World's largest passenger airliner, Airbus A380, into service Singapore Airlines.

15 Years (2002)
Oct 02: Start of sniper attacks in Washington DC area. 10 killed in 3 weeks.
Oct 04: Richard Reid ('Shoe Bomber') pleads guilty to attempted bombing of aircraft.
Oct 11: Ex US President Jimmy Carter Nobel Peace Prize for Middle East peace treaty.
Oct 12: Over 200 killed in Islamist terrorist bombing of nightclub in Bali, Indonesia.
Oct 12: Death US bandleader & musical arranger Ray Conniff, 85 ('Somewhere My Love').
Oct 16: N.Korea admits to a nuclear weapons programme (defying 1994 US agreement).
Oct 16: ITV companies Carlton & Granada agree terms for £2.6bn merger.
Oct 20: BBC TV launches new format for motoring series 'Top Gear'.
Oct 23: Chechen rebels start 2 day siege at Moscow theatre. 130 killed in rescue.
Oct 25: Death Irish actor Richard Harris, 72 ('Cromwell', 'Wild Geese', ''Harry Potter').

20 Years (1997)
Oct 04: Loomis Fargo Bank Robbery in N.Carolina. Gang steals over $17million in cash.
Oct 12: Death US singer-songwriter John Denver, 53 in airplane crash ('Annie's Song').
Oct 13: British PM Tony Blair controversial meeting with Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams.
Oct 14: Death US novelist Harold Robbins, 81 ('Never Love a Stranger', 'The Carpetbaggers').
Oct 15: Launch of joint US-European space mission Cassini-Huygens to Saturn.
Oct 18: Official opening of Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.
Oct 24: Death US voice actor Don Messick ('Scooby-Doo', 'Muttley', 'Papa Smurf').
Oct 26: Jacques Villeneuve 1st Canadian driver to win F1 World Championship.
Oct 31: English au pair Louise Woodward found guilty 2nd degree murder of 8 month baby.

25 Years (1992)

Oct 02: Carandiru Massacre, Brazil. Military Police storm prison after riot. 111 inmates killed.
Oct 04: Israeli Boeing 747 crashes in Amsterdam suburbs. Over 40 killed.
Oct 06: Death English actor Denholm Elliott, 70 ('Raiders of the Lost Ark', 'The Cruel Sea').
Oct 08: Death of German politician Willy Brandt, 78 (W.German Chancellor 1969-1974).
Oct 13: UK Govt announces plans to close 30 of UK's 50 deep coal mines (30,000 jobs).
Oct 15: Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo guilty of 52 murders & sentenced to death.
Oct 21: UK: Mass march by thousands of miners in protest at coal mine closure plans.
Oct 21: Death US attorney Jim Garrison (investigated John F Kennedy assassination).
Oct 23: Emperor Akihito of Japan state visit to China (1st emperor ever in China).
Oct 25: Death US singer-songwriter Roger Miller, 56 ('King of the Road', 'England Swings').

30 Years (1987)
Oct 02: Death English actress Madeleine Carroll, 81('The 39 Steps','The Prisoner of Zenda').
Oct 08: Inquest verdict of 'Unlawful Killing' on 190 who died in Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster.
Oct 11: End of large-scale sonar examination of Loch Ness. No sign of monster.
Oct 14: Start 58 hour rescue of 18 month Jessica McClure in abandoned well in Texas.
Oct 15: Hurricane winds overnight in UK leave 18 dead and over £1 billion damage.
Oct 19: Financial 'Black Monday' with severe fall in share prices in Wall Street crash.
Oct 19: Death of English cellist Jacqueline du Pre, 42 from multiple sclerosis.
Oct 23: Champion jockey Lester Piggott jailed for 3 yrs for tax evasion (serves 366 days).
Oct 24: British Heavyweight Champion Frank Bruno knocks out challenger Joe Bugner.
Oct 30: UK TV broadcaster Eamonn Andrews records his last edition of 'This Is Your Life'.

