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Forward Planner: News Anniversaries for the next 6 months

Here's the Expertsources list of some future UK news anniversaries which may spark
ideas for follow-ups & features. It's as accurate as we can make it, but clearly doesn't
include everything or cater for all tastes - two impossible tasks!

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February 2018

1 Year (2017)
Feb 01: UK MPs vote 494 to 114 backing Brexit Bill to give EU formal notice of leaving.
Feb 02: UK: HBOS banker and 5 other financiers jailed for £245m loans scandal.
Feb 06: Death ex-S.African rugby capt Joost van der Westhuizen, 45 (motor neurone disease).
Feb 08: Death UK comedy writer Alan Simpson, 87 (co-writer 'Hancock's Half Hour'; 'Steptoe & Son').
Feb 13: Yorkshire batsman Joe Root, 26, appointed new England cricket captain.,
Feb 13: Death actress Sara Coward from breast cancer, 69 (Caroline Sterling in The Archers).
Feb 13: UK: Co-op Bank puts itself up for sale and inviting offers to buy all of its shares.
Feb 14: Half brother of N.Korean leader Kim Jong-un killed by poison, Kuala Lumpur.
Feb 14: US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns over Russia talks allegations.
Feb 20: US food company Kraft Heinz abandons its offer to buy rival Unilever for over £110 billion.
Feb 22: UK: Ian Stewart, 56 guilty of murder of finance, author Helen Bailey, 51 in Herts.
Feb 22: UK: Ms Cressida Dick, 56, is Met Police 1st female Commissioner in 188 years.
Feb 23: UK: Leicester City sack manager Claudio Ranieri 9 months after won Premier League.
Feb 24: 2 UK by-elections. Conservatives take Copeland from Labour for 1st time in 80 years.
Feb 26: Death of Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman, 86 (Father of House of Commons).
Feb 26: Film 'Moonlight' wins Best Picture Oscar (after 'La La Land' mistakenly declared the winner).
Feb 28: Sir Philip Green agrees £363m cash payment to plug gap in BHS pension scheme.

2 Years (2016)
Feb 01: UK: Tareena Shakil, 26, jailed for 6 years for membership of 'Islamic State'.
Feb 03: UK: Death certificate issued by High Court for Lord Lucan, 42 years after disappeared.
Feb 04: UK: Death of large sperm whale left stranded on Norfolk beach.
Feb 04: UN legal panel claims Wikileaks founder Julian Assange unfairly ?deprived of liberty?.
Feb 06: Further build up of thousands of Syrian refugees on Turkish border fleeing latest fighting
Feb 06: North Korea fires long-range rocket in defiance of international warnings.
Feb 08: Death of author Margaret Forster dies from cancer aged 77 (Gregory's Girl)
Feb 08: London marathon co-founder & British Olympic athlete John Disley dies aged 87
Feb 09: Head-on train passenger crash in Bavaria. At least 10 killed, over 100 injured.
Feb 10: UK: Junior doctors in England take part in a 2nd 24-hour strike over pay and conditions.
Feb 11: Over 50 killed in battle between rival gangs in prison near Monterrey, northern Mexico.
Feb 11: Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson sacked after admitting sex offence with child.
Feb 15: UN reports 50 killed in missile attacks on schools and hospitals in Northern Syria.
Feb 16: Death of Egyptian Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Secretary Gen of the UN, aged 93.
Feb 18: UK: 14 cancer patients diagnosed with swine flu at Leicester Royal Infirmary.
Feb 19: Death of Harper Lee, author of 'To Kill a Mockingbird', aged 89
Feb 19: British PM David Cameron announces 'special status' deal for UK within European Union.
Feb 23: UK: Didcot Power Station building collapse during demolition. One killed several missing.
Feb 24: UK: 6 people convicted of 'systematic' sexual abuse of teenage girls in Rotherham.
Feb 25: UK: DJ Tony Blackburn, 73, 'parts company' with BBC over Savile Inquiry report.
Feb 25: UK: Publication of Report into BBC handling of abuse allegations against Jimmy Savile.
Feb 26: Three British tourists found dead at a waterfalls site in Vietnam.
Feb 26: UK: London City Airport bought by consortium for estimated £2bn.
Feb 26: UEFA Secretary General Gianni Infantino elected President of FIFA
Feb 27: Start of a major temporary truce in Syria's 5 year civil war.
Feb 28: At least 35 killed following explosion at a coal mine in Northern Russia.
Feb 29: Death US actor George Kennedy, 91 ('Naked Gun', 'Cool Hand Luke', 'Dirty Dozen')
Feb 29: UK: Gang of 14 all convicted of stealing £57m worth of artefacts from museums.
Feb 29: UK: Trinity Mirror (publisher of Daily Mirror) launches new national daily: 'New Day"
Feb 29: Clashes as French police begin closure of 'Jungle' migrant camp, Calais.