35 Years (1982)
Oct 01: Japanese company Sony launch 1st consumer compact disc player.
Oct 11: Henry VIII flagship 'Mary Rose' lifted from bed of Solent. Sank in 1579.
Oct 20: Luzhniki Disaster: 66 football fans crushed to death at UEFA Cup match in Moscow.
Oct 21: Sinn Fein members Gerry Adams & Martin McGuiness elected to Ulster Assembly.
Oct 27: 3 RUC officers killed by IRA bomb in Lurgan.
Oct 27: Homosexuality decriminalised in N.Ireland for those aged 18 or over.
Oct 29: Australian Linda Chamberlain guilty of murdering daughter Azaria ('Dingo' case).

40 Years (1977)
Oct 01: Official retirement world's most famous footballer, Pele, in exhibition game.
Oct 13: Hijacking of Lufthansa Flight 181 & forced to land in Mogadishu, Somalia.
Oct 14: Death of US singer Bing Crosby aged 74 ('White Christmas').
Oct 17: Death of English film producer Michael Balcon, 81 (Ealing Studios).
Oct 18: 3 Red Army Faction terrorists commit suicide in Stammheim Prison, Stuttgart.
Oct 19: Kidnapped German industrialist Hanns Martin Schleyer found murdered, France.
Oct 26: Last natural case of smallpox found in Somalia (official world eradication 1980).
Oct 27: Liberal MP Jeremy Thorpe denies any involvment in plot to kill Norman Scott.
Oct 27: Death US crime novelist James M.Cain ('The Postman Always Rings Twice').

45 Years (1972)
Oct 02: Demark joins the European Community.
Oct 13: Uruguayan flight crashes in Andes.Only 16 survivors found 3 months later.
Oct 16: UK: 1st episode of TV serial 'Emmerdale Farm' broadcast on ITV.
Oct 17: Queen Elizabeth II begins royal visit to Yugoslavia.
Oct 19: 1st episiode of World War Two drama 'Colditz' shown on BBC TV.
Oct 26: Death Russian-born aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky, aged 83 (helicopters).
Oct 29: Lufthanza Flight 615 hijacking. W.Germany meets demand to release prisoners.

50 Years (1967)
Oct 03: Death English conductor Sir Malcolm Sargent, 72 (Proms conductor 1948-67).
Oct 08: Death of British politician Clement Atlee, 84 (Labour PM 1945-1951).
Oct 08: New drink-drive laws in Britain including police use of the 'breathalyser' test.
Oct 09: Reports of death of Marxist revolutionary Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, 39 in Bolivia.
Oct 12: English zoologist Desmond Morris publishes 'The Naked Ape'.
Oct 16: US folk singer Joan Baez among 39 arrested in Anti-Vietnam War demo, California.
Oct 18: Release of Disney's 19th full length animated feature film 'The Jungle Book'.
Oct 21: Over 70,000 in Vietnam War protest at Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC.
Oct 25: UK: Outbreak of foot & mouth in Shropshire.(400,000 animals slaughtered in UK).
Oct 27: France again blocks British entry into European Economic Community (EEC).
Oct 27: London criminal Jack 'The Hat'; Mcvitie murders by gangsters the Kray twins.
Oct 28: Birth US actress Julia Roberts ('Pretty Woman', 'Notting Hill').

55 Years (1962)
Oct 01: Heavy escort for black student James Meredith, enrolling at Uni of Mississippi.
Oct 01: Johnny Carson starts hosting NBC's 'The Tonight Show' in US (lasts 30 years).
Oct 04: ITV broadcasts 1st episode of 'The Saint' starring Roger Moore.
Oct 05: British group 'The Beatles' release 1st hit single record 'Love Me Do'.
Oct 05: UK film Premiere of 'Dr No', the 1st 'James Bond' film (starring Sean Connery).
Oct 09: Uganda becomes at independent country within the Commonwealth of Nations.
Oct 10: Start of Sino-Indian War (border dispute between China & India).
Oct 14: US photographs Russian missiles in Cuba. Start of Cuban Missile Crisis.
Oct 17: 1st TV appearance of 'The Beatles' on Granada TV's 'People & Places'.
Oct 28: End of Cuban Missile Crisis between USA & Soviet Union after 13 days.

60 Years (1957)
Oct 01: UK Consumers' Association launches 'Which?' magazine.
Oct 02: British award-winning war film 'Bridge on the River Kwai' opens in UK.
Oct 04: Soviets launch Sputnik 1 (1st man-made object to leave earth atmosphere).
Oct 07: Birth of British Olympic ice skating champion Jayne Torvill (Torvill & Dean).
Oct 10: Radioactive material released in NW England after Windscale Nuclear Plant fire.
Oct 10: 1st episode of Western adventure series 'Zorro' broadcast on ABC TV in US.
Oct 11: Opening of Jodrell Bank radio telescope in Cheshire, England.
Oct 11: Birth of English comedienne Dawn French ('French & Saunders').
Oct 14: Queen Elizabeth II 1st reigning monarch to open Canadian Parliament session.
Oct 17: US film premiere of 'Jailhouse Rock', starring singer Elvis Presley.
Oct 24: Death French fashion designer Christian Dior, 52 (founder major fashion house).
Oct 25: Assassination of Mafia boss Albert Anastasia at Sheraton Hotel, New York.
Oct 26: Death of Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis ('Zorba the Greek').
Oct 29: Death Russian-born US film producer Louis B. Mayer, 73 (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer).
Oct 29: Birth of US voice actor Dan Castellaneta ('Homer Simpson' in 'The Simpsons').
Oct 30: UK Govt announces plans to create women Life Peers for House of Lords.
Oct 31: Japanese car company Toyota begins exports to United States.

65 Years (1952)
Oct 02: US electronics engineer John Mullin demonstrates 1st working video tape recorder.
Oct 03: End of tea rationing in Britain after 12 years (in place since 1940 in WW2).
Oct 03: UK detonates nuclear weapon in Australia (to become world's 3rd nuclear power).
Oct 05: Birth of Pakistan international cricketer & politician Imran Khan.
Oct 06: World premiere Agatha Christie play 'The Mousetrap', Nottingham (London: Nov 25).
Oct 07: Birth of Russian politician & Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.
Oct 07: US engineers granted US patent for 1st bar code system.
Oct 07: Birth of Russian gymnast Ludmilla Tourischeva (World & Olympic champion).
Oct 08: UK: Over 110 killed in 3 train collison at Harrow in north west London.
Oct 14: Work begins on new UN building in New York City (co-designer Le Corbusier).
Oct 16: UK film premiere of 'Limelight' (produced, directed & starring Charlie Chaplin).
Oct 20: Martial Law declared in Kenya in response to Mau Mau uprising.
Oct 21: British arrest Jomo Kenyatta for organising Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya.
Oct 26: Birth of former UK Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion.
Oct 26: Death African-US film actress Hattie McDaniel, 57 ('Gone With The Wind').

70 Years (1947)
Oct 05: US President Harry Truman delivers 1st televised address from White House.
Oct 13: Death British socialist Sidney Webb, 88 (co-founder London School of Economics).
Oct 14: US pilot Chuck Yeager 1st flight (Bell X1 rocker plane) faster than speed of sound.
Oct 26: Birth of US politician Hillary Clinton (nee Rodham) in Chicago, Illinois.
Oct 29: Birth of US film actor Richard Dreyfus ('Jaws', 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind').
Oct 30: Establishment of international General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade (GATT).