5 Years (2013)
Feb 05: House of Commons votes to legalise same-sex marriage in England & Wales.
Feb 17: Death of British TV actor Richard Briers aged 79 ('The Good Life').
Feb 28: Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (1st Papal resignation since 1415).

15 Years (2003)
Feb 01: Space Shuttle 'Columbia' breaks up on re-entry. All 7 astronauts on board killed.
Feb 01: Space Shuttle ' Columbia' breaks up on re-entry. All 7 astronauts on board killed.
Feb 28: Death of British athlete Chris Brasher aged 74. Co-founder of London Marathon.

20 Years (1998)
Feb 28: Death of Irish actor Dermot Morgan aged 45 ('Father Ted').

25 Years (1993)
Feb 14: UK: Body of 2 yr old James Bulger found on railway embankment, Merseyside.
Feb 20: UK: Two 10 yr old boys charged with abduction & murder of 2 yr old James Bulger.
Feb 26: World Trade Centre Bombing in New York. 5 killed.

30 Years (1988)
Feb 05: UK: 1st Comic Relief 'Red Nose Day' fundraiser on BBC TV.
Feb 11: BBC TV broadcasts last edition of children's programme 'Play School' (ran for 24 years).
Feb 21: US TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart resigns from ministry for consorting with prostitute.

35 Years (1983)
Feb 01: UK: Launch of TV-am breakfast programme 'Good Morning Britain'.
Feb 04: Death of US singer Karen Carpenter aged 32 ('The Carpenters').
Feb 04: Death of US singer Karen Carpenter aged 32.
Feb 08: Israeli Defence Minister Ariel Sharon resigns over 1982 massacre of refugees, Lebanon.
Feb 09: 1981 Derby winner 'Shergar' kidnapped from stables in County Kildare, Ireland.

40 Years (1978)
Feb 08: UK: Start of children's drama serial 'Grange Hill' on BBC TV. (Runs to Sept 2008).
Feb 13: UK: ITN broadcasts 'News at Ten' with their 1st female newsreader, Anna Ford.
Feb 13: UK: ITN broadcasts 'News at Ten' with its 1st female newsreader, Anna Ford.

45 Years (1973)
Feb 05: UK: BBC TV begins broadcasting children's programme 'The Wombles'.
Feb 15: UK: 1st episode of hit BBC TV comedy 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em' (Michael Crawford).

50 Years (1968)
Feb 05: Hull trawler 'Ross Cleveland' sinks off Irish coast. 18 crew killed. Only 1 survivor.
Feb 19: UK: High Court awards damages to 62 thalidomide child victims.
Feb 26: UK: Fire at Shelton Mental Hospital near Shrewsbury kills 24 female patients.

60 Years (1958)
Feb 06: Munich Air Crash: 7 Manchester Utd players among 21 killed.
Feb 20: UK Govt announces closure of Sheerness Docks, one of Britain's oldest dockyards.

65 Years (1953)
Feb 01: Violent storms in UK. Over 300 killed.
Feb 05: End of sweet rationing in UK.

75 Years (1943)
Feb 02: WW2: German 6th Army surrender at Stalingrad.

85 Years (1933)
Feb 06: Birth of British TV presenter Leslie Crowther.
Feb 22: Birth of British actress Sheila Hancock.

130 Years (1888)
Feb 08: Birth of British stage & film actress Dame Edith Evans.


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