75 Years (1942)
Oct 01: WW2: Japanese troopship SS Lisbon Maru sunk (800 British POWs among dead).
Oct 02: WW2: Cruiser HMS Curacoa collision with Queen Mary off Irish coast. 340 killed.
Oct 03: WW2: German successful launch of 1st V2 ballistic rocket from Peenemunde.
Oct 06: Birth Swedish actress Britt Ekland ('The Wicker Man','The Man with the Golden Gun').
Oct 23: WW2: Start of the 2nd Battle on El Alamein by Allied Forces in Egypt.
Oct 23: Birth of US science fiction & thriller writer Michael Crichton ('Jurassic Park').
Oct 23: Birth British cosmestics manufacturer/retailer Dame Anita Roddick ('The Body Shop').
Oct 26: Birth of English film actor Bob Hoskins ('The Long Good Friday', 'Mona Lisa').
Oct 30: WW2: British sailors board sinking U-559 to retrieve Enigma machine & codebooks.

80 Years (1937)
Oct 02: US actor Ronald Reagan (later US President) film screen debut:'Love is on the Air'.
Oct 04: Birth of English romance novelist Jackie Collins (sells over 500 million books).
Oct 11: Birth of England & Manchester Utd footballer Sir Bobby Charlton in Ashington.
Oct 15: Publication of Ernest Hemingway novel 'To Have and Have Not' in United States.
Oct 17: Death English businessman Joseph Ismay, 74 (White Star Line). Titanic survivor.
Oct 19: Death N.Zealand born physicist British Ernest Rutherford, 66 (radioactivity).
Oct 31: Birth of US folk singer-songwriter Tom Paxton.

85 Years (1932)
Oct 03: Iraq becomes an independent kingdom (from Britain) under King Faisal.
Oct 08: Birth of snooker champion Ray Reardon (6 world titles)in Tredegar, Wales.
Oct 26: Death of US socialite Molly Brown, 65 (celebrated survivor of sinking of Titanic).
Oct 27: Birth of N. Ireland fooballer Harry Gregg (Manchester United goalkeeper).
Oct 27: Birth of US poet, novelist & writer Sylvia Plath.

90 Years (1927)
Oct 04: Work starts on carving of US Presidents at Mouth Rushmore in South Dakota.
Oct 05: Death of US film producer Sam Warner, 40 (co-founder of Warner Bros Studios).
Oct 06: Premiere of 1st 'talkie' film 'The Jazz Singer' (Warner Bros) in United States.
Oct 14: Birth of English actor Sir Roger Moore ('Ivanhoe', 'The Saint', 'James Bond').
Oct 18: Birth US actor George C.Scott ('Patton', 'Dr Strangelove', 'A Christmas Carol').

100 Years (1917)
Oct 07: Birth of US film actress, dancer & singer June Allyson ('The Glenn Miller Story').
Oct 12: WW1: Start of First Battle of Passchendaele (3rd Battle of Ypres).
Oct 15: Birth US Pultitzer Prize winning historian Arthur Schlesinger ('A Thousand Days').
Oct 15: WW1: French firing squad execute Dutch dancer Mata Hari for spying for Germany.
Oct 21: Birth of US jazz trumpeter John 'Dizzie' Gillespie in South Carolina.
Oct 22: Birth of British American film actress Joan Fontaine ('Rebecca', 'Suspicion').
Oct 22: Death of British world champion boxer Bob Fitzsimmons aged 54.
Oct 27: Birth of South African activist & ANC President Oliver Tambo.

125 Years (1892)
Oct 06: Death of British poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson ('Charge of the Light Brigade').
Oct 14: Arthur Conan Doyle's short stories published:'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'.

150 Years (1867)
Oct 18: USA takes possession of Alaska (purchased from Russia for $7 million).

160 Years (1857)
Oct 24: UK: Founding of world's oldest football club: Sheffield FC.

170 Years (1847)
Oct 16: Publication of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel 'Jane Eyre'.

175 Years (1842)
Oct 20: Death English heroine Grace Darling, 26 (rescued shipwreck survivors by boat).

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